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Trent was happy as fuck! Why? because season 4 had ended and that meant that Chris would need a place to force the new contestants to stay, So much to Chris's objections, he was forced to add a whole new section to the playa des losers all because Courtney found out that he couldn't just shove 4 people in a room and call it a day! Yes, They all had a roommate that they have been stuck with since the first season and Chris wanted to shove two new contestants in with them! Thankfully, Courtney pulled out every legal document possible and managed to get everyone in this place their own room! Trent hated his roommate anyway and he was happy to get rid of her! Eva, He couldn't stand her and vice versa! She would always leave her weights around and often work out naked and not wear deodorant so Trent was happy to finally get rid of her but more importantly he was happy that Chris actually approved his request! Chris had finally given him room 9! When these rooms were first assigned Heather and Duncan got stuck in room 9 and Trent begged and begged and begged them to give him that room and no matter what he offered they would never accept! So, after 2 years of trying, Trent just realized they were assholes and gave up!

So Trent finally had the key to room 9 in his hands and he was on his way to his new room right now! He didn't want to meet the new cast and he could care less about season 5 all he wanted right now was to step into room 9 because he felt it was his destiny and Heather and Duncan were evil for not even allowing him to step foot in it once!

So Trent was moments away from room 9! In fact he was on the first floor of rooms and his smile was getting bigger and bigger as he passed each number! Imagine all the cool shit Trent would be able to put in his room since there is only one bed in there now! Trent passed room 4 and then 5 and even 6! Six was Trent's second favorite number because if you turned it upside down it would become 9...

By the time Trent passed door 8 he had a full blown boner and just couldn't wait to bask in his 9ness room of 9. He couldn't wait to unpack his 9 suitcases in his new room! It would be fairly easy too, Only 3 actually had clothes in them and the rest were just so he could have 9 suitcases, but he was still going to unpack them anyway.

Trent finally reached door 9 and smiled he waited 4 fucking seasons for this! The moment was finally his! He opened the door and everything was just as great as he thought it would be! The carpet was shag and the color red and incredibly dirty! Candy bar wrappers all over the floor and empty chip bags too! Must be from all the times Duncan never bothered to use the garbage can! The window was broken and couldn't stay up on its own, a book held it open, It was an old science book that looked like it never been used for anything other than that window. Trent threw all 9 suitcases on the floor and jumped right on the bed and stared up at the ceiling, The very ceiling that Heather must have looked at every night from this very bed as she was thinking about rolling around naked in a million dollars with Alejandro...

Trent sat up from the bed and look around the room and took it all in and that's when he realized that Chef didn't remove the extra bed from his room. Trent groaned loudly in annoyance 9 times and realized that meant he would have to drag it out into the hallway himself in the wee hours of the morning and place it in front of some unsuspecting assholes door for them to walk into in the morning, It was going to be Cody's room because he just really wanted to ruin Cody's day because Cody rejected him at least 8 times and if he got rejected one more time it would be 9 and Trent couldn't get rejected 9 times.

Trent was thinking about where he was going to put that desk for his laptop, He didn't have the desk yet because it was still in the lobby of the playa but he wanted it because he sat there 9 times so he felt it was his for the taking and he planned on stealing it after he got rid of that extra bed, He also had plans of digging a hole in the bathroom and making himself a hot tub. Trent was so lost in his thoughts that he didn't even hear the door to his room open until the person finally spoke to him.

"What are you doing in my room?" Harold asked him "I know you love the number 9 but this room was assigned to me! Gosh! You're so inconsiderate Trent!"

"Oh hell no!" Trent instantly snapped out of his thoughts of stealing peoples belongings "This room is mine!"

"You are incorrect" Harold informed Trent "Chef told me this room was mine"

"Yeah?! well fuck you!" Trent flipped Harold off "I personally asked Chris for this room and he said I could have it!"

"I'm going to ask Chris about this" Harold told Trent and stormed off

"I'm coming too!" Trent pushed Harold out of the way and the two of them were pushing each other down the hall way until they reached Chris's room. Trent loudly knocked on Chris's door 9 times and Harold just started yelling Chris's name until the host came out of his room.

"What the fuck?" Chris swung his door open "Seriously, what the hell are you two even doing?"

"Harold is trying to steal my room!" Trent yelled at Chris "But YOU told me that I could have it RIGGGHHHTTTT?! DON'TCHA REMEMBER THAT CHRIS?!"

"Yes, I do" Chris told him "I put you in room 9"

"Yeah, now Harold won't get the hell out!" Trent crossed his arms

"You can't kick Harold out" Chris laughed at Trent "He is also in room 9"

"Ha!" Harold mocked Trent "I told you that I was right and you were simply a moron"

"Shut up!" Trent yelled at Harold "Chris, we aren't doing this roommate crap again are we?"

"You promised us that everyone gets their own room" Harold reminded Chris.

"I did give everyone their own room" Chris smirked at them "To be fair, Trent did get placed in room 9 because he asked! Then I realized that I was short one room and that Harold would need to stay with someone and as you most likely figured out nobody wanted to room with Harold so I asked if they would want to room with Trent and they didn't want to room with you either and voted you the most annoying person here! You actually beat Owen, Sierra and Zeke for annoyance! So Trent since you have been declared the most annoying person here you get the runner up...Harold"

"You've got to be kidding me!" Trent complained to Chris "There is no way I'm more annoying then DJ!"

"DJ?" Chris laughed "Really? DJ is your pick for the most annoying person here?"

"I'd vote for Courtney" Harold informed everyone "I'm sure Duncan and Gwen would agree! Even you would agree Chris! I mean she tries to sue everyone at least 3 times a week!"

"Yeah, but she's underage and hot" Chris informed them both "You're just both annoying and awkward"

"I have a feeling that Chris is playing favorites!" Trent accused Chris "What do the girls have that I don't?"

"I can name 2 things" Chris smirked

"I wish I could name one" Trent sighed in annoyance "So, am I the ONLY one with...Him!"

"That sentence didn't make any sense" Harold told him "You're an idiot, Trent"

"You two are roommates so deal with it" Chris told him "I don't want to see you two at my door again! No matter what! Even if you have the whole room on fire you two can just stay there and die!"

Chris slammed the door in their faces.

The two were in the room for an hour in complete silence because Harold put his headphones in and Trent was gone for most of the time stealing that desk that was mentioned earlier. When he rammed it through the door it instantly got stuck and that's when Harold took his headphones out.

"Harold, move your bed!" Trent yelled to him "Just a little bit so I can get this in!"

"Idiot!" Harold yelled at Trent "Don't you know how to properly measure a room?! If you knew you would have known that you couldn't fit that in here and you wouldn't have wasted your time"

"Shut up Harold!" Trent glared at him "I carried this all the way up to the 2nd floor all the way at the end of the hallway just to show Duncan that I stole this so I could get his approval and do you know how hard that is when he MOVED?! I accidentally brought this here and then I had to knock on 4 doors before someone told me where he was! Then I finally found his room and he wasn't home! After knocking on his door 9 times Alejandro finally came outside and told me that Duncan went to the pool so I had to go downstairs again and take it to the pool only to find out while I was going down he took the elevator upstairs and then I gave up and just came back and this thing wouldn't fit in the elevator!"

"You think that's bad?" Harold asked him "Nobody would tell me where Leshawna lives now! Then some girl named Anne Maria came up here and sprayed me in the face with tanner because she apparently got my old room and found my chewed gum collection! That idiot got rid of it! That took me 2 years to get it perfect!"

Before Trent could reply his alarm went off on his phone and he instantly shut up and turned all the lights out and grabbed 9 candles and placed them around him in a circle and sat Indian style as he lit them.

"What are you doing?" Harold asked him

"Shhhhhhhhhhhh!" Trent shhh'ed Harold "It's 9:00!"

"So?" Harold asked him

"So?!" Trent yelled at him "Every morning and evening at 9 we must pray to the god of Nine who created this world that we live in"

Harold went into the bathroom and slammed the door shut behind him and turned on the lights mumbling that Trent was an idiot and then called Leshawna 4 times and kept getting her voicemail.

This is only day one! Should I continue or not? Does anyone even care what anyone else is doing right now at the playa? Rumor has it that Scott McCord is recording for season 5! I'm hoping this means Trent is back but he could be voicing Owen instead...Is it wrong that I really want Trent to go completely insane in season 5? He's pretty damn close.

I can make this into maybe a 4-5 chapter fic! Like it? Hate it? Tell me!

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