Ferro Riscaldato (Heated Iron)

Summary: Here's what's what: Immortal gangsters means immortal gang wars. The people who never die are dropping like flies. The Government always has something to do with it. Things are never peaceful in New York. Full list of warnings inside.

FULL WARNINGS: This is an AU, in which all of the characters, unless explicitly noted, are immortal. Warning for heavy smut, and yaoi.

PAIRINGS: Main LuckDallas, LaddHuey, GrahamShaft, MaizaSylvie, and the rest are canon pairs (FiroEnnis, IsaacMiria, etc.)

Ferro Riscaldato, 1933-1934 Arc (Once Upon A Time In New York City)

Here's what's what: They inherited this fight from their parents. Ladd Russo is out for blood. Luck Gandor is invited to a party. Eve Genoard doesn't find anything peculiar, at all, really.

The Box that arrives for Luck Gandor isn't Really a Box at all

1933 (March)

Luck Gandor

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" Luck murmured as he slid into his desk chair, noticing the box on the desk top.

"It came in this mornin' addressed ta' you," Firo, who'd trailed in behind him, answered. "There wasn't a return address on it, though. Completely anonymous..." He smiled at Luck. "So who do ya' think it's from?"

"Probably not from Dallas," he replied as he took out his pocketknife, slicing open the top of the box to open it. "For one thing, he never sends packages. And he's probably too busy with family affairs to send anything." Luck's eyes took on a different glean as he spoke of his fiance, a smile threatening to tug at his lips.

When he finally opened the box, Luck peered inside cautiously. He could see a small gleam of light reflecting off of something shiny, and a flash of recognition passed through him as he lifted the object out of the box.

"It's my gun," he murmured, running a hand along the barrel of his handgun. "The one I lost last week when we hit the Russo's gambling parlor." Luck reached into the box and pulled out the second item inside of it, a paper that had been sitting under the gun. "...the bastard wrote me a letter."

"Are you sayin' Ladd sent you that letta'?" Firo asked, moving to peer over Luck's shoulder to attempt to read it. "Why?"

"Let's find out." Luck went silent as he read the letter.

Dear Mr. Gandor, (It sounded too polite to Luck, and this bothered him greatly.)

So you got my package? Good! If for some reason the person reading this isn't Mr. Gandor, then it may be in your best interest to drop this letter now.

Anyway, if this is Mr. Gandor, I just think it would be fair for you to know that you sure are a cocky bastard! In fact, I almost envy guys like you who are stupid enough to attack me so far into my own territory. I figured that I could at least be nice enough to return your gun to you. Before I beat your ass, of course. Maybe you might be able to defend yourself this time!

-Ladd Russo

Luck just let out a soft, troubled sigh as he let the paper fall onto the desk. "When do you think he'll show up?"

"You're just gonna let him come?" Firo asked, his eyes growing wide. "Luck, ya' know ya' don't stand a chance! Tha' only man in this gang tha's capable of beatin' Ladd is Claire. Ya' know that, don't ya'?" His voice was almost desperate now, and Luck smiled as he rose out of his chair.

"I know. There's no use running though, is there? He'll come, and he'll beat me, probably kill me a couple times, and he'll be done. Just like before." Luck had walked over to the door, his hand resting on the handle. "Besides, Dallas is coming back in tonight. Do you want to come pick him up with me?"

Firo stared at Luck in disbelief, then shook his head, a grin appearing on his lips. "Yeah, alright. I guess since there's no way ta' change your mind...ya' gonna tell Dallas about this?"

"Why wouldn't I?" Luck asked in reply, opening the door. He let Firo out first, then followed him out and shut the door.

"Well...I mean...ya' know how he is," Firo stated as they walked down the hallway and down the stairs.

"I know. He won't be happy. He never is."

The two both let out echoing rings of laughter in agreement as they walked out of the front door.

Ladd Russo

"Ladd..." Huey ran his fingers through Ladd's soft, curled blonde hair as the other kissed his way down Huey's stomach, teeth scraping against his soft, pale skin. His breath hitched and he stifled a groan as Ladd unbuttoned the buttons on his pants and pulled down the zipper, pulling off his pants and tossing them over the side of his bed, where he'd previously thrown their jackets and shirts. Huey let out a breathy hiss in anticipation of what was to come, and Ladd's grip on his waist tightened slightly as his lips drew ever closer to the bulge in Huey's underwear. Even when they were only touching and kissing, it was enough to get him hard.

Just as Ladd was hooking his fingers around the waistband of Huey's underwear, there was a knock at the door, and a low growl rose in his throat. What could possibly be important enough to interrupt him at a time like this?

"You'd better go get that," Huey sighed, leaning up as Ladd stood. "Besides, we'll have time to finish later." A small grin flashed across Ladd's face as he leaned over, kissing Huey roughly once more before he walked over to the door, opening it and looking down.

Standing in the hallway outside of the door was Graham, his eyes gleaming like he had something exciting to say. A lot of the times when he got that look, Ladd didn't know whether to be happy or slightly afraid. "He got the package, boss." He shifted from one foot to the other excitedly, and Ladd let out a breathy noise that Graham didn't realize was a laugh until he thought about it later.

"Oh really?" The grin on Ladd's face widened. "We'll get going later, alright? Get your stuff." Graham's face took on the expression of a child who'd just been told they were going out to get a toy they'd wanted for years. He nodded excitedly and took off down the hallway. Once he did, Ladd chuckled a bit, then shut the door and locked it behind him.

"Who was that?" Huey asked as Ladd slid into bed, positioning himself so that he could straddle Huey's hips comfortably. The raven-haired Frenchman let out a breathy sigh as Ladd leaned over, his lips brushing the sensitive skin on his lower jaw.

"Don't worry about it." They'd both forget about the incident soon. Huey shivered as Ladd pressed his hips harder against the other's, moving up and kissing Huey roughly again, his hands wandering down his sides, then reached with his hand (that was still made of flesh and not forged with metal) between Huey's legs.

"Don't tease me," Huey hissed, and Ladd laughed as he rubbed him through the cloth. Moving down, Ladd pulled Huey's underwear around his ankles, letting him kick them off, and then pushing them off the bed.

Now, Ladd let himself focus less on teasing his love and more on pleasuring him, giving him what he wanted. Ladd took the head of Huey's cock in his mouth, and the other man gasped as he did, his fingers tangling in Ladd's hair again. His reaction egged him on, and Ladd let him push in as far as he could without choking. Huey groaned loudly, his breathing growing shallower and faster as Ladd hummed in the back of his throat, sending vibrations up Huey's spine. It didn't take long before Huey curled his toes and arched his back, letting out a cry as he came.

Huey lied there, panting softly as Ladd swallowed and released him, wiping off his mouth with the back of his hand. The blonde crawled back up to let his head rest on Huey's chest, his fingers rubbing gently circles on Huey's stomach. "So we just gonna lay here and sleep 'till I go out tonight?" Huey hummed slightly in though, still stroking Ladd's hair thoughtfully.

"Depends. I don't mind fucking if that's what you had planned." The obscenity was foreign on Huey's tongue, and hearing it in his soft accent almost made both of them laugh.

"Do you want me to?" Ladd murmured. He shifted a little so that he could look into Huey's eyes. They were gleaming with excitement, and Huey's answer was simple.


That was all the motivation Ladd needed, and his slight sleepiness and placidity vanished as he leaned up. Reaching over to the bedside table, Ladd opened up the drawer, pulling out a bottle of lubricant, then shut the drawer when he was done. Huey felt himself nearly going insane as he heard Ladd unbuckle his belt, then pulling down his pants and underwear swiftly, tossing them off the side of the bed. Ladd took time to carefully coat his fingers in the lubricant, then capped it and pushed the bottle out of the way. Ladd leaned against Huey, pushing his legs up so that his heels were braced against the mattress, resting one hand on his knee; the smaller man knew what was coming, and his breath hitched as he felt Ladd's fingers, slick and wet rubbing at his opening.

"You ready?" Huey nodded, and Ladd pushed one finger in, feeling Huey tighten up around him before relaxing. No matter how many times they did this, it was always a bit awkward and uncomfortable. He spread his legs a bit though, trying to make it easier for the both of them, and Ladd smiled. Once he was relaxed and Ladd was sure he wouldn't pull away, he pushed in a second finger, Huey hissing slightly with the pain of being stretched. He went on, adding two more before he pulled out, moving up so he'd have more room to work with. Balancing all of his weight onto his left arm, Ladd grinned down at Huey, who looked at him with lidded, lustful eyes. His right hand now rested on Huey's hip, and his hard cock pressed up against his leg.

"Go ahead." Huey's voice was strained from anticipation, and Ladd could tell that he was getting tired of waiting. "Do it. Fuck me." His impatient demands made Ladd chuckle, and the blonde shifted, pushed right into him, sliding in with ease, the back of his hips pressing up against Huey's thighs. And damn, it was just like before, just like he remembered, and Ladd groaned into Huey's shoulder as he rocked back and forth, still holding on to his hip like that. It was slow at first, and Ladd let Huey tell him when he wanted it faster, harder. Soon they were at an even, equal pace, and only the sounds of their panting and groaning filled the air, with the occasional wooden squeal from the bed.

It didn't take long for Huey to feel it first, that tightening in his stomach, heat building up inside of him. He felt his body go rigid and his muscles tighten around Ladd as he came, a choked cry coming from his throat. Ladd didn't last much longer after that, either, thrusting in deep once more, cursing softly as he came, then resting beside Huey in a post-climatic stupor, slightly dazed and very happy. He flung on arm across Huey's stomach, watching his chest rise and fall as he lied there, eyes half-closed with content. They were still both sweaty and sticky, but Ladd pulled Huey close, letting the raven-haired man cuddle close to his chest, resting a hand on the metal portion of his left arm.

"So are you leaving now?" Huey barely murmured.

"Nah. Not unless you want me to." Huey's grip on Ladd's arm tightened. "I don't have to leave 'till tonight."

"Mm." Huey closed his eyes, smiling. "Je t'aime." Ladd ran a hand through through Huey's silky black locks in response.

"Je t'aime."

Luck Gandor

Luck checked his watch again quickly, trying to make sure that Firo didn't see him glance at him for the twentieth time since they'd arrived at the train station. 7:30. It should be arriving any moment now. His head turned as he heard Firo snicker, and he knew instinctively that his hopes of covering up his anxiety and excitement had been crushed.

"Come on, Firo, you'd do the same if it was Ennis." Luck pointed out, and Firo shrugged.

"I know I would, but it's funny ta' see you do it. There aren't a lotta' people who'd think you're that kinda' guy." He adjusted his hat a little, propping his feet up on the table that they were currently situated at. They had a good view of all of the incoming trains, so they'd be able to see when the train from New Jersey to New York came in, the one that Dallas was currently riding on. The corners of Luck's mouth turned up into a smile, and he rested his chin in the palm of his hand as he stirred his lukewarm coffee with the other hand.

"The kind of guy who gets excited for his fiance to come home? I was under the impression that most men were like that." Firo could tell by Luck's voice that he was only half-serious, but before he could say anything, a train pulled up and a loud voice announced its arrival. This was the one they'd been waiting for, and Luck didn't waste any time getting to his feet. Firo had been around Luck long enough to know that whatever conversation they had previously was over now, and he followed the man as he made his way down the stairs and towards the platform.

When Luck finally saw Dallas, his expression brightened a bit, but he still kept his normal polite smile on his face until the man was in his arms, letting his chin rest on Luck's shoulder as they embraced. He looked tired, and Luck knew why. He'd been away for the past two weeks straightening out family business back in New Jersey, and whenever he had to do that, it was never an easy ordeal. He'd called almost every night to rant and complain about it, and Luck didn't see any use in stopping him. It was better than him getting so pissed off that he ended up screwing things up.

"'S good to be home," Dallas finally sighed when he pulled away from Luck, but he kept him at arm's length, one of his hands reaching down to grip Luck's. Their fingers laced together, and Luck pressed the tip of his nose against Dallas's, a full smile appearing on his face for once. If it had been any two normal men doing this in such a public place, they'd be met with scorn, no doubt, but this was Luck Gandor, and many people knew what he was capable of, so they tended not to bother him about his relationship choices.

"It's good to have you back." Luck tilted his head down a bit more and pressed his lips to Dallas's, kissing him for the first time in too long, and when he pulled back, Dallas followed a bit, not wanting to break the kiss but knowing that he had to.

"Hey turtledoves, we've got somewhere we gotta get to," Firo called from where he stood some ways back, one hand resting playfully on his hip. "Remember?" He waved a paper around in his hand, and Luck sighed heavily. That was right, they had a party to attend to. It was unfortunate, considering that Luck was looking forward to spending time with his fiance, but they really didn't have any choice. It was kind of a "getting-acquainted" party with their newest partners in crime, the Acerbi family, a relatively new crime family that had gained power quite quickly. It was Keith who had first noticed their potential, and after sending Claire in to do some "research", Luck decided that it would be wise to make friends of them, and not enemies. They certainly had a lot of those these days.

"Go somewhere? I just got home, I'm tired," Dallas complained, pressing his free hand to his temple and rubbing his head. He then reached down to take the handle of the luggage, but Luck took it for him, squeezing the hand that he held.

"I got it." Luck was suddenly reminded of Ladd's letter, and as the two of them left the station, he sighed gently. "Greetings aside, there's probably something I should tell you."

"That doesn't sound good," Dallas muttered, and Luck blinked. He had gotten quite good at reading him, even though Luck rarely showed any kind of emotion besides politely respectful or his usual deadpan. He supposed that it was different with Dallas though, since he was close to Luck on a different platform than anyone else, kind of like how Claire was with Chane. "What happened?"

"Oh, just the usual..." He murmured, and Firo interjected;

"Pissed off Ladd Russo."

Dallas gave a loud groan, and Luck shot a heated glare at Firo, who just shrugged innocently.

"Is there anything else you'd like to tell me?" He asked, and Luck shook his head. "Good, 'cause as soon as we get home, I'm gonna thrash you silly with the first thing I get my hands on."

Luckily for the youngest Gandor, the first thing that Dallas happened to find was a newspaper.

Later on, at a certain party...

Luck sighed heavily with boredom as he leaned against the chair that he was sitting in, his arm curled around the top of the empty chair next to him, watching as his fiance seemingly effortlessly made himself known and ran about. He was a natural at parties, even if he didn't particularly want to go. Luck figured that it must have been partially due to him being so well-off when he was younger. From what he knew about Dallas's childhood, they'd had a lot of these parties, and he'd learned how to show himself off at a young age.

As he was sitting, Luck's breath hitched when he felt an iron grip on his shoulder. Luck knew these hands all too well, and before he said anything, the Mafiosi sighed, not turning to look. "Ladd."

"Luck." The blonde laughed, a frighteningly cruel laugh, and he was practically dragged into the back room, where Ladd pressed him up against the wall, his hand gripping his throat with almost surprising force. At least, it would have been surprising, if Luck had never been strangled by him before. "It's real nice to see you again. I'll try not to mess up your fancy suit, it'd be shame if you had to explain that you had the Ladd Russo after you." His grip tightened, and the bones in the other's neck let out a sickening crack, and only then did the blonde's grip relax. It didn't take long before the bones fused back together and Luck regained consciousness, looking up at Ladd as though he expected something more.

"Are you finished?" He asked, rubbing at his neck even though it didn't hurt anymore. The sensation of Ladd's hand was still there, and the bigger man just laughed.

"Yeah, I'd better get outta here anyway. I got the feeling that I'm not welcome here." There was the sound of footsteps approaching, and before he could say anything else, the man had disappeared out of the room, and he was left sitting there as Dallas's cobalt blue eyes glared at him from the doorway.

"I know what happened, idiot, but it's over so get out of there. We ain't finished yet." He then left, and Luck sighed as he got back on his feet.

The things that were to ensue after today were going to make Luck wish that his only problems were parties he didn't want to attend and Ladd Russo breaking his neck.

Eve Genoard, a few hours after the party

It was almost three o'clock when Luck and Dallas finally return. Eve wasn't present when they first came home, she was busy driving out some bothersome thugs from the northern border, but she was now. She had been situated on the couch when they came to the apartment that she, Luck, his brothers (excluding Claire), and Dallas shared. Dallas was obviously quite inebriated, and Luck himself wasn't completely sober, but he dragged the giggling and stumbling man upstairs before he could mess up anything downstairs. On one hand, Eve was relieved, but on the other she was also annoyed. She had missed her brother too, after all, and it wasn't like she'd had any more contact with him than Luck had over the past few weeks. He always insisted that she didn't come with him when he went to sort out family problems, telling her that he could handle it himself since he was technically the heir, but it always bothered Eve that he did everything on his own.

"Dallas," she sighed, shaking her head slightly as she went back to reading her book. It was because of her brother that she'd gotten involved with the Gandors in the first place. He'd ran off and joined them way back in 1931. It seemed so long ago, but in truth it was only two years. To be honest, Eve was finding it difficult to remember where she'd been two years ago, what had happened, all of the events that had been before she joined the family herself. She didn't find any of it peculiar though, or strange, belonging to a crime family. In all technicality, she had belonged to one even before she joined the Gandors, even though her family didn't do much of the whole "territory" and blazing-gun thing that they did. She didn't expect to get so used to it, but now, the feeling of a gun in her hands was the same as holding her Bible.

After Luck and Dallas had gotten engaged, she kind of stopped caring about trying to be any kind of "normal", and now she figured that was a good thing. When you stop trying to define normal, you don't find anything out of the norm. You don't find anything peculiar.

Despite the noise that ensued upstairs, Eve fell asleep peacefully on the couch with her book placed nonchalantly over her eyes.

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