Budew And Vanilluxe

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: This is yet another adventure fanfic. But it stars two Pokemon no one would have expected together, let alone being in the starring role for a Pokemon adventure: Budew and Vanilluxe. So yes, this shall be quite fun to write. And to make the inevitable confusion amongst the Pokemon less confusing, the main characters will be referred to by their species' names, while the rest of their species will have a random letter or number attached to them, like a generic Budew being referred to as Budew 1 or Budew A. Hope that helps. Enjoy!

A world of Pokemon without any humans is totally probable, but a world exactly like that but keeping everything of the normal Pokemon world bar humans? A bit bizarre, but workable, as Canalave City was well designed, with tall sky high buildings looming over the beautiful bay. But just west of Canalave was the beautiful garden referred to as West Canalave, where plenty of grass types of all different sorts resided, amongst other types of Pokemon. And it was here that, like all throughout the Sinnoh region, that Budew were amongst the most commonly seen here.

Budew was in the garden, humming to herself as she passed by a snoozing Parasect, spotting several Cottonee and Petilil who were playing with a Tangrowth. A giant Scolipede was munching on the leaves of a small maple oak tree as a trio of Budew were speaking with each other. They spotted Budew, giggling snarkly as they looked at Budew.

"Oh look who it is. The adventurer," Budew A stated with a snear, snickering.

Budew grumbled in annoyance as she tried to avoid contact with the Budew trio. "Leave me alone, you jokes. I don't have time for you."

"You don't have time for anything." Budew B stated as he laughed, shaking his head. "The furthest you ever got was Canalave City. What makes you think you can venture beyond there?"

Budew growled as she stuck her tongue out at Budew B. "Hey, I may have not gotten past it, but at least I actually went somewhere beyond this garden!"

Budew C rolled her eyes. "Yeah, and it's the farthest you'll ever get. You've been here for years, what makes you think you have what it takes to go on a grand scale adventure?"

Budew puffed her cheeks as she stood up to Budew C. "I have the passion! I got farther and farther into Canalave City with each step! In fact, I'm right at the eastern border!"

The Budew trio laughed at Budew as they couldn't contain themselves. Budew huffed as she ran past them, heading up one of the stalks that lead to the top of the maple oak trees.

Later on, Budew sighed as she looked up at the clear blue sky, being on top of all the green leaves on one of the many plentiful maple oak trees that populated the West Canalave gardens below. She sighed as she opened her eyes, feeling the nice, gentle breeze coming in from the north. "Oh, how I wish I could adventure out beyond Canalave. I want to explore many places, and experience many things I would never have thought!" She closed her eyes as she sighed.

Suddenly, the sky got much brighter as a bright light engulfed Budew, who opened her eyes as she looked around herself frantically, glancing up to see a laegendary figure appear before her, floating in the air. Budew could not believe her eyes.

"A…Arceus?" Budew mumbled in shock, not believing her encounter with the creator of all Pokemon. "How is this possible… you shown your presence to a lowly being like me?"

Arceus chuckled as he opened his big green eyes, staring down at Budew. "So, you want to embark on a huge adventure, yes?"

Budew was still in shock as she became incredibly excited, bouncing about. "Yeah! I crave for excitement and for a grand journey across the entire Sinnoh region!" She exclaimed with glee.

Arceus chuckled as he lifted his head up, his presence bringing more light to all of West Canalave. "So be it. You shall have your adventure. But don't expect anything of it." He then disappeared, all the bright lights disappearing.

Budew blinked in confusion as she was left in a state of awe. "Don't expect anything…?" She murmured to herself. "How can I expect anything if everyone looks down on me simply because I'm a Budew…?" She sighed as she shook her head, closing her eyes. "Well, I better go and have something to eat to take it off my mind… I doubt anyone will actually believe me that Arceus was here…"

Much later that day, once nighttime fully arrived to West Canalave, Budew was sleeping on the top of her maple oak tree home, having distance herself from the other annoying Budew. As she was snoozing about, she felt an incredibly cold chill being right in her face. She shivered, opening her eyes to see a giant Vanilluxe staring right at her.

"AHHHHHH!" Budew screamed in horror as she stumbled back, trembling with fright as she meeped. "D-don't hurt me, please! I'm just a lone, little grass type!"

The Vanilluxe giggled with both of her heads as she floated in the air, approaching Budew. "Relax, kid!" The Vanilluxe spoke with her right face, as her left face continued giggling, her eyes closed. "I'm not gonna hurt you!"

Budew continued trembling as she was cautious. "How should I know? You just popped out of nowhere!"

Vanilluxe continued giggling as she shook her entire floating body. "Hey. I promise you, I won't lay a snowflake on you! Vanilluxe honor!"

Budew stopped trembling as she stood up, amazed by the appearance of an ice type, let alone a Vanilluxe. "Wait, don't you reside all the way up north in the Snowpoint?" She asked, her voice still somewhat shaky.

Vanilluxe stopped giggling as she frowned, the expression on both her faces grim. "Well, I used to," She continued with her left face as she then closed her eyes. "But something terrible has happened, and it's the very reason I'm here…"

Budew gave Vanilluxe an odd look. "Something terrible happened? Mind telling me what was it that sent you here?" She asked curiously, blinking several times.

Vanilluxe sighed as she opened her eyes, nodding at Budew. "I shall, but it's quite long, and a little tear jerking." She sighed as she began telling her plight. "Snowpoint City was the whitest place in all of Sinnoh. With continuous snow and plenty of ice, it was a cold lover's paradise. All the ice types you could ever hope to find lived and thrived there, and it was just a great place." She closed her eyes as she continued. "We had an ancient temple that was home to the legendary Regigigas. Everything seemed to be all right, but then… an army of fire types lead by a nasty old Houndoom raided the city, and it struck the temple. Regigigas awoke to help fight off the fire types, but not even his might could stop those devils from burning everything." Her right side began sniffling as she continued to recall the tale. "All of us ice types were left without a home. Many of us, myself include, stayed and tried to fight back, but the fire types were too strong…"

Budew was left in awe as she listened to the estranged tale as Vanilluxe was finishing up her lengthy explanation.

"Now, most of us have split apart, heading all over Sinnoh to find ourselves a new home. But with plenty of fire types working under this Houndoom, it costed death… I'm one of the lucky few to survive." She then opened her eyes on her left side as she eyed Budew. "So as you can see, I need a little help in fighting back against these flame creeps. You think you're willing to go all over Sinnoh to help me and plenty of other ice types in need?"

Budew thought of it as she turned around, closing her eyes. "Hmm, I don't know… I really don't trust you ice types, being a grass type myself… but…" She shook her head as she murmured. "Those fire types are nasty, and it would be satisfying to beat them… more importantly, I'll finally be able to have a grand adventure…" She turned around, opening her eyes as she smiled, facing Vanilluxe. "All right, I've decided: I'll come with you!"

"Oh, thank you!" Vanilluxe exclaimed with glee as she collided with Budew, in an attempt to hug her. Budew pulled herself away, shaking her head at Vanilluxe. "Whoa, let's not get hasty here. I'm doing this because I want to go adventuring, not because I want to be buddy buddies with you!"

Vanilluxe winked with her left face as her right face giggled. "Oh, you'll change your tune soon enough!" Her left face then giggled in unison with her right face.

Budew sighed as she shook her head. Oh, was it going to be a long adventure.

Later that morning, the same trio of Budew looked around in the garden, shocked to not find Budew there. They approached a snoozing Parasect, who woke up from his slumber.

"Hey, Mister Parasect! Have you seen Budew anywhere?" Budew A asked, tilting her head.

The Parasect yawned loudly as he shook his head. "I'm afraid not, girls. I've been sleeping since sunset."

Budew B gasped as he shook his head. "Impossible! There's no way Budew could have just left, right?"

Budew C scoffed as she rolled her eyes. "Oh please. It's Budew, she can't have gone that far beyond Canalave City."

Oh, but how wrong were the trio, as Budew was adventuring eastward to the rest of Sinnoh, heading into Canalave City on foot with Vanilluxe, who floated behind her. This time, Budew would actually leave Canalave City, and take her first step into a larger world.