Chapter seventeen

Kingsley and one of his aurors came back to the group around Harry and his mother. 'He's outside and said he's not leaving and will get his wife back the moment she leaves the safety of the charm.'

'Can't he be arrested for what he's done?' Ron asked.

'First, if you are willing to testify about what he did to you during those detentions Harry, and show the memories, not all, enough to satisfy the court, he will be found guilty. But if we can get more evidence, then he could end up getting sent away for life which is what he deserves.'

'I was explaining to Harry about the memories I was able to retrieve from Lily. It shows Severus lying to Lily, how he knew Harry and James would be dead soon, how he let Lily think he never had time to save them when he did.'

'That will help Minerva, but Mrs. Potter, sorry I can't call you by your official name.'

'I'm divorcing him as soon as I can, but I want him locked up for allowing my son to be murdered. James and I knew the risk and knew we could die, but we wanted to give Harry a chance to survive.'

'Then if you also testify about what he said and did, then all that should be enough to get him sent to Azkaban for life. But Harry I'm saying this now, normally you are not a violent person, we know it came down to Voldemort. You need to keep it together when you see him.'

'That won't be a problem now I know the whole story and my mother is away from him and more importantly, she wants nothing to do with him. The man that is the reason behind my father dying, for me almost dying and why Voldemort turned up here in the first place.'

'What do you mean the reason?' Lily asked looking confused.

'The night the prophecy was made, Trelawney was telling Dumbledore, Snape was outside the door listening,' Harry said.

'I saw him and got Snape out of my pub, he only heard the first part.' Aberforth explained.

'He went and told Voldemort what he had heard, which sent him after me. He had Dumbledore convinced that he never thought Voldemort would think it meant me, and begged Dumbledore to keep you safe, then the three of us safe. I saw that memory, Snape's own memory of that. So you see, it was his fault that Voldemort knew that a prophecy had been made about him and me in the first place.'

'Albus told James and I about the prophecy, that was when you were three months old, but said nothing about Severus.'

'Albus truly believed Severus was sorry, he came back to our side, played spy for Albus. He was a better actor than we all knew, even Albus who is good at reading people never suspected anything.'

'Then I want to make sure he's locked up for life. But where am I to go until he is locked up, I have no money, nowhere to live?'

'You'll live here, in your home,' Harry said still staring at his mother, 'I can get Hermione to buy you some clothes until he goes to Azkaban.'

'Of course I will, all you have to tell me is your size and what style you like.'

'Anything but black,' Lily looked down at the black dress she had on, 'He only let me wear black, like him.'

'Then it will be bright colours from now on,' Harry gave her a genuine smile.

'I'll go get my aurors to arrest him and he will be locked up until the trial. So you lot, go enjoy yourselves.' Kingsley grinned then walked off with his auror.

'Now come on Lily, you look like you could use some food,' Molly put her arm around Lily and let her over to the table.

'Thanks Professor,' Harry said then shocked everyone when he hugged her, 'I think you saved my mother's life but you also gave us a chance to get to know each other.'

'After everything Harry, you two deserve to be together. Now don't make me start crying or I will hex you.'

Harry and all his friends laughed softly, but Harry let her go and kissed her cheek again surprising everyone.

'You are a wonderful caring woman Minerva McGonagall.'

Minerva smiled then touched Harry's face, 'Get to know each other,' she walked away, over to join Molly and Lily.

Harry sighed then turned, 'I think everything is going to be okay. So come on Charlie, blasted marry me already will you?'

Charlie laughed loudly, picked Harry up and made sure his legs were wrapped around his waist before kissing him passionately.

'You've got it Potter, let's get married, then we can see about having some kids, how's that sound?'

'You've got it Weasley and think of this Ron,' Harry looked over his shoulder at his friend who was looking away, 'We get to be brothers.'

'That's true and when Granger here decides I'm good enough for her to marry, she will be your sister.'

'You're too good for me Weasley,' Hermione smiled.

'The golden trio will be officially a family,' Neville grinned.

'All of us are already family Neville, we have been for years and will be forever,' Luna said, 'Isn't that right Harry?'

'Exactly right Luna, now let's get back to our party, it's time to celebrate.'

The group of friends, Harry still in Charlie's arms all ended up dancing to the music. Molly, Minerva and Lily stood watching them, but Lily never took her eyes off Harry.

'He does seem to be a very nice young man, he doesn't even seem to behave like his father though. I'm not sure if you knew how James was, I loved him dearly, but he did like his jokes and pranks, especially when he was with Sirius.'

'Yes, we know. Sirius explained it to Harry, we were sitting there listening to the stories. At the time I thought it was wrong of Sirius to tell Harry those types of stories. I admit I tried to protect him, a little too much sometimes. But that must have been the only time Harry refused to listen to me. He loved Sirius and wasn't going to let anyone come between them. But Harry isn't like that, he's a very serious young man, I suppose with what he had to put up with through his life, that's understandable. But you've got time now Lily, time to get to know the real Harry and he is nothing like what Snape told you. If he was really my son, I would be a very proud mother and I'm sure you will feel that way once you see that for yourself.'

Lily smiled at Molly Weasley and just listening to the woman who had been part of Harry's life for so many years, Lily could tell she cared very much for Harry. So she now knew she was hearing and seeing the truth about her boy, something she has wanted to see for seventeen years, to get to know her son.

The end: