Will woke up after the tiresome night and saw an owl perched outside his window. He recognized it as Balthazar, his father's owl. He took the letter and opened it.

Dear William,

I'm going to be unable to contact you for the next month. I trust that Dean Proctor told you of the Hathorne in the area. One wizard (or witch) from each town with a portal has been tasked with searching for this man. I recently traveled to the West searching for him. I nearly caught him, but he incited a riot and fled. I'm going to be traveling around Salem for a while. I'm going to warn you, trust no one that you haven't met before you got to Salem. We suspect that there may be another Hathorne in the area. Possibly, the school.

I love you,


Remember to look to the West.

Will contemplated who he could tell about this. He could only think of one, Natalie. He snuck out of the room to keep from waking Rob. Will waited outside the girls dorm for about thirty minutes until Natalie came out. "What'd you need, Will?" She asked with a yawn.

"I got a letter from my dad," Will said lowly. In a harsh whisper, "It's about the Hathorne's."

"I got one too, Will. I got it yesterday, my mom said that it was best not to bring it up with anyone, but she gave me a list of people I can talk to about it," Natalie said as she took Will's hand. "You're on there."

Will gave her a kiss on the cheek, and said, "You're on mine, too. Who else is on your list?"

"Richard Jameson, Sarah Franklin, Tyrese Tubbs, and Katie Beckett. I know Katie and Sarah, but that's it. Do you know anyone else on the list?"

"Tyrese is the seeker on the team with me. I've never heard of Richard though," Will replied. He thought to himself, I know someone who would know though. "Nat, I'm gonna be back in about thirty minutes." She kissed him right before he left.

Will rushed back to the boys dorm hall and went to Nathan's room. He banged on the door and was surprised when Nathan tapped him on the back. "Looking for someone?" Nathan said mockingly

"I need you to introduce me to Richard Jameson," Will asked quietly.

"Well, I would introduce you. He was in my potions class-"

Will interrupted, "What do you mean was?"

"He was rather dull, he mixed up his acid with his glass of water. Ate him from the inside out, he's still alive, though. Just in the hospital," Nathan laughed a little bit as if he told a funny joke.

"Thanks, Nathan," Will said as he was about to leave.

"There anything you wanna talk about, Hunt," Nathan asked with a knowing look on his face.

"Yeah, I guess, man. I got a letter from my dad today about the Hathorne's," Will said in a low tone. He handed the letter to Nathan, who skimmed it really quickly.

"You shouldn't tell anyone about this, Will," Nathan looked over his shoulders before saying, "Don't trust anyone. There's something big going on. Keep your head low and watch your step." Nathan scurried off quickly. Will ran back over to Natalie and told her about Richard.