Here's what's what: The Gandors celebrate a small victory against their enemies. The government is becoming anxious. Time is ticking for the immortals. Against all odds, the families stand their ground against the coming forces.

Many Months Later the War Continues On

September, 1933

Luck Gandor

It had been four months since the ordeal with the police and the Runoratas had started. The attacks hadn't stopped, and if anything, they'd only gotten more vicious and more bold. For the first time since he became immortal, Luck feared for not only his safety, but his family's as well. Surprisingly, Isaac and Miria's "spy" work gave them some good information about the Runorata's plans and their involvement with the police. Armed with this new information, they were able to avoid or counter most of their attacks, but Luck was still uneasy. He continued to remember the eavesdropped phone call, and although Dallas insisted that he'd be fine on his own, Luck kept an annoyingly close watch on him.

Tonight, however, the Gandors were busy celebrating pushing the Runoratas back out into the northern border, as far away from the center of the Gandor territory as they could. It was Claire who'd decided to celebrate, and Luck didn't bother to try and stop him. It wouldn't matter anyway.

"C'mon, Lucky, just one more glass," Claire teased as he poured himself another helping of an expensive red wine that Luck was rather fond of. The rims of his eyes were tinted red, and although Claire held his alcohol quite well, Luck had no doubt that he'd get quite drunk tonight. Luck had no plans of doing any of that, so he simply turned up his nose.

"No, I've had enough."

"Aww, you're no fun! You know what they say, Luck, you'll never build up a tolerance for something if you never go a little overboard~"

"It's not about tolerance," Luck muttered, looking down at his hands. Even in his immortal state, Luck's health was a thin vase, easily shattered. Too much alcohol made him sick for days, and the last thing he needed was to be sick. "I think I'd rather just turn in." In truth, Luck was rather uncomfortable with the whole party atmosphere and, at the moment, would have much preferred to be in bed with Dallas who'd gone up an hour earlier when the whiskey ran out.

"And leave the party? Lucky," Claire whined, tugging playfully at his brother's shirt. From where she sat beside him, Chane shot a withering glare at him.

'You shouldn't tease him like that,' she scolded. 'Besides, he probably wants to spend time with Dallas.'

"Alright, alright," Claire sighed in defeat. Luck had no idea what Chane had said, but he was grateful for it. The iron vice that was Claire's grip relaxed, and Luck started to go up the stairs.

"Try not to mess the place up too much, okay?" Luck asked, and Claire laughed in reply. Knowing that the place would be ripped to shreds by morning, Luck just sighed as he trudged up the stairs and pushed open the door to his bedroom.

"What took you so long?" Dallas asked, peering at Luck from where he lied on the bed. His voice trembled a bit, a sign that he was a bit drunk, and Luck could only manage to stare at him. There he lied on the bed, wearing only his button-down undershirt that reached halfway down his thighs with the way he was resting. "I've been waitin' here for like an hour. I figured you'd be up sooner."

Luck grinned as he slid into bed, positioning himself so that he was leaning over Dallas, both hands placed on opposite sides of his body. One hand reached down and traced the wrinkles in the fabric of Dallas's shirt, playing aimlessly with the buttons. "You didn't tell me you had anything planned."

"Yeah, that's 'cause I didn't have anything planned until after I already got up here."

"I think the whiskey's getting to your head," Luck remarked, moving his hand up to run his fingers through Dallas's hair. He leaned down, pressing the tip of his nose against Dallas's, and the other man smiled back.

"Shut up," he answered playfully, leaning up and kissing Luck roughly. A low groan came from Luck, muffled against Dallas's lips as Dallas wrapped his arms around Luck's shoulders, pulling him down so that he was closer to him. He then shifted slightly, unbuttoning the front of Luck's vest and pushing it down off his shoulders. Luck didn't try to stop him, only moved a little so that he could fling it off the side of the bed. His tie and undershirt suffered the same fate, until only his pants and Dallas's shirt kept them from being completely bare.

Luck's fingers came to Dallas's ivory buttons again, and the other moaned softly as he started to unbutton his shirt. "You don't mind, do you?" He asked, and Dallas smirked.

"No, as long as I get to do this." Then Dallas's hands were at Luck's belt, and Luck's fingers faltered a bit. Damn him, damn him for the way he knew how to excite Luck with just his fingertips. He felt the constricting pressure of the belt loosen, and Dallas pulled it from Luck's waist, tossing it off the side of the bed. All the while, Luck continued to unbutton the shirt, only stopping to shift his hips to help Dallas pull his pants down as well.

When they were both finally rid of their clothes, Luck pushed up close against Dallas, pressing his lips close to Dallas's jawline, biting down just below his ear. It wasn't a hard bite, just enough so Dallas could feel it, could tell that Luck was doing it. Dallas groaned a bit, thrusted his hips up into Luck's, and he took that as a sign that he wanted more. Luck caught his skin in his teeth again, sucking until it tasted sharp in his mouth while his hand wandered between his legs. Luck's fingers gently traced the soft skin on Dallas's inner thighs, touching lightly in every place except where he needed it. His legs trembled with want, and Dallas wasn't one for begging, but this waiting was driving him insane and Luck knew it.

"Luck," Dallas murmured, his body tensing and relaxing at the smallest of Luck's touches. Luck's fingers finally brushed against him, against his cock, and Dallas gasped, finding himself spreading his legs a bit.

"You need this, don't you?" Luck asked, voice low and husky. "You need this bad."

"Yeah, I've missed you," Dallas murmured, voice understandably strained. "I've missed this." He gasped again as Luck's fingers curled around his cock, stroking him like that. "Goddammit..."

"It hasn't been that long," Luck laughed, moving his hand just a bit faster. "Just a few weeks."

"Too long," Dallas retorted, before he grabbed the back of Luck's head and pushed it down so he could kiss him. Their lips pressed together hard, and Luck's teeth scraped Dallas's lip. Dallas wanted it like this, though, wanted it to be rough and hard, and Luck knew it. His hand moved faster, harder, rougher, and Dallas moaned and writhed and cursed against Luck until he came. Only then did he relax, falling against the pillows and looking at Luck with the eyes of a satisfied she-cat.

"Is that it?" Luck asked as he pulled his hand back, wiping the sticky mess onto the sheets.

"I dunno," Dallas purred, and the shifty-eyed look that he gave him made heat flare up in the bottom of Luck's stomach. "Did you want to fuck?"

"I was planning to."

"Then go ahead." Dallas grinned up at Luck, and it took all of Luck's self-control not to fuck him right there. He managed to reach over to the bedside table and pull the bottle of lubricant from the drawer. Once he'd thoroughly coated his fingers, Luck pulled up close to Dallas again, resting his chin on Dallas's shoulder as he wrapped one arm around Luck's back.

"You ready?" Luck murmured, though he didn't know why. If Dallas didn't want him to, he would have said it, but Dallas nodded in response to Luck. With his conformation, Luck pushed one finger into him. Dallas let out another throaty moan, arching his back slightly. His body had gotten used to this, and he didn't flinch as Luck stretched him. When he pulled out, Dallas tensed with anticipation, his muscles tightening under Luck's grip. Luck shifted a bit, lining himself up, and when he pushed in it was easy, smooth, natural.

Dallas moaned, arching his back again as his toes curled. He thrust his hips up, forcing Luck in deeper with the motion. It didn't take long for their paces to match and even out, and any awkwardness or virginal hesitations had vanished. They went like that, steady and even, until Luck thrust in deep and Dallas let out a cry.

"There," he gasped, his fingernails digging into Luck's shoulders involuntarily. "Right there, do it again." It was more of an order than a question, but Luck was more than happy to oblige. He thrust in again, harder, rougher, and Dallas cried out again, his body tightening around Luck. It didn't take much more to push him over the edge, and he cursed as he came, the words mixing together to form unintelligible mutter. Luck didn't last much longer himself before he came as well, then pulled out and curled up beside Dallas. His fiance cuddled closer to him, wrapping his arms around Luck, all but purring in content at this point.

"Now wasn't that better than some stupid party?" Dallas grinned, and Luck pressed his forehead against Dallas's.

"Yeah," he murmured, a smile making its way across his face as he pulled Dallas closer. He knew that the probability of he and Dallas having much more time alone like this was small.

Senator Barium

For four months now, the immortals had managed to outwit and outfight the attempts both the government and the Runoratas launched to defeat them. As the days drew by, Barium was becoming more anxious and more desperate. If there wasn't any progress soon, he knew that his allies would become discouraged. If his allies became discouraged, Barium had no doubts that things would get ugly for him very quickly.

With this in mind, he devised a plan of action. While the Russos were less restricted in terms of violence and warfare than the Gandors, they were also smaller. Barium would focus the police force on them. In the meantime, he'd use his remaining resources to focus on tearing at the Gandors. Bartolo had already managed to fight off the Runoratas, if they had to focus on two war fronts, Barium knew that it would be much harder for them to stay afloat.

Now, his new plan bubbling in his head, Barium rose from his place on the couch and left the room. He had many calls to make.

Ladd Russo

"Uh, Boss? You got someone here to see you..."

Ladd looked up from where he'd been lying on his bed, lazily studying the bumps and nicks on his favorite shotgun. Shaft stood in the doorway, worry apparent on his face. Shaft usually wore an expression of worry or unease, but this was a bit different. Sitting up, Ladd swung his legs over the side of the bed.

"Who is it?"

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

When he came into the living room, Ladd stopped in his tracks. Standing there in the middle of the room was Luck Gandor, his golden eyes peering deeply into Ladd's. The blonde bristled visibly.

"Ah, I see. Come to attack us while we're weak, eh?" Ladd jeered, his eyes blazing with fury that remained unspoken. "Of course, that's nothin' I wouldn't expect from a Gandor fox like you."

"And an incorrect conclusion is nothing I wouldn't expect from someone like you," Luck retorted, and Ladd stiffened. "I came to propose an armistice."

"An armistice?" Ladd raised one eyebrow as he mulled over Luck's words, shoving one hand into his pocket. "Why?"

"Like you don't know." There was a long, heavy silence between them, and Luck sighed." We don't have time to fight with each other. If we do, we won't last. We'll have to stand our ground separately." Ladd's jaw tightened, and Luck shifted uncomfortably.

"Alright," Ladd murmured, looking away from the Gandor. "But as soon as this is over, we go back to fightin' each other. And I'll kill you."

"I look forward to that."

With those words, Luck turned on his heel and left, the quiet shutting of the door announcing his leave.