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Trent was really annoyed right now! It was 7:30pm and he was going to was his clothes 9 times in washer number 9 at the playa laundry room, However as luck would have it he was only able to wash them twice! Why? because he went to send a text message to Katie 9 times and while he was gone some asshole took his clothes out of the washer and placed them in a dryer! It was also dryer number 4 and that upset Trent even more! What kind of monster would do such a horrible thing? That monster just happened to walk in to check on her clothes.

"YOU!" Trent yelled at the girl "Why on earth would you move my clothes?!"

"I needed to use the washing machine?" Zoey awkwardly told him "But I did put them in the dryer for you! You had loose change in your pockets and I didn't even steal it, I put it on top of the dryer!"

"You put them in dryer number 4!" Trent yelled at her "I HATE 4!"

"I'm really sorry, that's all that was left..." Zoey muttered "I just needed to wash my clothes and since your machine stopped I figured it would be okay..."

"Well it's not!" Trent told her "I was my clothes once a week 9 times!"

"Are you a germaphobe?" Zoey asked him "My friend Cameron washes his 3 times just to make sure they get clean."

"No! I'm not a germaphobe!" Trent yelled at her "I'm a 9 supporter!"

"Oh...Okay then..." Zoey laughed awkwardly "You're Trent? Aren't you?"

"Yes I am!" Trent proudly told her "You must have heard about me from the 9 lovers blog! I'm the founder and the member of the month! You see every month we pick a special devoted 9 lover and they get their picture posted on the front page of the blog!"

"That's nice..." Zoey was hoping her clothes would be done soon.

"We have 3 members right now!" Trent happily told her "Me, some guy from Sweden and Heather who really likes to leave nasty comments on the page! Me and the Swedish guy are discussing if we should ban her! it would be helpful if all his comments weren't written in Swedish!"

Meanwhile back upstairs in room 9 Harold had the door wide open and was currently sticking chewed gum to the wall and hanging up posters of Leshawna. When suddenly Anne Maria came barging in his room.

"Listen here ya freak!" Anne Maria threw a pencil case at him "This was under my bed! I opened it and I found cockroaches! They were still alive! I had to spray them all with hairspray and use two cans of it on them just to kill them! Why the heck do ya even have dis stuff?"

"Curse you!" Harold grabbed the box "You killed my babies?! Now I'm going to have to have a funeral! These were a rare species! You're such an idiot! how could you kill sure a rare kind of cockroach? Couldn't you just have returned them to me alive?!"

"No!" Anne Maria yelled at him "That's just gross! I was gonna toss them outttt but den I wanted ta show ya how gross ya are!"

"Now I have to make invites to the funeral!" Harold yelled at her "Gosh! This is going to be so hard!...Don't expect an invite!"

"Whateva!" Anne Maria rolled her eyes "No wonda no boday likes ya!"

Harold glared at Anne Maria and pushed her out the door and slammed the door in her face.

Heather and Alejandro were making love in Alejandro's room for the last hour. They have been breaking in the new bad that came with his room and they were really enjoying themselves.










"Don't answer it..." Heather whispered to Alejandro.

"Don't worry." Alejandro assured her "I won't."


"Oh God..." Alejandro groaned and put on some pants and opened the door "What?"

"I have a serious question." Trent firmly told him "Should I date Gwen or Courtney or go gay and ask Cody out?"

"What?" Alejandro glared at him looking confused "Why are you asking me?"

"Because your name has 9 letters in it." Trent told him seriously "You're the only one I know I can trust just because of that."

"I don't care who you date as long as you leave me alone." Alejandro told him and slammed the door in Trent's face.

Harold was now in his room making invites to the roach funeral and sealing the envelopes closed with chewed gum. When he was done doing so he walked across the hall and knocked on the door and Scott answered.

"Hey there neighbor!" Harold told him and handed him an envelope "Would you like to come to my cockroach funeral? That bitch Anne Maria killed all 56 of them! I was keeping them unde-"

"No." Scott glared at him "Go away."

"Did you know that if you cut a cockroaches head off it can live up to a week without it?" Harold asked Scott.

"Remember when I was trying to sleep and you slammed the door in my face?" Scott asked him.

"Yes, Of course I remember" Harold told him "I remember 93% of things that people tell me becau-"

"I'm returning the favor." Scott laughed and slammed the door in Harold's face.

Harold slipped the invite under Scott's door anyway.

Lots of door slamming!