Title: A Companion of My Own

Summary: Where Jack Frost has a Glaceon to be his companion during the years of being alone. When Pitch begins his attack on the Guardians, accompanied with an Umbreon…well… 'The Nightmare King Pitch Black wants to battle!' But…surely Pitch can't be that bad if he has an Umbreon, right?

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This new fic technique called "Snapshots" is going to make me try to update this weekly if I can, since each chapter should be pretty small one-shots. Also, after not writing for months I've gotten pretty rusty. Hopefully this will get me back into it.

01 - Eeveelution

Jack covered his eyes from the sudden gust of icy wind that flew into his face, hugging his chest tighter when it squeaked in alarm, before shivering from the cold - from both the environment and its confinements.

The frosty teen decided to take a break and took a seat on the soft snow, making sure that the strange creature he had found was comfortable in his lap, save from his temperature. "Don't worry, don't worry!" Jack yelled over the roar of the wind, before just looking up and glaring at it. "Will you calm down?" A pause as the wind died a little. "Okay, thanks for leading us, but there's no need to make you scare my friend here." He gestured to the shaking little ball of fluff barely peeking out of his cloak. He smiled when the wind hushed down, now a gentle breeze in contrast to the gust it was before.

He smiled to the sky. "Thank you." He looked back down at his chest, where the fluffy head with pointy ears threatened to poke him in the face. The creature looked up to him with its large round black eyes and yawned.

"You alright there, buddy? Not too cold are you?" Jack asked the furball who, while shivering, mewled happily and smiled.

Jack couldn't help but also smile at its adorableness. "Great, glad to see you're doing well." He looked up ahead towards the pine trees further in the distance, where a gleaming icy stone could be seen. He pat the creature on the head, who nuzzled in his touch while shivering. Jack gave it a soft smile before bundling up the ends of his shirt so that it wouldn't slip out when he regained his footing, stood up, and began walking again, towards the gleaming stone.

"Vee!" The creature that Jack had been told by the Moon to be called an 'Eevee' popped its head out of Jack's flimsy shirt and nuzzled its cheek to Jack's icy own. He chuckled before placing a cold hand to rub Eevee's cheek. Jack pulled it out of his shirt to place on top of his head, with its fur warming his head just a tad, but was still cool enough to be a comfortable temperature - at least for him.

He then removed the furball from his head to bring to eye level and rubbed noses with it. "I wonder why you led me here, to this place that even I don't understand," he said, staring at Eevee carefully before looking up to the sky, to the full moon that was able to part the clouds surrounding it for a clear view. "I wonder why the Moon sent you to me. Did it..." He looked at Eevee very closely, it just blinking in confusion. "Did he finally..." Not being able to finish, he shook his head. Jack then took Eevee in his arms and held it close to his chest, whom Jack assumed was willing to put up with his icy touch since it has been doing so for the whole journey.

Eevee just snuggled close to Jack, shivering all the while. "Vee!" it kept on exclaiming, and Jack could swear it was pouting a little at him.

The teen frowned, biting his lip. "Sorry about that, little guy. All I can really do is keep you cold, never warm." He smirked, pushing the depressing thoughts away. "Kinda comes with the name 'Jack Frost'."

Just then, Eevee jumped out of Jack's hold and dashed forward through the snow, rushing to get closer and closer to that gleaming stone that seemed to be glowing faintly brighter as the pair got closer and closer. Not falling far behind Eevee, Jack also made his way to the strange stone that he was never able to understand even though it was in his domain, near the lake that he had first awaken in.

It hasn't been long since Jack had first woken up from the darkness, but that didn't lessen the feeling of pure loneliness and isolation he had felt throughout this entire time. He had known now that people couldn't see him, but he wasn't so sure why. He had been ecstatic to learn of the other Immortals, the others who were like him, but they hadn't been willing to give him any time of the day, too busy with their duties, with their obligations.

"We are the Guardians," the one that Jack recognized to be Santa Claus, or North as he preferred to be called by his companions that weren't children, told the Frost Sprite when he had been caught peeking in from the window during one of their meetings with what Jack believed to be the Sandman, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny. "We are to be protecting the children." he said, gesturing to a globe in the center of the room with golden dots littering every continent.

"Am…am I…" Jack swallowed in order to quench his dry throat as he held onto his staff, the only thing that had been constant after all this time, tightly. "Am I a Guardian too?"

The laughter that he had received as a reply didn't really entice him to stay for a proper answer.

Needless to say, it didn't really help the newly awakened Immortal learn of his new place in the world. It also taught him that he'd rather be alone than be made a fool of. He didn't regret listening in though - Jack had learned that in order to be seen he had to be believed in. By the children that the Guardians were sworn to protect.

So he does what he can - he has fun with them, playing with them even though he can't be seen, by bringing them the joy that snow can bring them, a new form of play that needs to be carefully controlled to a degree because it can be dangerous. Deadly even.

He's been working that way for almost a century now.

"Vee!" Eevee called and summoned Jack from his thoughts. To his surprise, Eevee had already reached the snowy, icy stone, having passed the extremely shallow ice to reach it. Eevee placed a paw on the faintly glowing stone, and tilted its head towards the stone.

Jack narrowed his eyebrows, bending his knees. He pointed to himself. "Me? You need me over there?"

"Vee." Eevee nodded its head, looking up to the moon before looking down and closing its eyes, waiting for the teen to come.

Jack sighed, shrugging. "Alright, please give me a moment." He fumbled around for his staff, which he had tied to his back, and brought it to his chest, relishing in the comfort it gave him. Steadying his position, he leapt from his spot and jumped over the thin ice, landing next to the ball of fluff, which mewled happy at his arrival. He had to shield his eyes as the stone suddenly shown brighter before dimming slightly, pulsing the closer he gets to it. Under closer inspection, Jack discovered that the stone was actually a giant block of pure, uncontaminated ice, gleaming a frosty ice blue. He actually had to take a minute to admire the thing. "Wow..."

He never really had a chance to truly study this glacier - crossing over the thin ice gave him a queasy, empty feeling that he didn't quite understand. He knew that he could have easily thickened the ice with his touch, and in reality that it didn't really matter how thin the ice was since it would never crack under the soles of his bare feet - but it was just something he didn't really understand.

Perhaps it had something to do with that little girl who used to come by the lake every day, decades ago, murmuring the name 'Jack' with tears in her eyes, but never able to see the Frost Spirit no matter how he tried.

That's the thing about being immortal. Time goes on for everyone else while it's frozen for him.

Not that he really understood much - all he really knew was his name was Jack Frost according to the Moon.

He took a second to gaze upon the Moon, wondering why now of all times it decided to send him a companion, why after a century of silence he was only getting something now.

"Vee!" Eevee headbutted him forward, and Jack slipped. He quickly swayed and held a hand out, having to lean against the glacier in order to not fall face-down in the ice and snow.

As soon as his fingers brushed upon the icy stone, a bright light flashed from the center of its core, enveloping the two in its radiance.

Feet no longer on the soft snow, Jack could feel himself growing colder, but it only felt warm to him if anything. Not exactly warm per say, but very pleasant. He felt himself be wrapped in that cold warmth for only few more moments before flashing to sub-zero temperatures - which wasn't uncomfortable at all. No, if anything, it was soothing. He allowed for himself to relax in the calming sensation for a bit longer before it began fade, gradually diminishing.

Just as the feeling completely faded away, Jack slowly opened his eyes and found himself staring back at cerulean and white eyes.

And he responded the only way he could.

He yelped, struggling to regain his footing as he was now sitting in his blanket of snow before looking around. "Eevee?"

"Glace!" The owner of the cerulean eyes blinked as it gazed upon Jack, seemingly all-knowing and a tad amused - if Jack could read those eyes properly.

Jack merely frowned, severely confused, which apparently caused for him to have lost his wit. "You're not Eevee," he stated bluntly.

If anything, the other creature rolled its eyes. "Glace!" It looked up to the full moon, fur positively glistening in the moonlight like freshly fallen snow. Jack didn't appreciate the sarcastic tone but looked up to the moon regardless, where he was given another name.

"…Glaceon. "Jack spoke as it dawned on him from the moonbeams. A nod of confirmation from the icy fox just confirmed it. "You...were Eevee, but not anymore. But why - "

"Glace!" Glaceon purred as it made its way to Jack, getting close enough for skin contact. Jack quickly jerked away, frowning.

"Don't do that - I'm too cold to touch, remember?" he reminded, wondering why he needed Eevee to be...this. What was wrong for chocolate brown to become ice blue?

Glaceon nuzzled its neck into Jack's hand, purring softly. "Glace."

Jack gave a confused look as Glaceon settled itself in between his pretzel folded legs, spinning around until it became comfortable and took a seat down in the snow with his legs as a barrier. His fingers brushed over its tail, halting immediately and bringing his hand for close inspection.

Jack stared as he rubbed his fingers with crystalized snowflakes twinkling down to the powered snow, exanimating it carefully. He then brushed his hand over to Glaceon's icy smooth fur body to head, surprised to find them at the same exact body temperature, and that Glaceon didn't shiver away from his touch.

"You mean…" Jack was at a loss of words as his hand fell and Glaceon looked up with a bright smile.

"Glace!" It looked up to the falling moon for a nod of thanks before focusing on the Spirit of Winter in front of it. Jack could see the fading moonlight, which only meant that the sun was beginning to rise but the two gave it no mind as Jack pulled Glaceon in for a tight, almost desperate hug.

"I-I mean…" Jack shook his head, trying to ignore the tears but having to wipe them away, still trembling slightly but he smiled happily. "I'm…"

I'm finally no longer alone.

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