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They started truly being friends after the night of Tony's surprise party, and Ziva was able to recognize the signs of Tony intentionally flirting with her within a few weeks. She mostly ignored his advances, not wanting to rush into anything with the self-proclaimed playboy. But then a case reminded her of a friend who died, so he took her out for drinks at the end and let her memories spill out with each shot she took. That he could remain a gentleman when he took her home, more than a little tipsy and completely willing to throw caution to the wind, told the inebriated assassin that there was much more to Tony DiNozzo than the eye could see.

He was on her side again when the redneck at the park made comments about her heritage and later, after she shared a story about her father that brought her closer to tears than she had been since Ari's death. They teased each other with the park rangers' interest, but neither were too disappointed that it didn't work out. But when the teenage son of Marine Major held his classroom hostage, Z reverted back to her 'anything goes' Mossad training. She was unable to understand Tony's hesitation about using the snipers until he told her about an adolescent Tony DiNozzo, six years after losing his mom to cancer, who was ready to do something stupid so he could see her again, or at least make his father notice him. Ziva learned about comfort that night, over spaghetti and garlic bread and a little too much red wine, when she put her hands over his and for hours Tony never let go.

He made her stay at his place after the defacto gang leader issued a veiled threat to her and McGee, and they spent the evening camped out on his livingroom floor with lots of pillows, blankets and junk food, while Tony educated her on the finer points of American cinematic classics. Not too long after that, they fell asleep together while helping Gibbs and McGee look for the hidden zip drive component and awake with a start to realize how comfortable they were in the same space, never mind that earlier they'd been bugging each other relentlessly. They were on pins and needles during Abby's case and Ziva wished more than once for a few minutes alone with Michael Mawher, which is precisely why she was not granted that time.

The true test of their partnership and friendship came when a drug dealer's brother died in her custody. Throughout that whole case Ziva was left on the sidelines, unable to even prove her defense. When it seemed as if even Gibbs questioned whether she killed the man on purpose, her partner was there, sure that she was in control of her impulses, trusting her word that his death had been an accident.

Their trust and connection was cemented after the bombing on the ship when Tony stepped in as team leader and Ziva struggled with the emotions she was still so unused to feeling, let alone showing. She struggled with how the others saw her but in the brief quiet moments they managed to steal together in dark corners and empty restrooms, her partner reassured her that it was okay to be upset and she didn't have to share her feelings with anyone. He knew her heart, that was enough. To return the favour, Ziva tried to gently and sometimes bluntly tone down Tony's Gibbs-like behaviour while also subtly bolstering his confidence in his abilities. Their relief at Gibbs' returning memory was short-lived and Ziva followed Tony home that night as he struggled to cope with the immense responsibility that had been thrust upon him without warning.

When they fell asleep in each other's arms after the main thing keeping them apart rode off into a Mexican sunrise, Tony and Ziva knew it was finally time for what they wanted. The next morning, a year after they'd met on opposite sides, a very honest conversation and their first non-undercover kiss quickly quashed any questions and insecurities about how to make this work. They spent a perfect summer together full of movies, laughter and a gradual drawing closer that barely registered until one day they looked up and suddenly recognized the other half of their hearts.

Being together gave them a chance to take off the masks worn at work that protected them from doubts and negative words and let Tony and Ziva just be real with someone. Ziva became Tony's encourager as he grew into his new role and Tony helped her learn to relax and not always be on her guard for the first time since her childhood. It was better than either could've imagined, even during the inevitable moments when they butted heads. The partners were finally starting to believe that they might be allowed to be happy, until one morning Ziva witnessed an assassination on her way to work. That began a chain of events that made her wonder if happy ever after was over already. Pity, when she's almost let herself hope, for once, that things might be different.

4x1 - Shalom

Tony texted Ziva as he strode through the busy airport terminal, extremely glad to finally be home. The two weeks apart had not been easy, especially when they were used to simply turning their heads and finding the other one almost always within reach. They hadn't spent this much time without each other since they became partners a year ago. The calls every night helped, and Tony loved to be on speakerphone with his girlfriend while she made supper or watched a movie or read a book with a mug of her favourite tea within reach.

They talked about everything and nothing and made a game out of Tony being able to guess the movie she had chosen within the first couple minutes. Texting during the day was the only thing that kept him sane during the boring security conference seminars, and he grinned every time her name popped up on the screen of his cell phone. But none of it compared to actually being back in DC and getting to see her at the office in less than an hour.

Tony smirked as he thought of reasons to drag her off into a dark corner for the welcome home kiss he'd been dreaming about. She'd probably hit him for getting cozy at work, but he'd take the bruise if it meant he got to have her in his arms for the few seconds that would have to get him through the rest of the day until quitting time. Picking up the pace, Tony reached for his keys. The gag gift he carried would earn him a sharp look, but tonight he hoped the real one would put a smile on her face and the sparkle in her eyes that he loved. Getting to make Ziva David act like a giddy schoolgirl? Absolutely priceless.


Ziva being an hour later to work? Nothing that hadn't happened before. Ziva being two hours later for work? Sure she could take care of herself, but his gaze continually strayed to her empty desk, wishing she'd answer her cell phone when he tried it for the fifteenth time. Ziva now missing and the FBI showing up to take over? Something was definitely going on and by the look in Director Shepard's eyes, it wasn't good.

Tony held it together at the office, during a long day of pointed remarks about his partner's loyalty and honesty, but he'd been ready to punch Agent Sacks for insinuating that Ziva was working against them. Michelle almost got a headslap for her comments too, but it was easier to stay silent and leave her to babysit the Feds while they tried to figure out what the heck Ziva had gotten herself into this time.

As soon as he thought he could get away with it, Tony dismissed the team for the night and drove straight to Ziva's apartment. There was no evidence she'd been home since this morning, though he saw her breakfast dishes in the sink, indicating that she had been okay until the time when she'd ditched her car and disappeared. He wandered around, breathing in her familiar scent, and tried her cell another half dozen times before giving up. Knowing Ziva, she would've tossed her phone about the same time she parked her Mini on a curb in Georgetown.

Sighing heavily, Tony locked up and drove to his apartment, but wasn't surprised to find it dark and empty. She would've been trying to put distance between herself and anyone she knew if she thought there was a threat. Sure that he wouldn't rest easy until he knew she was safe, Tony left and spent the next several hours driving around the city and trying every place he could think of that she'd mentioned or talked about or where they'd gone together. When it was after midnight and he'd had no success, the team leader returned home to spend what was left of the night pacing, watching his phone and occasionally napping on the couch. If he ever found his girlfriend, he was going to tear her a new one for breaking Rule 3. After he hugged her as tight as he could and told her he was glad she was alright.


Across town Ziva David lay under a partially finished boat, staring at boards and ceiling beams and wishing she could talk to someone other than herself. Mossad didn't do well with being caged and the more minutes that ticked by, the more Ziva was sure she'd go stir crazy before Gibbs arrived, hopefully in time to save her from the mixed up mess her life had become in the course of one day.

Turning her silent phone over and over in her hand, Ziva was thankful for the training that compelled her to keep money tucked in the back pocket of her jeans, for use if a situation arose that made it impractical to use her credit cards. As she was right now trying to stay under everyone's radar, she'd chosen a convenience store that was known to have security cameras only for show as the place to purchase a burn phone.

Since it was impossible to trace even for McGee, Ziva was probably safe using it to text, but she couldn't bring herself to potentially put those she cared about in danger - particularly one handsome, green-eyed, self-assured team leader who would stop at nothing to track her down. Ziva knew Tony would likely be frantic when he couldn't reach her, when he stopped at her apartment and found it empty, but hopefully he would forgive her once he understood her intentions. Sighing, she stood up and began pacing again. It was seven steps across the basement, ten for the length of it. Maybe she'd make it to a thousand this time.


The next day they were in Autopsy with the red light flashing as they hashed a totally illegal plot to find and assist their wanted teammate. It was expected but still gratifying when everyone declared themselves in regardless of the consequences. And then his black-haired little sister put her hand up and confessed. Tony should've been furious at Abby for withholding information from them, but that was the last thing on his mind as he dialed the number she gave him.

He couldn't begin to describe his relief when she answered the phone. "Ziva?"

Ziva rolled her eyes. "Tell Abby I am going to kill her."

Wandering away from the group, Tony lowered his voice. "We love you too."

Her lips curled up, knowing that was all he could say with witnesses listening, she could get away with even less. "I will remember that. I am hanging up now."

His tone hardened. "No, you're going to tell me what the heck is going on."

Ziva huffed. "Your phone could be tapped Tony."

He was desperate to know she was really okay. "Then I'll come to you. I'm also trying to get ahold of Gibbs right now, but I'm not having much luck."

The surprise in her tone should've warned him. "Gibbs? Why did you not say so?"

Before Tony had time to prepare, his former boss's voice came over the line. "DiNozzo, you have ten seconds to tell me why I'm not building a teak hot tub in Mexico." Tony's silence did not help the situation as the countdown began. "9..."

The next thing he knew Tony was in Gibbs' basement, relieved beyond words to see Ziva safe and in one piece, and wishing he could offer support of some kind when she realized she'd been framed. And even though he knew it was for show, a look in her eyes confirmed it, Tony couldn't help the sting of her words when Ziva complained about him being insufferable. That, in part, accounted for him snapping at her.

"I don't believe I asked for your opinion, Officer David."

One of Ziva's eyebrows arched but she said nothing, taking his anger for the fear he'd dwelt in after a night of not knowing how she was. But with Gibbs' watchful eyes on both of them, she couldn't even squeeze his hand for reassurance without their secret coming to light. So Ziva settled for meaningful glances, hoping Tony would read into them all she wished she could say.


The safe house had blown up. The safe house he knew Gibbs and Ziva had been searching. The call came in from the FBI and Tony's heart fell to his stomach. For an hour he paced along the windows, staring at his silent cellphone and thinking about his missing girlfriend. The thought the he might have lost her this soon after they'd found a place in each other's lives was too painful to comprehend. His fears were not assuaged by the conversation with Agent Sacks. Incinerated...anonymous tip..., none of it sounded good.

As he stepped into the elevator, Sacks threw his parting shot. "For all we know she blew up the place to cover her own tracks."

Tony leaned into the car. "She was only looking for the guy who set her up."

Sacks slammed his hand on the door to keep it open. "You mind telling me how you know that?"

Because I know her, he thought, but Tony just held the man's gaze. "Because that's what I'd do."

Talking to Ducky minutes later made him feel even worse. Yes he'd tried their numbers, no he hadn't gotten an answer, maybe resigning was the only thing left. But the ME's uncharacteristic assertiveness managed to talk some sense into the team leader and his attitude turned remorseful. "Why wasn't I with Ziva? I turned over my responsibility to Gibbs without even thinking about it."

Being reminded the Gibbs was capable despite his time in the Mexican sun didn't make Tony feel any better about his partner being MIA. But Gibbs' reappearance brought relief in knowing Ziva was alive, and working through the night gave him an excuse not to think about being away from her. At least having her new number meant he could text her, and thought she wouldn't admit to being scared, he knew a second night in hiding was shaking her confidence


With the morning light came a BOLO update and the first solid lead they'd gotten since this fiasco began. Then Gibbs got the bright idea to call Ziva and tell her where her former partner was holed up. Shock and surprise, Ziva decided to do things her way and they were left to follow in the wake of her actions. On the way to the motel Tony was seething. He tried to tell Gibbs not to give Ziva the information, but the man still thought he was a supernatural being and that even without a badge he could control everyone around him. Now she was in danger. If anything happened to Ziva he would-

They arrived and he didn't have time to finish that thought. Upon entering the room Tony saw Ziva leaning against the dresser, breathing hard and spotted with blood. All he wanted to do was go to her and make sure she was okay, but no one else was supposed to know about them, so he caught the recorder she tossed at him and watched her limp out, concerned because she was actually sounding and acting injured. They processed the scene while Ziva was tended to by paramedics McGee had the foresight to call for, and afterwards Tony insisted that his partner ride back with him.

The other car left and Tony approached his girlfriend slowly. She eyed him warily as he sat on the bench beside her. "What were you thinking Ziva?" he asked softly.

She shrugged and winced, bruised ribs being rather unforgiving. "I could not let them get away."

Tony caressed the skin under her eye where a bruise was already starting to form. "She could've killed you and I wasn't here to have your back."

Ziva smiled faintly at his concern. "I am Mossad Tony, we do not often lose."

He wove his fingers into her hair. "I couldn't afford for this to be the time you did. You're the best part of my life Ziva."

She shook her head and pulled away. "We have to talk."

His stomach lurched. "That's the worst way to start a conversation." Tony swallowed. "Are you breaking up with me?"

Ziva sighed. "I do not want to, but..."

He frowned. "But what?"

She stared across the parking lot. "When I went to see Officer Bashan at the Israeli Embassy about the bombing, he had pictures of you coming to my apartment, he asked if we were sleeping together." Ziva flexed her fingers. "My father knows something is going on. I do not want to risk being called back. I like it here, there is much in DC."

Tony rubbed his face. "Eli's spying on you? That's kind of low."

Her expression conveyed no surprise. "I barely speak to him - either he suddenly cares about my life or he has stopped trusting me."

He slid his fingers through hers. "What are we doing to do?"

She shook her head. "I do not want to lose this, you. It is an impossible choice."

Tony was silent for almost a minute, slowly tracing her fingers. Finally he cleared his throat. "Do something crazy with me."

Ziva's brow furrowed. "How crazy?"

He looked into her eyes. "You know I love you, right?" She nodded. "I don't want to lose this either. We need each other Zi." Tony grinned self-consciously. "Marry me?"

Her eyes widened and she couldn't seem to find any words. "Are you sure?" she managed.

"When something is right, you just need to go for it." He kissed her fingers. "We're right Zi, we can do this."

"It would be even worse to lose you if things did not work out," Ziva tried to argue.

Tony shook his head. "Don't automatically assume the worst Ziva, we've made a relationship work for almost six months." They just hadn't called it dating until Gibbs left. "The only difference now is you wouldn't have to kick me out at bedtime." Ziva let herself dream about what it would be like to share a home, a bed, and a life with Tony. He traced her ring finger gently and his expression was as sincere as she'd ever seen. "Please say yes Zi, I don't want to lose you."

Ziva hesitated and her gaze shadowed. "Tony, there is something you need to know first."

He frowned. "What?"

She looked away, staring across the parking lot. "Ari was my brother."

Tony's eyes almost bugged out of his head. "Brother?"

Ziva's shoulders hunched. "Half," she continued quietly. "Eli fathered both of us." She wanted to but wouldn't tell him about summers playing in the olive grove with big brother and little sister, learning to climb trees and throw knives, chasing each other through the bright Israeli sunshine. Swallowing hard, she looked into her boyfriend's face. "And it was I who shot him to save Gibbs."

Shock covered Tony's face and she looked down at their intertwined fingers, wondering how long before he let go. But Tony surprised her once again when he cupped her cheek in his hand. "I'm so sorry Ziva."

She jerked her head up. "Why would you be sorry?"

He held her eyes. "That must've been the hardest thing you ever did."

Two tears escaped to run down her face. "I loved him. Ari was a good brother., that bitter, twisted man in Gibbs' basement was not Ari." Tony's tenderness was something she did not feel she deserved. "Do you not hate me?"

Tony feathered his fingers through her hair. "Why would I hate you? You did what you had to do. Our jobs aren't fun Zi, they're dirty and messy and painful. But we get the bad guys, even when they're someone close to us. I'm sorry for the burden you have to bear, but I don't blame you and I could never hate you." He touched his lips to her knuckles and looked up with a twinkle in his eyes and the half grin she loved. "Ziva David, I love you and I want to marry you. Weren't you about to say yes?"

Her brief hiccup of laughter quickly faded to a small smile. She closed her eyes and took a breath, meeting his clear, hopeful green gaze. "Yes."

His face lit up. "Really?"

Ziva laughed, feeling lighthearted and free, spontaneous for once, one moment of her life not planned or ordered. "Yes."

Tony leaned in to kiss her but Ziva put her hand on his chest. "My nose."

He cupped her cheek and caressed the skin. "You don't think I can be gentle?" When his lips moved over hers it was the barest whisper of a touch and Ziva smiled.

"That was nice."


She raised an eyebrow. "So now what?"

Tony grinned. "We give it a week, maybe two so your face doesn't hurt, then head down to City Hall and make this arrangement permanent."

Ziva sighed happily. "I love you."

He pressed his lips to her cheek. "You won't regret this, I promise." To prove his words he reached into his pocket for the gift he'd been carrying around since he got back.

She tilted her head in curiosity when he pressed the small, heart-shaped lock into her palm. Turning it over, she found their names engraved on the back. "What is this?"

Tony ran his finger over it. "We had a stopover in Paris. There's this bridge, the Pont des Arts, that's covered in padlocks of all shapes and sizes. The story goes that if write your name and the name of the one you love on the lock and attach it to the bridge, then throw the key into the Seine River, it's a symbol of undying love. The only way to break that seal of love is to find the key and unlock the padlock. Which, of course, is impossible." He smiled at her. "I bought two identical locks and put one on the bridge, then brought the other home for you. I want you to know I mean it Ziva."

Ziva closed her fingers over the padlock and stared into his eyes. "I will hold you to that."

He kissed her gently one more time. "Oh, I'm counting on it."


Later that afternoon Tony and Ziva sat in Jenny's office watching the news report. When it finished, the director smiled and stood. "Welcome home Ziva."

She smiled back. "I would not be here if it was not for Gibbs."

"And me," Tony put in, feeling left out.

Ziva glanced at him. "True, but mostly Gibbs."

Jenny raised an eyebrow. "Speaking of which..."

Tony got up. "He's in the squadroom."

As they followed her out, Ziva reached back and briefly clasped his hand, letting Tony know she was grateful for his part in clearing her name. Gibbs was gone when they reached the bullpen and Tony sat comfortably at his desk once Jenny went back upstairs. More than any time since Gibbs left, he really felt like he deserved to have this chair. Looking to Ziva at his right, Tony smiled. This was his team and they were doing just fine.


The evening finally rolled around and everyone packed up to head home. Tony waited for Ziva at the edge of the bullpen and they joined hands as soon as no one was watching. They went back to Ziva's apartment this time, because her first priority was a hot bath to soak away the soreness from her fight, and Tony gladly prepared some Middle Eastern comfort food for dinner, having learned from Ziva shortly after the first time she cooked for him.

Tony and Ziva ate dinner by candlelight and Tony kept looking at her nose, thankful her injuries weren't worse. Finally he sighed, toying with the food on his plate. "Do you think Gibbs really wishes he left McGee in charge?" Tony asked, referring to Gibbs' comment earlier about Ziva not being in this mess if he had.

Ziva's brow furrowed. "You were Senior Field Agent and you have been a good team leader. I do not think Gibbs would change that."

Tony's gaze was troubled when he met her eyes. "Would you?"

She smiled softly. "I miss Gibbs, but I am happy with how things are."

He squeezed her hand and they finished in silence, then did dishes before getting comfortable on the couch. He listened to Ziva's breathing and watched her pulse beat in her neck, smiling as her fingers drew random patterns on his chest. Finally though he recognized her distraction techniques for when she was avoiding something and caught her hand in his, rubbing her ring finger.

"Hey, having second thoughts?"

Ziva flipped her hair over one shoulder and repositioned her head under his chin. "No," she said slowly, "but there is something else we need to consider."

Tony moved and made her look at him. "What's that?"

Ziva sighed. "Your undercover assignment."

He wrapped his arms around her. "It's nothing serious Zi, just some surveillance stuff so far, getting a feel for how La Grenouille's people work."

Her dark eyes bore into his. "Is it going to get serious?"

Tony hesitated, then shrugged. "The director won't really say. I've been keeping tabs on his daughter, but so far Daddy Dearest hasn't paid her a visit. I honestly don't know what comes next."

"Getting close to her. Seducing her for information," Ziva said flatly, and Tony realized in that moment how much she'd given up for her missions.

He kissed her temple. "I hope it doesn't go that direction." Tony thought for a moment, holding her a little tighter. "Could you handle it if it did?"

Ziva squeezed her eyes shut. "I do not want to think about you being in her bed and then coming home to ours."

"No." Tony was adamant, tilting her chin up so she could see it in his face. "It wouldn't be like that. Get close, maybe. Kiss, probably. But I would not betray our vows like that Ziva, not for the sake of a mission. I'd quit before I had to make that choice."

Ziva looked into his eyes. "Do not hide it from me, what you do with her, even if I would not like it."

He swallowed. "We don't even know that's where this assignment is heading Zi, but if it is, I promise I'll tell you everything. And you'll be there when I come home to help me hold onto myself, right?"

She nodded. "Always." Her lips were gentle on his cheek. "I love you."

Tony breathed in her scent and pulled her carefully into his lap. "I love you too. We can do this Zi, I know we can."

With that promise echoing in her ears, Ziva closed her eyes and for the first time in two days, slept in peace.


Two days after getting engaged and making sure they weren't followed, Tony took her jewellery shopping and together they picked out an engagement ring she couldn't help falling in love with. It immediately went around her neck on a chain long enough that it could hide under her shirts and fine enough that it was barely noticeable under her Star of David. Their shared glances and the long, intense looks McGee had dubbed 'eye sex' escalated, because every time Tony caught a glimpse of the chain he couldn't help the thrill that went through him remembering how she'd promised to be his.

A week later Ziva tracked down the Mossad officers spying on her, disarmed them, pulled her knife and gun, and held the weapons to their throats and temples while she described, in great detail that would make even the most hardened soldier quiver, exactly what she would do if she ever caught so much as a glimpse of them or felt the slightest twinge that she was being followed. Then Ziva instructed them just what to put in their report to her father and vanished into the night like the shadow she was trained to be. Unsurprisingly, the spies were never seen again.

The following weekend Tony and Ziva stood in a room at city Hall wearing a nice suit and pretty sundress and listened to the court official read the vows. They both uttered the words, "I promise," shared a sweet kiss and went to lunch. But the real celebration occurred when Tony and Ziva checked into a hotel under false names and spent the rest of the day in bed, and Ziva found out just how good her new husband was at everything he'd always bragged about.

The couple kissed and talked and touched, staring at the rings they had only the weekend to wear and trying to believe this was real. Dinner was a candlelight affair catered to their room and eaten with Ziva wearing a negligee and silk dressing gown and Tony putting his half-buttoned up dress shirt back on over his boxers. They cuddled on the couch and watched a sappy movie, at the end taking a moment to appreciate that there was no goodbye coming, not this time. Ziva led him back across the room and they took a shower together, falling asleep warm and comfortable and wrapped in each other's arms. There had never been anything better than now, and today was only the beginning of the rest of their lives.

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KEL (WIACCD) - version would've taken at least 20 minutes, I like to drag my moments out. But I do wish we'd seen some sort of comfort instead of them all just leaving her in the house with Eli's body. Thanks for reviewing! :)

beginning to end (SMH94) - wow, you read the whole series? That's a lot of chapters, I'm impressed :) It's great to hear that you couldn't seem to stop reading, that makes me feel pretty good. I'm glad you read the stories in order, it's hard to understand how much the progress in SMH means when you haven't seen the struggle of TWL and TMA. I tried to incorporate a few cases but I'm really all about the emotions and the relationships, so I'm glad you liked that style as well. Hmm...since reality was what I was shooting for, it's nice to hear that word used. I knew everything couldn't just work out okay, sometimes things didn't go write and tho I hate writing the fallout, they come out stronger for getting through. And I had such fun making them all into a family. Tony was such mush for his little girl, I just loved imagining those parts. And T&Z, it was a rewarding journey to get where they ended up. lol...I could continue listening, it's such a thrill to get a detailed review like yours, so thank you for the time you took to write it. You're very welcome, I'm so glad you enjoyed the story. Thank you :)

beginning to end (TYF) - I liked getting to end the series off with 2 chapters since it started with just one in After Somalia. Did you get a chance to look at Snapshots? It just gives glimpses of the family throughout the years. Thanks again for the review! ~Aliyah

Skittles6 (WIACCD) - I was totally bummed that you didn't have PMs enabled so I couldn't reply to you directly, but at least I can hear. I'm glad you liked my version of what happened. I only did this tag for a friend who asked, but the response has been overwhelming. Thank you for taking the time to review :)