Harold angrily stomped down the hallways until he got to his room. However in the hallway were 9 blue plastic baskets. Harold was officially confused. He opened the door to the room to find Trent making piles.

"Trent, why do you have 9 baskets in the hallway where people can trip on them?" Harold pointed to the open door that you could clearly see the baskets from.

"I'm really glad you noticed that there are 9." Trent smiled at Harold.

"Curse you for not understanding the difference between a compliment and a question!" Harold snorted.

"Those are our baskets." Trent rolled his eyes. "Isn't it obvious that these are made for the 9 basic essentials?"

"No, not really." Harold told him.

"One is for cans and another is for plastic and the other is for paper and the one on the end is for our dirty laundry and then we have the secret basket!"

"That basket is obviously not a secret." Harold told Trent rolling his eyes. "I noticed it the second I got off the elevator!"

"I'm going to hang that basket on the door." Trent told Harold "Then everyone will know what it's for! This is how we are going to stay in the loop of all the gossip! Everyone can anonymously share secrets with me that way."

"That would work if everyone had one, but they don't and only we do." Harold sighed. "I think you're going to get a lot of negative feedback on this stupid plastic basket and I'm not going to be a part of this! Leshawna will think I'm a loser."

"Fine!" Trent grabbed a sharpie and wrote in big black letters TRENT'S GOSSIP BASKET

"That's really stupid." Harold laughed and Trent through the laundry basket at him.

"Here!" Trent insisted. "You already left like 7 pairs of underwear on the floor! I'm not playing these games with you. Why do you have a red stain on your underwear?"

"Why are you looking at my undie stains?" Harold glared and picked a pair up from the floor.

"Because I had to pick them up." Trent told him. "That's really nasty Harold and I'm not dealing with it!"

"What if I leave 9 pairs out?" Harold laughed with a snort. "Then would your precious 9 god be happy?"

"No!" Trent glared "If you did that the god of 9 would take it as an insult and I would have to kill you."

"You just can't please people these days can you?" Harold sighed and walked over to his bed and turned his laptop on. "Hello Internet! Time to check my email."

"I doubt anyone would message you!" Trent laughed. "Maybe a Nigerian scammer."

"Actually, I got a reply from Justin." Harold glared at Trent "So, ha! I sent him an email that I personally wrote to him about how all his fake tanner can cause damage to his skin along with the origin of fake tanning! I wrote him 3,473 words and he replied at 7:12am this morning with 'Fuck off, Harold.'

"Well I have that new girl Zoey's cell number!" Trent told him. "She's going to be my girlfriend because of how compatible we are."

"Isn't she with that Mike guy?" Harold asked. "He seems like a loser."

"She'll leave him because we're destiny!" Trent happily told Harold who was now replying to Justin that he was a moron.

"Just because someone has 4 letters in their name doesn't mean that you two belong together, idiot." Harold rolled his eyes. "Also, aren't you with Gwen, Cody and Duncan?"

"Yes." Trent nodded. "I'll have to include this Zoey girl in my plans!"

Trent ran down the hallway screaming Zoey's name at the top of his lungs with his guitar in hand, ready to sing a love song at any moment. Harold really hated Trent and felt this would be the perfect time to send his beautiful Leshawna an email about the proper diet she should be on if she planned on marrying him and living past 35. He also sent Owen the same email because he was too lazy to write a new one. So, Owen was REALLY flattered about the kids part and Leshawna blocked him from sending emails.

I honestly cannot decide which one of them is more annoying in this chapter. If I had to base it on character logic. I'm actually keeping Harold in Character to a point as opposed to Trent who I don't think has had one sane moment yet.