Basically: Jack is given an Eevee that evolves Glaceon from Manny after a century of loneliness.

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02 – A Grand Summoning

~About 200 Years Later (after sledding in town)~

A sigh escaped his lips, but Jack knew there was no point in getting so worked up over yet another kid running right past him. He had to admit though, that he was just an expression was new and it kinda hurt. Just a tad.

"I got this, I got this," Jack muttered to himself during his descent, gracefully landing on his feet and doing a twirl on the ice that was now free of ice skaters for good measure as well for a little show.

Laughing as he began to slow, he took a good look at the ice he was skating on, skidding his staff to come to a halt. Standing still at this point, he placed a hand to his chin as he studied the glacial, glassy surface, admiring the nice handwork of the patterns that lay deeper than the skaters' marks, something that he guessed only he could see and admire the beauty of. "Great job, Lacie, as always," he said as Lacie emerged from the remains of an abandoned snowball fort, taking great care to not damage anything in case the warriors continued their battle the next day. Jack then tapped on the ice with his staff, adding his own fern patterns to the floral designs where they both complemented each other.

Pleased with his work, Jack stepped off the ice and knelt down to the snow to pet his fox, who gave him an odd look - like she knew he wasn't up to his usual antics.

"Glace?" Lacie asked, tilting her head slightly to the left. Sensing Jack's sadness, she nuzzled her head into his torso.

Jack gave a weak chuckle. "You know me so well, Lacie," he murmured sadly as he took back his hand. He supposed they did have 200 years to get well acquainted, and maybe even she knew him better than himself. The Moon after all… He pushed aside those thoughts before sighing dejectedly. Jack let his head fall back and he took a seat in the snow before looking up high in the sky where it began to snow little flurries as summoned when he couldn't control his emotions. "It happened again."

Glaceon looked up to the Frost Spirit, who was biting his lip harshly. He closed his eyes and his hands formed into fists. The snow turned into hail. "But you know what hurts, what really hurts, is that they know my name, they know who I am. Just..." He fell flat as he turned his head to the snow blanket he was sitting on, ignoring the ice attacking his face. Regardless of the painless assault, he flipped and lay on his stomach, voice not muffled as he continued, "Just not the children and not enough to believe in my existence." He looked up to Lacie and spat, "The parents, the parents use me an expression to their kids to dress warmly before playing in my snow."

Anger now fading at the outburst, Jack sighed, staring at his puff of smoke his breath had created. The sky began to bleed, swirling into various colors of orange, yellow, occasionally purple, but most predominately red. He took a breath and the hail turned back into a gentle snow before he got up to sit down again. "Well, guess there's no reason to get so upset about it now, I mean I should be used to it by now…"

A tug from his hoodie made him notice the glare from Lace. "Glace!"

Jack smirked, letting out a soft chuckle. "Yeah. Thanks for letting me vent, Lacie. If it weren't for you…" He shook his head, not wanting to complete the thought. He stood up with his staff in his hand, Lacie stepping out of his lap and jumping to take shelter in his hood. He dusted his hair of both hail and snow; some of it ended up making Lacie yelp as she was attacked with the icy shrapnel. He skipped and was caught in the wind, which brought him up in the twilight sky. The wind brought him higher and higher as he glided through the clouds, Glaceon taking cover in his hood and hiding from the sky.

Jack laughed; he forgot how much Lacie preferred to keep her paws on the ground. "Come on," he said, "I want you to meet someone."



Jack raised his arms in defense as he placed his feet on the roof of the Bennett household. "It wasn't my fault! It was the sofa…" He paused and let his arms fall. "Though I suppose I should have kept track of the stupid thing… It diverted everything to the Tooth Fairy…" Jack trailed off as he felt a familiar paw touch his ankle, but he was lost in thought.

Jamie may be an exception to this, wanting to actually see the Tooth Fairy and all, but some children were so greedy, wanting to lose their teeth only to exchange them for money. Jack had even seen some bullies take the teeth from their victims. He didn't know what she did concerning them though.

But…Jack didn't care about that. No, Jack Frost really loved children. Children were fun to play with, and children loved to play with the frost and snow he created.

But children didn't love Jack. Heck, they didn't even know he existed! They probably thanked the weather people on the television set or whatever it was called now for his snow or something. Stupid science that makes no sense whatsoever. Jack tried to understand it, but after the fifth time he just gave up on it when he realized he could just mess with their predictions anyway. Those were fun to do.

"I just want to know why…" He ignored Glaceon and looked up to the ever so silent moon. "I mean I'm grateful for at least having her – but I want to know why the children can't see me after all the effort I put into it. Am I supposed to be invisible? But then why…."

Jack trailed off again, not really knowing what he really wanted to ask the Moon. In reality, he should have been thankful that the Moon even gave him Glaceon. So really, Jack wasn't alone. He was grateful, and he did thank the Moon for Lacie.

But he was alone in the beginning, and that loneliness and pain were something that even 200 years of companionship wouldn't ever be able to heal properly. It could be ignored, sure – and it was most of the time – but Jack remembers everything ever since waking up from that cold darkness three centuries ago. Almost like to make up that being Jack Frost was the only thing he knew.

When Jack finally accepted that Glaceon was there to stay, the two of them were inseparable. He gave her a nickname, Lacie, and Jack could feel something in him change as they did everything together. Her companionship did lessen the pain and now he no longer suffered from loneliness. They were never apart, and she was usually his accomplice in many of his pranks.

Lacie didn't really like traveling – and by traveling, he means that Lacie didn't like flying. Which he supposed made sense because of that joke that he played on her that 327th time.

Poor thing didn't know how to have fun.

But it was only last week that Lacie decided to stay back in Burgress when Jack continued traveling around the world to spread his frosty ways. At first he would stay with her but soon enough he knew that he was giving the town freaky weather patterns as well as for everyone else around the world, and he just had to spread his snow and frost to everyone else. Besides, he heard some of those teachers complaining that they were going to start to miss summer vacation from all of their snow days. Jack may not have liked Summer – Winter was obviously his thing – but he knew that it was important to kids. There's always too much of a good thing.

Jack knew he wasn't going to get an answer from the One in the Moon – he never did so why should he expect one – so he shook his leg from Lacie's paw and glided to the phone lines, balancing on wires that gained frost from his footsteps. Sliding his staff along the one beside it to decorate it with his frost to match the other, he felt his wire dip slightly from the gained weight of Lacie before she hopped to the other line. The two walked side by side in silence for a few quiet moments.

From the edges of his vision he caught some gold and light, and turned to see the golden dream sand that only meant one thing.

He chuckled. "Right on time, Sandman."

Knowing that his grace would keep him from falling, Jack ran up to catch a ray of sand. He ran his fingers through the streams of gold that conjured golden dolphins. It swam around him, and Jack couldn't help but laugh as it did flips and squeaked before returning to a stream and going back to its child.

He smiled as he watched it go, it very slowly falling from his face. He slowed in his movement and he took a seat on the pole. Glaceon climbed up his arm to sit on his head. Jack did not mind at the slightest, used to the sensation. He sighed as he watched the rest of the streams of sand branch out to various houses.

When was the last time he was given a dream?

He felt her getting comfortable, before she suddenly stood up at attention. She looked around, sniffing the air and seemingly searching for something. All of her movement caused for Jack to look up and watched her jump from his nest of hair and run off.

Jack widened his eyes, too surprised to do anything but hold out a hand after her. "Lacie, wait!"

Never before had she run off from him. Ever.

He swiftly leapt from the pole, chasing after Lacie as fast as he possibly could - but she was always just a step faster than him.

"Lacie!" He called after her, struggling to catch up before he lost sight of her in the ominous shadows.

Ending up in an unfrequented alleyway lighted with a busted light bulb, he saw Lacie staring at the shadows. In the flickering light he watched his fox circling around before quickly dashing off into the dark.

For a split second, Jack thought he saw her step out of the darkness and back to him just halfway covered in shadows. But Glaceon was not midnight black with icy blue rings. Glaceon did not have golden eyes that seemed to piece into his very being – in a fearful way – and Glaceon often liked to speak to summon him closer to her, not just tilt her head towards the ominous shadows.

Gripping his staff, Jack was ready to catch up to her and was about to step forward.

"'ello, mate."

Jack visibly jumped, turned to where he believed the voice was coming from, and saw a silhouette of someone he hasn't seen in a very long time. Distracted, he lost sight of Glaceon as she continued to follow something.

"Been a long time. Blizzard of '68 I believe."

The Easter Bunny, Bunnymund, or just Bunny, emerged from the shadows, putting away his boomerang.

"Bunny?" Jack raised an eyebrow. "Oh, you're not still mad about that are ya?" His eyes wandered, and he frowned when he realized that Lacie had left. "Lacie," he murmured under his breath, doubting that she was still there but wasn't quite sure. "Come on, don't do this to me now."

"Yes." Jack redirected his attention to Bunny, who was frowning. He looked away from him, at his boomerang. "But this is about something else. Fellas?"

Fellas? Before Jack could question what Bunny was talking about, he felt someone the back of his hoodie and himself be raised in the air from his collar by a big hand.

"Hey! Put me down!" he commanded the Yeti he came into sight with, but was soon just shoved into a sack. Although muffled, he heard the Yetis talking and a wooshing sound that only meant one thing.

Magic portal.

Oh no. Lacie. It was the only thought that came to mind when the sack was closed off from the outside, as the Yetis carried the sack without caring how Jack was treated inside. They seemed to be conversing with Bunny, but at his distance he couldn't hear what the rabbit replied.

He struggled as much as he could. "Wait!" he yelled, although his voice was muffled. "Let me go! I can't leave just yet!"

My only friend is here and won't know where I am if I leave. My only friend ran off in search of something I do not know. Lacie…

But his cries were ignored as he felt the sack be tossed in the magic portal, going to who knows where.

All alone.

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