Alright, here is the Re-vamped, remade, and reformatted Chapter 1 of MLP: Running from the Dark King.

Starring myself, Crystal, and Ricardo, and the Mane 6. Let's get started.

This was made before Season 3 mind you, so there is NO Twilicorn, no reformed Discord, No Equestria Girls, None of that.

-Chapter 1-

The Crystal Empire, had seen nothing but peace ever since the defeat of King Sombra. And it had even begun to expand outwards only a little ways. The citizens loved their Princess Cadence, and her husband Shining Armor. And it seemed that for a time that the Crystal Empire had seen no trace of their former king. At least, until one day.

The day had started out as normal for the Crystal Empire. The citizens were walking about, going about their daily lives without a care in the world. The sun was shining, and the Crystal Empire was glimmering in the sunlight, as a beacon of hope for the ponies that lived there. But all of a sudden, the sky grew darker, and a few ponies looked up at the sudden change of light and weather.

All of a sudden, one pony screamed in fright. For there, amongst the clouds, was a dark mist that swirled about the clouds. The ponies hadn't seen a thing like that since their former king, Sombra, had ruled over the Crystal Empire. This worried all the ponies horribly, and even the guard was a bit shaken. But, as soon as it had appeared, the mist, along with the darker weather, disappeared.

Inside the Crystal Empires' castle, Princess Mi Amore Cadenza had seen the darkened sky, and the black mist that vanished. She looked, as her husband, Shining Armor, entered the room.

"Shining Armor, did you see what just happened outside?" Cadence asked.

Shining Armor nodded. "I did, dear," He said. "Do you think that he could be trying to return to Equestria?"

Cadence looked outside. "I'm not sure," She sighed. "But it was strange really, as soon as the mist appeared, it just vanished as though it had never happened. I think we should be getting ready, in case he does come back."

In another universe, in a high school to be precise. Three teenagers were preparing their culinary art dishes with their respective teams.

The three students looked up at each other, and then back at their dishes.

The oldest of the three, was a girl named Crystal. She was a pudgy girl, who stood at about 5'7. She had dark skinned, which showed her Hispanic blood, and she also had black hair that was tied up in a ponytail, but she did sometimes wear it down. She wore glasses and was wearing, besides a green apron, a blue short-sleeve t-shirt and blue jeans.

The second student was a boy named Ricardo. He stood at about 5'6. He was a thin guy, but wasn't stick thin. He also wore glasses, and had black hair as well. He was a Hispanic, and was wear a red apron, with a black shirt and blue jeans.

The last one was also a guy named John. He was the tallest in the class, standing at about 6'6. He was a Caucasian, with brown hair that sometimes hung in front of his face. He wore black transitional lenses, had a 2013 Class Ring on his finger, and was wearing a black apron, with a black shirt and brown jeans. He had black SkullCandy headphones that connected to his Ipod, which was in his back pocket.

The three were friends, and also fans on My Little Pony. They had not known each other for very long, but had grown very close. But sadly, with John being a Senior, and planning to go to college after graduation, meant that they hadn't much time together as friends.

Suddenly, the power in the classroom stopped, lights went out, ovens and stoves quit working, and the fridges quit keeping food cold. All the students looked up and at each other. This had never happened before.

"Relax everybody," The teacher said, trying to bring some order into the murmurs that were spreading amongst the students. "It's probably just a blown fuse."

"Yeah, but would the projector be working if it was just a blown fuse?" A student asked, raising his hand.

The class looked on in amazement, as the Epson projector started turning on by itself. The projector showed nothing at first, before a black mist started forming on the screen. The mist soon began to take the form of something.

The students watched on in complete shock, as the form of King Sombra showed up on the screen. John, Crystal, and Ricardo were shocked at what they had saw.

Sombra looked around the room, scanning the students before speaking. "Well well well," He said darkly. "I see a lot of creatures that I believe could be of some use to me."

John, Crystal, and Ricardo looked at each other. They had never imagined that a pony from MLP would show up at all in the real world, much less one like Sombra. John just shook his head disapprovingly. "Why should any of us," John spoke up, getting the attention of everyone in the room. "Help you Sombra? In my opinion, you got what you truly deserved when you were blasted into oblivion."

Crystal nodded. "Yeah, we aren't going to help somepony who is trying to take over and ruin everyone's lives!" She yelled, further surprising everyone there.

Ricardo nodded. "Agreed," He said quietly. "No one here is helping you Sombra, so take a hike."

Sombra looked at the three humans. He had never expected three creatures that were unknown to Equestria, to know of his defeat. He just smirked before laughing evilly. "Well, I see that you three, brave as you are, are fools. As you seem to have willingly volunteered for my plan."

The three looked at each other. "What plan?" John asked carefully. Although he had a stomach feeling that he knew what it was.

Sombra cackled. "My plan for the Mane 6 of course!" He laughed again, then disappeared.

The three teens looked at each other, each worried. "Do you think he meant what he said?" Crystal asked. Ricardo and John weren't sure. But they certainly were when the whiteboard began the open up, revealing a swirling vortex. John, Crystal, and Ricardo soon began to feel the strain of the vortex beginning to suck them in.

"Woah!" John yelled, as he and his friends grabbed onto the tables that were where they sat. The tables, sadly, began to move as well towards the vortex. John looked at his backpack, and grabbed its handle. His backpack had a bit of weight, and also stored his cell phone and other things, including his drawings and notebooks. He looked back to see Ricardo and Crystal grabbing onto the tables. "Guys!" John yelled. "We're going to get sucked into the vortex!"

Ricardo nodded. "This table leg is breaking, what do we do?"

"The most illogical thing ever!" John yelled. "Let go of the tables, and hope for the best!" He then let go of the table, and flew into the vortex, but not before hitting another table with his foot, before going into the portal.

Ricardo and Crystal looked at each other, then at the portal. "We have nothing to lose Ricardo," Crystal said. "I say we go for it."

Ricardo nodded. And the two let go of the tables, and flew into the portal.

After the three teens went through the portal, the portal began to fizzle, then disappear. Nothing looked different from before the portal opened, except for the obvious absence of three students.

-Chapter 1 end-

So, what do you think? Better than the first one? Well, be prepared for Chapter 2 within the month, after coursework of course.