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Summary: Harry is now in his sixth year, and he's working with Marvolo to finish off not only Dumbledore, but have Hogwarts under the Dark Lord's control, while the Ministry itself is being torn from the inside out.

Warnings: Dark!Powerful!Harry, Voldemort/Harry, Lemons!

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Contains Chapter 6.5 and Chapter Seven! XD

Chapter 6.5

Albus Dumbledore, is slightly worried.

He had given Harry Potter more than enough freedom, attempting to get the Slytherin to trust him, but in the end, the Boy-Who-Lived didn't even want to fight! He could understand why, after all if Harry Potter is friends with the Slytherin's, why would he want to harm them? But all he would have to do, is kill Voldemort!

Sirius isn't of any help, since he supports Harry in all ways, and Dumbledore knew that Sirius knew something that he didn't, as he constantly defended Harry a little bit too quickly, every time he got called a traitor, and every time Harry got put down just for being a Slytherin.
Remus doesn't know, however, so he couldn't get that piece of information easily. Remus would have given it to Dumbledore, if he believed it would help Harry, but Sirius? Sirius keeps secrets, but that's because while he is a Gryffindor, he was raised as the Black Heir, his Mind Shields easily repelled any Obliviate, as well any compulsion, and any Legilimens would be noticed and he would say it outloud.

xXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXXxXxXxXxXxXx XxXxXx

Sirius loved his godson, it's the main reason he hadn't come out and asked why he had become a Death Eater, and when. He didn't want to scare him away, or push Harry away in any way, the Boy-Who-Lived is the only piece of family that he has left other than Remus.

Sirius would like to know why Harry became a Death Eater, but he knew that wasn't the exact case. He saw how the Death Eaters constantlyed worked to make sure he wasn't harmed, and how Voldemort himself kept Harry close to him.
Then when the Death Eater had called, 'My Prince', he knew that Harry isn't just a Death Eater, he's more than a Death Eater, he's the Dark Lord's Heir.

He also saw the likes between Marvolo and the Dark Lord, but it seemed only he saw it, he guessed that glamours hid his true features, and covered his red eyes, making them blue, giving his pale skin more of a slight tan, simple things made sure that no one suspect him.

This meant, that Harry is even more of the Dark Lord's Heir, but he's the Dark Lord's consort. And the Dark Lord may actually care for Harry, and Sirius knew if he could find proof of that, he would join the Dark Lord, mainly to protect Harry even more, he couldn't fight against his godson, but he couldn't fight against Remus either, but he knew that he could get Remus to join the Dark, since Remus didn't fit in with the Light, at all.

Remus is a Halfblood, even without the Werewolf genes, and he would be accepted by Fenrir Greyback's pack, like how he is supposed to, and the Dark Lord would love to have another Werewolf on his side.
Werewolves are immune to any sickness, and they heal quickly, and if they could perform magic, like Remus, it's just a added bonus.

But how could he do it? Just confront Harry?

He still had to convince Remus of joining with him, after all.

Chapter Seven

Harry Potter watched, as Dumbledore stood, just after the Feast finished, as everyone was finishing up on dessert, he began his yearly speech, " Welcome Witches and Wizards to Hogawrts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I hope you all enjoy your stay here, and you learn great. ", he said, " I would like to put down a reminder, that the Forbidden Forest is just that, Forbidden. The curfew is Ten o'Clock. ", he finished.


" Harry! ", Hermione smiled happily, hugging her friend.

" Hello, Hermione. ", Harry smiled.

" I missed you! Though, I did get to go off to France- ", she started, but cut off, when a glint caught her eye.
She gasped, and grabbed Harry's hand, examining the middle finger.

" Is this a Bonding Ring, Harry Potter? ", she asked.

".. yes. ", Harry muttered, as she continued to look at it.

" It's looks so expensive... ", she murmured, then...

" When did you get this ring?! When did you get a boyfriend in the first place? ", Hermione jumped, Harry laughed at her.

" I got this ring on my Birthday, actually, Marvolo gave it to me. I've known Marvolo for a long time, but only this summer, did we become a real couple. ", Harry said, he didn't lie, he was a consort, a lover, really, but only when Marvolo gave him the ring, did they become not only Lover's, but a couple.

" Isn't that going a little fast.. ", she murmured.

" Let's just saw we've known each other, for a long time. ", Harry smiled at her, " Besides, shouldn't you be wanting the same? ", he smirked.

Hermione flushed.


Potions class easily became Harry's favorite, as he easily got on Slughorn's good side, so easily infact, it made him wonder just how the man was a Slytherin, then again he almost got to him on the train, since he heard someone was going door to door looking for him.

Harry kept himself hidden in total Slytherin Territory, and so he guessed Slughorn sent a lone Gryffindor, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw.

A group fo Ravenclaw's wouldn't do any good in the end, actually.

Though, more into the lesson..

Harry resisted the urge to burst out, and curse Slughorn into insanity, he wouldn't shut up! But Harry couldn't do anything, besides that would just be moronic of him, Slughorn's a Slytheirn, and he's bragging about his connections quite happily, attempting to regain any status he once had, or trying to build one.

He couldn'y really object, he knew many did the same, but those with true power, don't even need to brag, but there is very few who have it, unless their heavily known. The Dark Lord gains fear, respect, or even anger whenever someone sees him or hears of him.
As the Boy-Who-Lived, and the Potter-Black Lord, and the Dark Prince, he's the same as Marvolo.


Marvolo sighed, once more, as he went through the paperwork.

He missed Harry, he can think that easily, he won't ever openly admit it. He misses Harry jumping around the Manor, being able to spoil him in all ways he wants, able to see him in the nude, able fuck him anywhere he wants, being able to dress him up whenever he wished, and seeing the Pre-Bonding ring on his finger, giving him a sense of knowing that the Boy-Who-Lived is his.

Perhaps he should visit once again, during one of Harry's Hogsmade Weekends..


Harry muttered under his breath, as he continued to flip through the pages of the book he's reading, a book on Warding with Runes, from all Era's; something he needs to know to learn more about the Wards around Hogwarts, though he didn't understand some of it, a lot of it is complicated.

It's more than complicated!

Wards defer from each Generation, they either get more powerful or weaker, depending. Japanese Wards are so powerful, the Wards shielded the Magical Japan from the Atom Bombs during World War 2, and helped created an Underground system of cities, and Japan's National Magical School, is built underground.
The British Wards of Today, the only one's that would be allowed on Hogwarts, are very few, but then again, no doubt the Wardstone is a form of Dark Wards, simply because they are more powerful at keeping the school safe.

Most Wards used cannot shield from more of the Advanced Dark Curses, meaning Hogwarts' Wards IS based on Dark Wards, the fact that Wardstone's have been banned since 1864 when a Dark Lord used one.

" Harry, Hogsmade Weekend is next week. ", Draco said, sitting next to his friend.

" Hello, Draco. ", Harry murmured, flipping through one more page.

" Erm... what are you reading? ", Draco attempted.

" Let me guess, Blaise is mad at you for getting jealous, and know your coming to me looking for attention, and help.. and you want to me tell him to sto being mad at you. ", Harry said, not even blinking.

Draco scowled, " Must you read my mind? ", he sighed.

" Yes, though it's like the bottom of the Black Lake. ", Harry returned, earning a glare from the Malfoy Heir.

" Anyway, who was flirting with Blaise? ", Harry asked.

" Daphne Greengrass. ", Draco sneered.

" Her mother and Blaise's mother are trying to set up a Marriage Contract, simply because they don't want the Malfoy and Zabini Family to combine, the Wealth will be great ocmbined, though honestly, Balise wouldn't listen to it, even if it met getting disowned. His own father left him a large fortune itself, instead of letting it go to his mother's hands. ", Harry returned.

" How do you know all of this? ", Draco deadpanned.

" Marvolo. ", Harry returned.

" Marvolo...? ", Draco blinked, then it hit him, " Oh! Marvolo.. ".

" He likes to randomly rant on the stupidity oa23f Pureblood Families. ", Harry answered, snickering to himself.

" Isn't he himself a Pureblood? ", Draco asked.

Harry blinked, then frowned.

" Actually, I don't know... ", he mused.

" Your going to Bond with him, and yet you don't know his Blood Status?! ", Draco gaped.

" He's the Dark Lord, Draco. ", Harry returned.

" Well... yeah... But if it wans't him, would you check their Blood Status? ", Draco asked.

" No. ", Harry shrugged, " I don't really care about that stuff. ".

" Oh, right... I forgot, you don't care about that stuff, hanging around Granger.. ", Draco muttered.

" Shush. Theo likes her, after all. ", Harry returned.

" Yeah, but that's because she's a Bookworm. He has some strange fetish for Nerdy Bookworm's. ", Draco snorted.

Harry rolled his eyes, " Draco, weren't we just on the subject of your cheating boyfriend? ", he asked.

" Cheating?! SINCE WHEN!? ", Draco jumped.

" Sh! ", hissed the Librarian.

" Excuse him, he forgot his helmet. ", Harry sighed, Draco frowned, confused while Harry conitnue to snicker.


A week passed, and the Hogsmade Weekend came up; Hermione wants to meet Marvolo, the one he is going to bond with, and so Marvolo found a excuse to visit him.
Harry knows that Marvolo just wants to see him, but he won't admit it.

" Hello Marvie. ", Harry smirked at the Dark Lord, who glared at him.

" Don't call me Marvie. ", he said.

" Awe, but Marvie's a good nickname. ", Harry grinned.

" Shush, you. ", Marvolo said, dragging Harry close, to kiss him, hands gripping the side's of his waist's, Harry found his own hands tangled in Marvolo's hair.

Within seconds, their tongue's hit, and wrapped around each other-

" Ahem! ", huffed a voice.

Harry parted with Marvolo, and looked over to see Hermione standing there, one hand on her hip, tapping her foot.

" Hi, Hermione. ", Harry said, " Do you need something? ", he asked.

" Yes I do, Harry Potter! ", she returned, glaring at him.

" Marvolo, meet Hermione. Hermione, meet Marvolo. ", Harry returned dryly, " Now can I continue kissing him? ", he asked.

She rolled her eyes, " FIne, but meet me at the Hogshead in two hours, got it? ", she said.

" Yes. ", Harry returned, she nodded and left.

" She is rather protective. ", Marvolo smirked.

" I know. ", Harry rolled his eyes, but then smiled slightly, " But I think it's the main fact that I was her first friend, in our Fourth Year. No Gryffindor's liked her, and the Ravenclaw's didn't like someone whose smarter than them, but not in their house. ", he snickered.

" I believe you just like to find ways to bash on the Ravenclaw's. ", Marvolo mused.

" Of course! ", Harry returned, smiling.


Two hours later, while the Hogshead is noisy, and bustling with life, many attempted to listen in, and watch Harry Potter, the Cold Slytherin and Smartest Wizard in Hogwarts, sit on a unknown male's lap, and talk to his friends.

Hermione, meanwhile, smiled softly to herself.
She would have been pestering them for being intimate, before the Bonding, but she could the see the love in the Marvolo's eyes, while he just looked at everyone else with indifference. He truly cared for Harry, and it brought out another side to the Boy-Who-Lived, as if just being there, it assured Harry, that he didn't need to be so guarded to everyone around him, but allow himself to relax.


The next day, Harry could be seen back to his 'normal' state, glaring at the Hufflepuff's, and bashing the Ravenclaw's, and of course, inside the Library

" Harry, what are you eating? ", Hermione deadpanned, as she watched Harry bite into another chocolate-made rose.

" It's this aweosme chocolate. Milk Chocolate is carved into the sharp of a rose, the inside hollow, to be filled in with different sauces, this is currently just caramel with hints of cherry sauce. It's delicous. ", Harry returned, finishing the one in his hand.

" You've eaten two boxes. ", Hermione stated.

" I usually eat five. ", Harry returned, then smirked, " Boxes. ", he decided to add.

" Isn't that a bit unhealthly? Aren't you gaining weight? ", she deadpanned.

" Nope. ", the Boy-Who-Lived returned, opening up a a new box.

The Muggleborn groaned to herself.


By Rita Skeeter

Arthur Weasley, a Ministry Worker, has been attacked late last night by a snake, that is said to be the Dark Lord's Familiar. I wonder why, the Dark Lord would want to kill Arthur Weasley, other than the Law's of Muggle Protection he has passed.
I believe that You-Know-Who is searching for something inside of the Ministry of Magic, since Arthur was found near the unknown, unspoken Department of Mysteries, a department that is never mentioned, but said to hold some of the most secretive information of the Magical World, and You-Know-Who would love to get his hands on those pieces of information!
What do you believe, that the Dark Lord wanted to get rid of Mr. Weasley, a 'Bloodtraitor', or want to get important information?

After all, if he wanted to get rid of someone, he could have just sent a Death Eater.

Harry hummed, and sat the Daily Prophet down, eyes sparking with both anger and curiousity; what the hell is Marvolo planning?


Halloween came easily and Dumbledore decided to hold a Halloween Ball, meaning Harry had to dress up. Draco decided to dare Harry, to go dress up as he did in his Fourth Year.
Meaning Harry had to send a letter to Marvolo, to send him certain things from his room, he is NOT going to a lose a bet, no matter how stupid and moronic it is.


Harry looked at himself, from where his relfection stood in the mirror. His hair is braided, except for his bangs that covered his forehead, and the sides of his head. Lips painted over in dark purple lip-paint, something a bit more harder to wipe off than Lipstick. He is wearing a set of black robes, that were decorated with dark purple, crimson, and grey colors, reaching his ankles easily, with flat-heeled black leather boots. His fingernails are painted dark violet, with a special nailpolish than can be easily wiped off with water.
Assara coiled around his neck, as if just to be a necklace, a dangeorus one that is.

" You so look like a girl. ", Draco smirked.

" Shut. Up. ", Harry growled back, his three friends just snickered.

" It's true, Harry. What are you as? ", Theo smirked.

" A Dark Lord. ", Harry returned, smirking to himself, " Don't tell anyone! ", he chirped.

" Only you would say that.. ", Blaise shook his head, before he smirked.

" Draco's a Muggle Vampire. ", the Zabini spoke.

" A muggle vampire? ", Harry said, confused.

" I'm dressed up as a vampire, of what Muggles think of them. You know, gothic, hate the sun, evil, handsome, hot, and sexy. The last three of which, I totally am.. ", Draco listed off.

" Blaise, you have a rather vain boyfriend. ", Harry deadpanned.

" I know. ", he returned.


The Ball went by quickly, though Harry almost cursed the life out of a few Gryffindor's who decided to snicker, and point at him. He did them back, of course. A few stinging Jinxes, and you could find Ron Weasley in the Punch Bowl, Dean Thomas and Seamus Finnegan both knocked out after running straight into the wall.
Sometimes, Harry really does magic.


October passed, and November hit as well as flakes of snow that started fall. Thanksgiving came, and Marvolo sent Harry more of his Chocolate Roses. The War seemed to firing in and out, almost like a game of chess.
Raids started left and right, until it wasn't even Headline News. St. Mungo's opened up multiple pin-points all-over, and even trainee Healer's were in action, Potion Masters were either working with the Dark Lord, and went into hiding, or working with the Ministry's. Those who have mastered different types of magic, were found at the Ministry, signing up to be an Auror, to help fight in the war.
Dueler's joined the Auror System as well, and many students got pulled out of Hogwarts as the year passed on, moving away to a safe house set up somewhere else in Europe. Around at least five Auror's died daily, and muggleborn's parents were oblivated and thrown back into the world, without any memory of their children, making it impossible for Muggleborns to return to the muggle world.

November passed and incame December, and the War seemed to slightly pause, as if just to have a Winter Celabrations, of course raids still started, but outside of England, focused in Italy, where they had oblivated over two hundred parents of muggleborn's, killed and injured dozens of Witches and Wizards, and they had killed five Pureblood Lord's who had betrayed the Dark Lord, and took over their accounts, but left their children and wives alone.
The war is going full tilt, and yet, Harry and Draco have yet to make plans to get to the Wardstone.

" What are we going to do? ", Draco asked, right before Winter Vacation.

" Simple, we keep the Slytherin's inside of the Common Room, any potential Death Eater's, and children of Death Eater's from other houses are to be taken to a safe room, which we need to find, while I distract Dumbledore, you get into his office and break over two vial's of blood that we will provide, of Marvolo's and my own. ", Harry returned easily.

" Did you think this over, already? ", Draco deadpanned.

" Of course. And I'm planning to set up a Portkey that would bring the Dark Lord here, from inside the Chamber's, where Hogwart's Wards don't affect it, and it has it's own set of Wards. ", Harry explained.

" Woah.. good idea. ", Draco commented.

" Of course. ", Harry smirked, " All we need to do, is find the Safe Room, and choose the time of attack. ", he finished.

" It should be more towards the end of the year, and the Safe Room... ", Draco paused.

" I'm pretty sure Marvolo will know a good room. ", Harry shrugged.

" Hopefully. ", Draco returned.


Harry watched as Assara slithered off through the Forbidden Forest, growing larger and larger into her true size. Winter Break is in a few days, and she'll be marking everything down through the Forbidden Forest, as well as finding a safe path, and good place to set up a Healing Tent when they do attack, just in case if any Death Eater's get injured.
Once she was out of sight, he turned around and walked off. Next up, finding a Safe Room for the other students..


Four days later, Harry could be found back inside the Manor, sitting on the Dark Lord's lap as he goes through paperwork. The Manor, being empty for the time being, Harry got to wear his pajama's, a loose white button-up shirt, with a pair of black shorts, and knee-high black socks.
They were comfortable, and he could tease Marvolo with them, hitting two birds with one stone.

" Hey, Marvie. ", Harry hummed.

" Yes? ", Marvolo sighed, eyebrow twitched at his infernal nickname.

" Why do you want to go into the Department of Mysteries? ", the Boy-Who-Lived asked.

" Do I have to tell you? ", Marvolo winced.

" Yes. ", he pushed.

" There is a reason why I attacked you, all those years ago. ", Marvolo started and Harry frowned, as his lover continued, " One of my Death Eater's got word of a Prophecy, about a child who contained the power to destroy me but I only got to hear the first two lines. It told of a child that had the power to kill me, and so I went to kill the possible one. Obviously, it failed. But I've decided I won't be looking to Prophecy's for words of wisdom, but I am curious to what the Prophecy contains. ", he finished quickly.

Harry blinked, " What's the first two lines? ", he asked.

" Born as the seventh month dies, to parent's whose thrice defied him... with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord, with the power he knows not... ", Marvolo returned.

" That... sounds a little clear to me. ", Harry frowned, " Prophecy's are much, much more of a riddle. It seems to be faked. ", he pointed out.

" I didn't realize that, until it was too late. ", Marvolo returned, sighing.

" Even Dark Lord's can be a little jumpy. ", Harry smiled, leaning in to kiss Marvolo on the lips.

" Though, I'm happy that you did. Otherwise we wouldn't be together. ", Harry muttered.

" You never know. ", Marvolo hummed, kissing Harry once more, and eventually pushed the Boy-Who-Lived against the desk, their tongue's clashing easily.

" W-We need a Safe Roo-ah! ", Harry called out, as Marvolo sucked on his neck.

" For your plan? ", Marvolo hummed, " You can use the Room of Requirement, then. ", he called, and in one swift movement opened Harry's shirt, and immediately attacked his nipples.

" W-Wha-ah!-t's that? ", Harry moaned, attempting to keep a clear mind.

::.. I'll tell you later... ..:: Marvolo hissed back, flicking his wrist and their clothes vanished into thin air.

Marvolo growled and flicked his wand once more, causing his cock to be lubricated, then used another charm to prepare Harry's and lubricate his entrance, he wasted no time, and thrusted in fully, sheathing himself fully inside of his lover within that once thrust.

Harry moaned and wrapped his arms tightly around Marvolo's neck, as the thrust's got more and more brutal, pounding into his prostate.

::.. More! ..:: Harry moaned, arching his back, digging his nails into Marvolo's back and the thrust's just got more and more wild.

::.. Pleasse! Dear god! Harder! Fasster! ..:: Harry groaned, feeling the thrusting just get quicker and quicker, harder and harder. With each brutal thrust it brought Harry closer to his climax.

::.. Sso tight, around my cock, Harry.. ..:: Marvolo hissed, growling under his breath he pulled out, causing Harry to whimper out, but he flipped the boy around and just continued to pound in at the new angle, getting even deeper than before.

::.. Sso deep.. ..:: Harry moaned, his nails digging into the wooden desk, feeling his climax come closer and closer...

With a scream of Marvolo's name, he came. His muscles spasmed, and tightened around his older lover's cock, and within a few extra thrust's, Marvolo came himself.

Marvolo hissed happily, running his fingers down Harry's back, pulling out.

Harry turned around and tackled his lover to the ground, their lips connected, tongue's clashing, ::.. We're not done yet. ..:: Harry hissed, and Marvolo watched as Harry went down.

The Boy-Who-Lived licked Marvolo's shaft back into hardness, before swallowing it full on. He bobbed, and hummed. He nibbled across the side and dipped his tongue into the silt, causing Marvolo to groan, and attach his hand onto Harry's hair, gripping it harshly.

He came quickly, and Harry swallowed it down.


" The Room of Requirement is a place, that contians anything and everything you need, even tons of gold, but none of it can leave the room, except for the items in another room it has, full of all types of trinkets, I call it the Room of Lost Things, and it holds everything, and hides everything. It's in the Seventh Corridor, walk through three times, think of your need of a safe room, and it'll appear. ", Marvolo explained, looking at the boy that's sprawled out acorss his chest.

" Tch. Whatever, I'm tired. ", Harry yawned, streching out slightly, before he cuddled back onto Marvolo's chest.

" Sleep. ", the Dark Lord instructed, and Harry had no qualm's about doing so.

" When did we make it to the bedroom, by the way? ", Harry asked, eyes closing.

" Sometime between the third round. ", Marvolo smirked, watching as his lover passed out.


Harry yawned, streching out his arms waking up to blinding sunlight. He blinked slowly, and looked off to the side, where Marvolo was flipping through the pages of a book. He raised a brow, and spoke, " What's up? ", he called.

" I want you to start taking Elixer of Life, with me. ", the Dark Lord announced.

" What do you mean? ", Harry frowned.

" In your first year, I got my hands on the Philosopher's Stone, and I've been drinking the Elixir of Life since then. How do you think I still look this way. My birthday is 1930... ", Marvolo snorted.

" Your old enough to be my grandpa. ", Harry snickered.

" I knew your damned Grandfather. Charlus Potter... hope he burns in Hell. ", Marvolo sneers.

" Ah, you had a loving relationship with him. ", Harry laughed.

" Loving? HA! Back in Hogwarts, I'm the one who turned him into a kitten, and threw him into the Forbidden Forest. ", the Dark Lord smirks.

" Your so childish. ", Harry snorted.

" I was sixteen. He lived, obviously. ", Marvolo pouted.

" Your pouting again. ", Harry pointed out.

" Let me pout. ", Marvolo ordered, " I did get to kill him though, oh your father gianed a hate for me from that.. ", he snickered.

" I believe your bragging. ", Harry stated.

" Of course I am. ", Marvolo smirked.

" Anyway, back to the Elixir. I want you to start taking it, and create a Horcrux. ", Marvolo turned to Harry.

" What's a Horcrux? ", Harry frowned.

" A Horcrux is the Darkest form of Magic. It takes a small piece of your soul, and places into any object, even a bottlecap if you wished. I have Seven myself, along with the Elixir, I'm Immortal. I want you to do the same. ", Marvolo returned.

" How do you create a Horcrux? ", Harry asked, sitting up.

" A Horcrux is created when you kill someone. ", Marvolo said, " Your Soul shatters when you kill another human being. ", he finished.

" Who did you kill? ", Harry blinked.

" You know her as Moaning Myrtle. ", Marvolo returned.

" How old were you? ", Harry gaped.

" Sixteen. It was when I opened the Chambers of Secrets.. ", Marvolo waved his hand, dismissing the thought, " I want you do both, so that you'll stay with me. ", he finished.

" I've never killed anyone.. ", Harry muttered, " But I don't want to kill just anyone, either. ", he added.

" I understand. Each of my Horcruxes are an Ancient Artifact, or something special to me. Slytherin's Locket, Hufflepuff's Cup, Ravenclaw's Diadem, Nagini, my Diary, the Gaunt Ring... ", Marvolo trailed off.

Harry frowned, " That's only six. ", he stated.

" Ah, yes.. about that.. ", Marvolo started, " Your one of my Horcruxes. ", he said.


" I'm one of your what? ", Harry hissed.

" Your one my Horcruxes. ", Marvolo winced, " On the night I tried to kill you, a piece of my soul attatched to your scar, and gave you the gift of Parseltongue and Parselmagic. ", he explained.

" I have a piece of your soul, inside of me. ", Harry continued.


" Yes. "


" I feel violated. ", Harry sighed.

" Good for you. ", Marvolo returned, smirking.

" Don't try to get me angry at you, so that I change the subject. ", Harry snapped, " I'll create ONE Horcrux, but I want it to be from Dumbledore's death, and I'll take your stupid Elixir. ", he finished.

" I was planning to do that- ", Marvolo stopped, then nodded quickly, " Of course. ", he returned.

" Nice and smooth. ", Harry snickered.

" Shush. ", Marvolo rolled his eyes

" Now, when's the Yule Ball? ", Harry sighed.

" In four days. ", Marvolo returned.

" Tch. I'm still mad at you, for not telling me. ", Harry growled, " You've been keeping a lot of things from me, you better tell me anything else you decided not to mention, or else when I do find out, I'll give Dumbledore the location of your manor. ".

" You wouldn't. ", Marvolo muttered.

" I would. ", Harry returned.

" There's nothing else I'm keeping from you. ", Marvolo paused, he thought for a moment, then nodded, " Yeah, nothing else. ", he finished.

Harry sighed, and rolled his eyes, " You need to learn to not lie so much. ", he said.

" I don't lie, I twist the truth. ", Marvolo smirked.


The Ball came up quickly, and Harry found himself wearing somewhat the same outfit he did last year, except for instead of fading into silver, it faded off into emerald, the ends tinted in silver. The Diadem and bracelets latched on, and his nails got painted emerald, with a small dot of silver in the middle.

His nails were getting long, as he was growing them out to put on a special plate that he found his rooms, with a bunch of other nailpolish, and he planned to be able to wear them by the time the attack on Hogwarts is started.

" Hey, Harry. ", Draco grinned.

" Hello, Draco. ", Harry hummed, nodding at his other two friends, " I've got the Safe Room discovered. ", he turned to Draco.

" Already? Good. ", Draco let out a breath.

" What are you guys talking about, exactly? ", Blaise asked.

" You'll see. ", they both returned.


Marvolo handed Harry his snake bracelet's, and spoke, " They both are Portkey's. One is to your Villa, and one is my Manor. You are to make a Portkey inside of Hogwarts, to there, then send it to me. ", he explained.

" Got it. ", Harry nodded.

" Goodbye, Harry. ", Marvolo hummed, and Harry felt his lips twitch upwards slightly.

" Goodbye, Marvie. ", Harry smirked, leaning up to wrap his arms around Marvolo's neck, their lips connected in soft kiss. They parted within a few seconds, and the Boy-Who-Lived offered a small smile.

" I'll see you. ", Harry murmured, Marvolo's hot breath washing over his lips.

" I'll see you, my little serpent. ", Marvolo purred back, leaning in ::.. Ssmile for the camera. ..:: he hissed, and a camera flashed.

Harry turned to glare at the Camera-man, that gulped and ran off.

" Tch. Looks like I'll have ot read the Daily Prophet tomorrow. ", he announced.

" It seems so. ", Marvolo smirked.


By Rita Skeeter

Harry Potter, aka the Boy-Who-Lived, boarded the train just after giving his Lover a kiss goodbye. In the picture, if you look close, you can see the Pre-Bonding Ring on his finger, and even two expensive bracelet's on his wrist's! When did he find his lover, and Fiance? And when did their relationship start? My curiousity is at it's peak, and I wonder just WHO he is! Is he a Pureblood Lord, a Halfblood or a Muggleborn? These questions while currently unanswered, my answers will come, and I'll make sure of it!

Harry sneered, and handed back the prophet to Draco, " How foolish. There is a war going on, and they all care about gossip. ", he huffed.

" Welcome to the Magical World. ", Draco snickered.


Harry ran his fingers down the soft silk, smiling to himself. The fabric itself is beautiful, and when it's all completed... it will be perfect. His smile grew slightly larger, and he stood up, flicking his wrist and everything got neatly put away into his closet.


" Harry, what are you doing? ", Draco asked, watching as Harry pace back and forth.

" You'll see. ", Harry smirked back, just as he finished his third pacing round, a set of doors appeared.

" What the Hell? ", Draco gaped, as Harry went up and opened the door.

" This will be out Safe Room. ", Harry said, to reveal a large area, that seemed to be a mix of all four Houses, divided into four different parts.

" Okay... we have that all figured out. ", Draco muttered.

" Uh huh, and now we'll be training from now on. We need to get stronger by the end of the year, you need to train more on Defensive and Offensive Spell's, and I need to train more Wards, so that I can learn to destroy them. ", Harry explained.

" Got it. ", Draco nodded, " We'll be training inside the CHambers, then? ", he asked.

" Of course. ", Harry returned.


Harry entered Professor Slughorn's office quietly, later that day, around a hour before curfew. He needed to get a hold of Unicorn Hair for the antidote to Memory Serum's, though to Slughorn, he just wants to practice making poison antidotes for the war, as he would end up on the Dark Lord's list.

" Hello Professor. ", Harry said.

" Ah, Harry my boy! What is it, that you need? ", Slughorn said happily.

" I was wondering if I could borrow Unicorn Hair. I need it for a potion I'm planning to brew, antidotes mainly, and most of them need Unicorn Hair.. which I don't have. ", Harry explained.

" Unicorn Hair? Of course, but my boy, I am terribly sorry that you weren't able to come to my Winter Gathering, it was indeed wonderful. Your friends, couldn't come either. But, rumor has it you have partner to return to! ", Slughorn chuckled, moving to grab a red velvet bag from inside a cupboard, before moving and handing it to him.

" Anything you don't use, return to me. ", Slughorn nodded.

" Thank you, professor. ", Harry smiled, with a soft wave he left.

What a fool.


Harry hummed as he continued to stir the liquid, adding in two hairs of a Unicorn, and watched as the liquid glowed slightly before the color started to drain out to be replaced a silver-ish liquid.

After one hour, he completed it.

The Antidote to Veritaserum, and this one would gift the taker immunity to the potion for two weeks, since his own Occclumency isn't exactly the best.. at least he knows when someone is entering his mind.

Harry sighed, and filled three crystal vial's full, before he stacked them with other potions he completed. He flicked his wand, and watched as his mess vanished, his cauldron polished. He smirked, and gave a soft kiss to his own wand.

Now, he just has to wait out the months until the attack.


The months passed, as well as the exams. Harry's skills in Wards grew, as he went over the power of each ward and the secrets beneath them. Of course, he couldn't make more of the powerful wards, yet that is. It's the last week of school and, Harry could be found shutting his books inside the library.

Harry gave a small nod towards Draco, Blaise and Theo who stood and left the library, shutting their own books and vanishing out into the hallway. Harry put his books away, rather normall and not too quickly to gain attention.

He made himself, seem bored.

Finally, he looked over to Hermione, who frowned at me.

" Where are you going? You don't usually leave this early.. ", she muttered.

" Go to your Common Room, okay? Stay in there, okay? Even if you hear.. things. ", Harry said to her.

Her frown grew, her eyes narrowing, " Harry... what are you going on about? ", she asked.

" Listen to me, please? Just.. go to your common room. ", he ordered.

" Fine. ", she sighed, then blinked as he left the Library, fingering one of his bracelets.

-o-0-o- Flashback -o-0-o-

" The plan is difgerent, Blaise and Theo.. you two are to make sure everyone on our side is to be kept safe. I'll be getting Dumbledore out to the tower, and I'll kill him there, with the Dark Lord by my side. Draco, these two vial's I'm handing you... when you see the Dark Mark outside, make sure your already in the Headmaster's office and break the wards, you'll be giving the power of said wards over to Marvolo and I. ", Harry explained.

His three friends nodded.

-o-0-o- Flashback End -o-0-o-


Marvolo opened his eyes, from where he now stood in a hallway of Hogwarts, looking at the lace in his hand, he slipped it into his pocket and moved down the hall, blakc robes flying behind him, wand in hand.

He scoped for Harry, looking for his magic. Finally, after some minutes of walking he found Harry's magic moving towards a tower, where Dumbledore was. He smirked, his little serpent already had Dumbledore in the tower.. how wonderful.

And he wants that wand...

Harry's going to kill him, after not telling him about the Deathly Hallows. Oh well, he knows he can distract Harry some way or the other.

He entered the tower, to see his love standing beofre the shocked Dumbledore.

Harry wore a ankle-length black skirt, that was folded on purpose, in straight lines, the end fading into silver, with a long-sleeved Black shirt to match, the ends of the sleeves baggy, and fading into silver, as well. His lips were painted black, purple sparkles underlined his eyes, and dark eyeshadow was worn, his eyelashed looking usually thick.
His nails were suddenly grown out, to look like claws, covered in a steel plates to give it an extra sharp cut, painting over in a shiny, slightly sparkling silver. His wand hidden by his sleeve, being held in a holister in his right arm.
His hair was up in a high pony-tail, bangs covering his forehead, and the sides of his head.

" Beautiful. ", Marvolo purred, the Light watched in pure shock, as Harry smiled and pecked the Dark Lord's lips softly.

Harry's wand slipped into his palm, and he pointed up to the sky, and pointed at the shocked Dumbledore.

" Harry.. ", Dumbledore tried, " Why do you want to be on his side? ", he asked.

" Why not? He gives me more than the Light ever could. Farewell, Albus Dumbledore. ", Harry smirked.

" Harry... why? ", Dumbledore attempted once more, eyes darting to the side in slight panic.

" Expelliarmus! ", Harry called, and Dumbledore's wand flew to the side.

" I will not be distracted any more. ", Harry returned, " Avada Kedevra. ", he let out, and the green bolt raced towards Dumbledore, hitting him straight in the chest.

As if in slow motion, Dumbledore's eyes went blank, and fell backwards, out of the Tower.

Harry walked over, and picked up the wand, that hummed in his hands, Harry pointed it out the window, and didn't even have to say a word, as the bolt ran out and hit the sky.

Like a firework, it exploded and formed the Dark Mark, but wings were on either side of the skull.

" Our mark. ", Harry whispered.

" Our mark. ", Marvolo agreed, kissing his lover's neck gently. Harry turned around, and wrapped his arms around Marvolo's neck, their lips connecting in a soft, yet hungry kiss.

Just outside, you could see the glow of the Hogwart's Wards turn red, then blue, before it popped just like a bubble, almost.
How cliche.

" Any wards ever placed on Hogwarts.. ", Harry breathed.

" Will be ours only to make and control. ", Marvolo finished, giving Harry one last kiss just as laughs filled the air, most likely coming from Bellatrix.

" Looks like my followers are here, let's join the fight, shall we? ", Marvolo hummed.

" Agreed. ", Harry grinned, holding the Dumbledore's wand.

" It works better than my own. ", he muttered.

" The wand belongs to you now. ", Marvolo hummed, kissing Harry's cheek softly.

" Cool.. ", Harry mused, holding it tightly in his hand, " Looks like it'll be my own little token. ", he smirked.

" Agreed. ", Marvolo returned.

They left the Tower, and eventually reached the Main Hall of Hogwarts, to see Death Eater's fighting with Order Member's and arrving Auror's.

" Harry! ", Remus gasped.

Harry gave a soft, sad smile, " Sorry, Remus. ", he said, he looked at Marvolo and gave a soft nod.

" Auror's! Order Members! ", Marvolo called, smirking as the fighting suddenly paused, " Albus Dumbledore is dead, he was killed by my love, Harry Potter. None of you will last, without any leader. Join me, or be killed in the war. ", he sneered.


Sirius turned to the Dark Lord, " I'll join you if you keep Remus Lupin safe. ", he stated.

" He is werewolf, is he not? Than he'll be perfectly fine, all craetures are accepted. ", Marvolo returned, smirking, " Muggleborns will not be killed, some of them can be just as powerful as a Pureblood, but they will never be able to contact their parents again. ", he finished.


Some of the Auror's stepped foward, and bowed.

" Is that all? Tch.. my Death Eaters and new followers, defeat them. ", Marvolo sneered.


" Harry James Potter... why didn't you tell us? ", Remus asked, sitting across from Harry and Marvolo.

" I couldn't. ", Harry stressed, " I just.. couldn't. ", he sighed.

" We understand. ", Sirius cut in, " I knew you were a Death Reader since that one raid. ", he muttered.

" I flew you back into a window. ", Harry stated.

" Yeah... ", Sirius grinned.

Marvolo hummed, " The Ministry is already mine, and now Hogwarts. I already have England. ", he grinned to himself, " And now, the Wizengamot will slowly be either taken by me, or killed... ah, this is too easy. It took long enough, though. ", he scowled.

" Er.. ", Remus and Sirius looked a bit akward when Marvolo spoke.

" Guys, I need to do something. Could you leave? ", Harry said.

" Sure.. ", Sirius grinned, grabbing Remus and dragging him out, chanting something under his breath happily.

" What did he say? ", Harry deadpanned.

" He said, 'If my godson is still a virgin, he isn't going to be after this'. ", Marvolo smirked.

" I want to make my Horcrux. ", Harry stated, and Marvolo nodded grabbing Harry's hand and pulling him.


Five years passed.

The Ministry and Hogwarts were both easily fully pulled into Marvolo's control, and soon enough Wizarding England. Their connections to the Muggle World got cut off, almost completely. Muggleborn's were taken the moment they are born, and their parents wiped of all memory. Muggleborns then got adopted very quickly by multiple families, mostly by other Muggleborn's, Hermione already adopted around six different muggleborn's, their ages from being a baby to thirteen years old, and they each loved their adoptive mother.
Halfbloods married into Pureblood's lines, and each Pureblood line got ordered to have at least two children. Draco and Blaise both got married, and used a potion that made it able for Draco to have kids, and they already had a total of three kids, twins and a girl, with another on the way, it's easy to say that Draco wants another girl, and Blaise just goes along with it.
Theo married Daphne Greengrass, and they're planning to have their first kid soon. Narcissa got pregnant once more, quite happily had a baby girl, both Lucius and Narcissa loved that fact, they both got to baby a girl, though they both still spoiled Draco to the core.

Remus and Sirius both got together, and though Remus spent every full moon with his pack, he returned to Sirius for the rest and stayed with him, and now Remus is expecting a baby boy, and will be naming Harry the godfather, though he's already the Godfather to his friend's kids, and the 'Godmother' of Narcissa's and Lucius' baby girl.

Marvolo is now working onto taking Magical Europe itself, building up his army. Though the takeover wouldn't happen for sometime. He had to dodge curses for a week, from Harry, after just telling him of the Deathly Hallows.

The Invisibility Cloak got quickly discovered by Harry, when he went through Dumbledore's vaults, it belonged to him in the first place the damn bastard kept it hidden from him. Harry's Horcrux was his Holly Wand, which he locked away inside a Gringotts Vault.

The only professor's removed from Hogwarts ended up being the Muggle Studies teacher, since it was no longer a subject, along with Professor Binns, he is just a ghost after all. Dark Arts, Light Arts, Magical Defense, Dueling Class, Transfiguration, Potions, Herbology, Charms, History of Magic, Weapons, Healing, Ancient Runes, Spell-Creation, Arithmancy, Astrology, Care of Magical Creatures, Politics, and Animagus Training were all of the classes now in Hogwarts.

A type of peace could be seen in Magical England, and Harry couldn't be any happier. Though, the fact that he went behind Marvolo's back and took a potion, that helped get Harry pregnant is a thing that he has yet to tell the Dark Lord.

And Harry never returned the Unicorn Hair to Professor Slughorn.

Authors Note:

I wish I could continue this story, but in all honesty I cannot think of anything else. This is my first HP Story and the longest story I've ever written!

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