Saguru Hakuba frowned, seeing a piece of clothing and a loose shoe poke out from behind a tree. It was raining and Saguru should really hurry home, but curiosity got the better of him as he peered behind said tree. What he saw made him nearly tumble back in surprise.

There was a boy, probably around the age of seven, collapsed onto the behind of the tree. He wore clothes that were no doubt bigger than him. With a concerned expression on his face, he checked to see if the boy still had any pulse. Good, he's still alive. Saguru knew that it wouldn't be a really good idea to leave such a young boy out in the rain unconscious. So being the good person he is, Saguru picked up the boy and ran home.

It was at that moment that everything changed.

Saguru didn't know what to do. It was just yesterday night when he found the young boy. The boy had nothing wrong with him, just a slight bump on his head. Right now he's unconscious, staying in one of his guest rooms. What worried Saguru is that today he had school, and he wasn't so sure if he should skip or not. Sure, it wouldn't do much difference since he knows all of the stuff they're teaching anyway, but if he does skip his classmates would ask all these sorts of questions that honestly, Saguru didn't really felt like dealing with.

Hoping that the boy can read, Saguru left a note on the desk in the guest room, just in case the boy would wake up while he's at school. If he does wake up, Saguru just hopes that the boy won't panic and make a mess in the house. Yet something told Saguru that situation won't happen, and Saguru learned the hard way that he should really trust his instincts.

With a tired sigh, Saguru spared one last glance to the sleeping boy, before walking out of the house, not wanting to be late for school.

He was in a HORRIBLE mood. Kuroba apparently thought it would be funny to scatter feathers, glitter, and bits of paper on Saguru today. Oh, and said detective was NOT happy. He managed to get most of it off, but he still had bits of feathers and paper stuck on his hair.

As he unlocked his front door, he paused for a moment. Right. The kid may still be in his house. Oh, his mood would definitely worsen if he saw his house in a disastrous state. With an unsteady sigh, he opened the door.

"I'm home..." muttered Saguru under his breath. He scanned his surroundings before breathing a sigh of relief. Nothing seemed damaged. The first place he entered was the guest room the boy was suppose to stay in. To his surprise, the boy wasn't there yet the bed was made, as if nobody slept in it in the first place. Did he truly meet the boy? Or was that just his imagination? He glanced at the place where he left the note. It was slightly out of place, telling Saguru that maybe the boy actually had noticed the note and read it.

The next place Saguru entered was the kitchen. There was a plate on the table with a fork and spoon next to it. Bits of food remained on the plate. Judging by the scent of the food Saguru confirmed that the boy really did read his instructions and ate the fish and rice that was stored in the fridge. Now question is, where is said boy?

Saguru checked numerous places around the house. The living room, his other guest rooms, his own room, etc... Until he reached his office. Stepping inside his office, he finally spotted the boy. The boy had made his office chair higher, enough for him to actually see over the table. The boy actually seemed pretty short for his age... Anyway, the young boy had a Sherlock Holmes book (Saguru's, obviously, since the british detective had the full collection and one book from his bookshelf was missing) opened to near the end of said book. A quick glance at the context made Saguru know it was 'The Sign of Four'. Was the young boy actually reading this?

The child stirred, yawning a bit before his blue eyes focused onto Saguru. It was then when the detective noticed what the young boy was wearing. Since the clothes the boy was wearing earlier were way too big for him, said child probably got some of Saguru's old clothes and changed into that. He was wearing a plain brown t-shirt and jeans.

"U... Uh... Sorry for taking your book without permission..." started the boy, seemingly embarrassed. The young child immediately grabbed the book and placed it back to where it belonged.

"It's alright. My name is Hakuba Saguru. What is yours?" asked Saguru. The boy's face seemed downcast.

"... I... don't know." responded the child. Saguru raised an eyebrow.

"You... Don't know..?" questioned Saguru.

"I just don't remember anything... At all. This place is all new and strange to me. But..." the young boy glanced at the Sherlock Holmes books, "In the short time I'm here, you can say I discovered a few things. Besides the obvious ones like I'm about seven years old, Japanese, male, I know other stuff. Like I'm apparently very fluent in both Japanese and English, since I read those really thick books about Sherlock Holmes and actually liked them. And, um... Your notes fell down about really complicated detective work... I sort of took a peek at them and understood everything and enjoyed reading them..." the boy's voice trailed off.

"You actually understood everything?" asked Saguru in disbelief. The child by the looks of it is SEVEN. There's no possible way he could actually understand most things there! The child nodded.

"Yeah." insisted the boy, "So, uh, Hakuba-nii-san... Do you know anything about me? I suppose not since you just introduced yourself to me..." the boy said the last few words in obvious disappointment.

"Well, I am a detective. I'm sure I can figure out who your parents are in no time, um..." Saguru looked at the boy expectantly for a couple of seconds, before remembering the child had amnesia. "But I do need to start calling you something. It would be impolite of me to just call you 'that boy'." the child then started to think about a name, before grinning. He pointed at the author's name on one of the Sherlock Holmes books, specifically the 'Conan' part.

"Conan?" questioned Saguru. The boy nodded enthusiastically. "Conan it is, then."

"I like that name." smiled the boy, who is now named Conan, "But uh, Hakuba-nii-san, now that I think about it... How come you have feathers and paper stuck on your hair?" he asked. Saguru then became very, very embarrassed.

"Kuroba..." muttered Saguru, frustrated.

Conan watched in confusion as Saguru left the room, probably to wash away the remains of Kaito's prank.

"This can't be possible..." muttered Saguru under his breath, eyes glued to the computer screen. "Why can't I find him..?"

After Saguru washed the remains of Kaito's prank and quickly do his homework, Saguru immediately began looking on the computer for a Japanese citizen matching Conan's criteria. None. No black-haired Japanese boy with blue eyes around the age of five to twelve that looks like Conan.

Which is weird. It's almost as if said boy doesn't exist. That can't be true... Can it?

"Hakuba-nii-san..?" asked a small voice, breaking him out of his train of thought. Saguru glanced to the side to see Conan, clinging onto one of his Sherlock Holmes book. "I'm... Hungry..."

Saguru blinked. Right. It's dinnertime. And Baaya is visiting her relatives somewhere in America.

"I'm sorry, Conan-kun. I got a bit caught up with some work." Saguru turned off his computer. "Would chicken and rice sound good for dinner?" Conan nodded. Good thing Baaya had prepared all sorts of food in the fridge before she left. Saguru cannot cook at all.

Dinnertime had been silent. Both had been so lost in thought. Saguru snuck glances at the boy. He seems pretty normal, for now. Other than being very intelligent.

He then remembered the bump on the boy's head.

"Conan-kun." started Saguru. He startled the young boy slightly, making him drop his fork. Conan sheepishly smiled, picking back up his fork.

"Yes, Hakuba-nii-san?" asked Conan politely.

"I was just wondering; Is the bump on your head okay?" asked Saguru, sounding concerned.

"You mean this bump?" asked Conan as he slightly pressed on the bump, causing the boy to wince in pain. Saguru nodded. "It's okay. It doesn't hurt unless I press on it."

"I see. It should stop hurting in a couple of days." Silence again. Saguru was soon finished his food until the boy spoke again.

"Hakuba-nii-san..." started Conan, fiddling with his fork. Saguru faced him.


The boy stared. "What will we... Do now?" Saguru frowned.

"What do you mean?" asked Saguru. Conan fidgeted somewhat uncomfortably, facing his plate.

"I mean, with me. I heard you mutter." Conan faced Saguru with an expression not normally found in seven-year olds. "You can't find me anywhere." Saguru smiled grimly. Conan's expression is way too serious for his age, it's kind of freaking him out.

"You shouldn't worry about that. I won't give up looking." assured Saguru, "In the meantime, you can stay with me."

Conan brightened up. "Really? Thank you, Hakuba-nii-san." thanked Conan. There was something familiar about Conan, but he can't put his finger on it...

"No problem." answered Saguru.

A week has passed since then. All of Saguru's searching has been helpless. There are absolutely no records of such a boy.

Saguru returned home from school feeling slightly frustrated. His hair is dyed in a mixture of blue and green. He couldn't wash it off because there is an infestation of rats in the washroom. Everyone knows Kuroba did it, but for some reason he's not punished for that.

He came home to be greeted by Conan, who held a cup of tea in his hands. Conan is dressed in a blue hoodie and jeans. The two had went shopping for clothes the day after Conan came.

"Bad hair day, huh?" asked Conan with a slight smile. Saguru smirked a bit, crouching to Conan's height.

"Just the same old prankster." said Saguru. He pointed to the tea. "What's this for?"

Conan seemed to brighten up. "Tea. For you. I thought you'd like it." Saguru smiled gratefully. He took the cup of tea from Conan.

"Thanks, Conan-kun." thanked Saguru, messing up Conan's hair. Saguru would normally never do such a thing, but Conan seemed to be an exception. All throughout the week, Conan has been nothing but nice to him. He answers politely, honestly, and the two share the same love for Sherlock Holmes. Plus, Conan is probably just as smart as he was. Which is very unusual for someone his age.

Saguru took a sip of his tea. "Do you like it?" asked Conan expectantly. Saguru was surprised. The tea... It tasted so good! How did Conan make it taste so good?

"Yes, it's very good, actually." said Saguru. Conan then grinned.

"Thanks!" he exclaimed.

It was then when Saguru finally got a good look at the boy. It's weird. He has the same facial features, same grin, and same messy hair (well Saguru made his hair messy) as...

"Kuroba..?" questioned Saguru. Conan blinked, tilting his head sideways.

"Kuroba?" questioned Conan, "Who's Kuroba?"

Saguru shook his head.

"It's nobody. I'm going to go do my homework." answered Saguru.

Conan couldn't possibly Kuroba's younger brother... Could he? They look so alike... But he researched Kaito. He doesn't have another sibling. Or... Maybe he does and something happened to him. Or they're hiding it. If Kaito can hide that he's KID, why can't he hide that he has a younger brother? But why would he need to hide that..?

One thing is for sure; he's going to have to interrogate Kuroba for something other than KID.

Wow. I have no idea where this is going. Like seriously, I'm lost. But I loved the idea so much that I wrote this. I also want to write two other fanfictions called Kaito-nii-san and Heiji-nii-san. It's just Kaito and Heiji instead of Saguru. By the way, is 'Saguru' Hakuba's first name? If not, I'm going to have to change a lot here...

See you around!