"It has been two weeks since that skier ran me over, the last I saw of him was him being eaten my one of the yetis. I was seen by a passing rescue chopper that was looking for missing people, I wasn't the only one he hit."

"Although it has been two weeks, it feels like it has been two years since I hit the slopes. I have been here up at 'pwf r5h' mountain resort under medical care. I felt like a waste of time."

"nobody here can tell me that it is safe to ski and to be honest I'm not so sure myself, I still remeber that skier, albiet not that innocent of a skier but still a skier, getting eaten by that hideous yeti."

"I remember the nurse's face when I left the medical room, she herself had lost someone on the slopes, she lost her son, who was also run over by a skier who by coincidence also happened to be eaten by a yeti, I feel like this is the last time I get to ski, they say nobody ever reaches he bottom, but I will attemp this. Nobody can stop me."

"If anybody is reading this, I want you all to know, if I do make to the bottom of the slopes there shall be another note tied to a rock. If not, you can figure the rest out, signed: Ted Y. Murdoc"