Summary: Hinata gets into a pretty bad car accident and now, she sees a Demon and an Angel, named Naruto and Sasuke. They won't leave her alone. Is she losing her mind or what?

Me: In case you guys didn't know, we don't own anything from Naruto, its characters and ecetrra.

Crash! Now I see Demons and Angels

Ch. 1- Hit your head

I slowly feel myself drifting back into consciousness. The pain throughout my body becomes more apparent and unbearable at each passing second. I hesitantly open my eyes and try to take in what's happening.

Okay, I'm on the floor… but how'd I get here? I mentally ask myself in a daze as I begin to lean up. Nausea hits me full force which causes me to lie back down.

"Ugh." I moan. Moving is not an option.

I settle with simply looking with my eyes. There was a small crowd gathering around the street. My mini Volkswagen was there… and it was completely totaled by a Truck.

"Oh god… "I whisper in horror. I was in an accident. I was in a very bad accident.

"How can you say that, Teme?" someone's voice booms from behind me.

"Hn, these people deserve to die."

I immediately look back at the person who voiced such a negative comment. It was not a wise choice considering it brought the nausea feeling back. He was a young man probably no older than 22. He had short spiked jet black hair. It kind of reminded me of a chicken's butt and he was wearing all white.

"Forgive me but what did you just say?" I ask hoping I'd simply misheard him and did not hear such a rude comment. Instead, he stares at me as if I grew two heads.

"Teme, this is all your fault! Not theirs!" yells a blond boy wearing dark clothing, obviously not having heard me. "Do you know how much trouble I am in?"

"Shut up Dobe" black haired man says without taking his eyes off me. "Did you just say something to me?"

"Y-Yes," I respond uncertainly. His stare was intense.

The blond boy freezes up while that onyx eyed male looks as if he was contemplating on saying something. "You see us?" He finally asks.

I put my hand on my forehead as I nod. "I-I don't think I hurt my head that b-bad."

The blond looks at her in a very shocked expression. "She can SEE you?" he screeches.

I wince at his tone.

The blond looks at the black haired and yells, "She can SEE me?" he repeats in the same loud volume. "Oh no, no, no, she can SEE both of US? We are SO screwed! What are we going to DO! Wait till Granny hears about this! Oh no, we can't tell her. She'd kill us for sure!" he kept rambling in panic mode.

Black haired simply stares at me with interest.

"Ma'am, are you okay?" I look over and notice a nurse from the ambulance came up to me.

"I-I think so."

"You were talking to yourself just now," she says as she looks at me with full of concern. "You might've banged your head a bit in the accident."

"I wasn't. I-I was talking to them," I point at the two boys behind me.

The nurse looks at the direction than back at me with a grave expression. "Sweetie, there's no one there."

I look at her in shock and back at the boys. The blond was still in panic mode while the other simply stares with curiosity. I did the only thing I did in bad situations. I faint.