Will was awoken to an owl cooing in his window. He knew instantly who it was as soon as he saw it. After all, everyone else uses phones now or the spiderweb, he thought to himself. He grabbed the letter and handed the owl a sickle. It hooted and flew away. Will read the letter to himself silently, to William Smithlin Hunt

332 Old Way Rd

Hunt, TN

From Dean Nathaniel Proctor of The Salem Academy of Magic.

Will ran down the stairs yelling, "Mom! Dad! It's here! My letter it's here!"

He got to them finally as they were eating breakfast and blurted out, "Mom, Dad, myletterisherefinally!"

"Son, speak with words," his father said with a chuckle.

Will's father, Timothy, was much like his son, in appearance and personality. They were both tall and slim with red hair and blue eyes. They were also light hearted and loving towards others. Will's mother, Christine, was a short slim lady that looked about ten years younger than she was. She is very beautiful and as kind as she was beautiful.

"My letter from Salem came in Dad!" Will said in a mocking tone.

"Congratulations, William," his mother said as she gave him a kiss on the forhead.

"Thanks, Ma," Will replied.

"So you're starting high school, son. Are you excited?" His dad asked.

"Of course, there's so much we have to do," Will said as he stood up and began pacing, "I need a wand, books, uniform, cauldron, new broom, tr-"

"To read your letter," his mother interrupted.

"Ohhh, yeah!" Will hollered as he ripped the top off of his letter.

He began to read aloud, "Dear William Smithlin Hunt, We are pleased to inform you of your admittance to The Salem Academy of Magic. There have been some changes of the rules this year. We have removed the uniform requirement. You should reply before or by July 20th. We will be pleased to see you this Fall, Yours Sincerely, Dean Nathaniel Proctor."

"No uniforms? I bet you're happy, son," his father joked, incredulously.

"When should we take him to Salem to get his supplies?" Christine asked Tim.

"Well, we can take him today," he replied, "What do you think?"

Will looked expectantly between his mother and father. "Sure, why not?" Will heard his mom say. He leapt for joy and ran upstairs for a shower.