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Chapter 1

His pale slender fingers gently worked the ice, the temperature masking his own. Using his nail to sculpt the last few details, he let out a deep breathe to blow all the ice shavings away. Then he leaned back, stretched his arms behind his head and smiled as he looked at his completed work. All he would have to do now is set the glass above the base, and send it to get painted.

He stood up, and went over to his other desk, and picked up the glass covering he had made for his, now, latest snow globe. He walked back over to his desk, giving his ice sculpture one last look over, making sure it was just as he wanted it, before placing the glass on top, and setting it firmly in place.

The two giraffes were craning their necks to make a heart, while the trees and little birds around them created a fun atmosphere. Everything was so detailed it looked as though he had placed two real tiny giraffes and froze them in ice, the other animals and trees had the same effect. Then on the back of one of the trees he marked in his signature snowflake and a J.F.

J.F. stood for Jack Frost, it was his "business" name, if you could call it a business. Working from the campus' glass blowing room, with permission of course, and creating sculptures in his below freezing dorm room was hardly a business. However, the name had come from some fellow classmates who saw him sculpting a snow man that looked surprisingly like a real parrot. They all walked by and commented saying, "Wow you're a regular Jack Frost." Playing on his first name, it worked really well.

Ice sculpting was another different situation entirely, and it was something Jack was proud of, he liked to create different things, and knew that even modestly, he was pretty good.

However, he wasn't getting an art degree, even though he was declared undecided, he knew that it wasn't what he wanted. He loved making snow globes, and it comforted him to touch and sculpt the ice, but that was all he wanted to do with art, he didn't want to go through painting and pastels, all the works. So he was undecided.

Carefully, Jack placed the snow globe into bubble wrap, and placed an address onto the top of the box.

"E. Aster Bunnymund

22 Cottontail Drive

New Falls, Pennsylvania 19367"

Jack pushed his messy white hair out of his face, looked down at his watch, and panicked.

"Oh shit! I have a dentist appointment today!" He had been so wrapped up in his work he had five minutes to get to the post office and to the dentist who was a ten minute walk.

"I'll get to the post office after." He thought, as he pushed on his sneakers and his dark blue hoodie, and ran out the door, grabbing his package and keys as he did.

"I'm going to die at an early age thanks to all this stress," he said to no one in particular as he raced out the door, to the edge of campus, and into town.

Jack felt his phone vibrate in his pocket, he knew immediately who it was. He reached into his pocket and flipped open his phone.

"Yes, Pippa?" he asked sourly, continuing to run.

"Hey! You better be on your way to the dentist's office!" his little sister nagged in his ear.

"I am! I am!"

"Running late?" she said in a mocking tone, and Jack could see her smirk perfectly in his head. This caused him to smile.

"Me? Late? Never." He said sweetly, and Pippa laughed.

"Well, whatever, just make sure you schedule your next appointment when you are done, and not for a time when you are home!"

"Yeah, Yeah, whatever you say Pippa!"

Pippa let out a fake HUMPH! And Jack again found himself smiling and laughing at his ridiculous little sister, who was so similar to himself.

"Alright call and let me know how it goes! I love you, Jack!"

"Will do, love ya too sis, Bye!" He hung up, placed his phone in his pocket.

He could see the dentist's office, and he raced towards the sign that read:

"Tooth Fairy Dentistry

Dr. Toothina White"

Jack had always wondered about her name, but never thought it polite to ask, so he just assumed she had weird parents. As he entered the office, a group of young children were playing with the mini train station in the waiting room.

One of the little girls saw Jack walk in, and her eyes got wide with excitement.

"JACK! JACK! JACK!" she screamed, and jumped up and down. "UP! UP! UP!" she ordered. Jack smiled, shifted his box under his arm, and picked her up, "Haha Sophie, you are as crazy as ever I see?" Sophie giggled, and hugged Jack, nuzzling her head into his shoulder, her messy blonde hair getting in Jack's face.

"Oh, Jack!" said Mrs. Bennett who had looked up from a magazine when she heard her daughter screaming. "Haha, Sophie is as attached as ever to you!" She said with a nostalgic grin.

"Haha, well, yeah, she is a great kid, and one of my best little buds!" He said and he gave Sophie a little tickle, causing her to kick and giggle. Jack laughed and placed her back on the ground, and she went back to the train station to play with the other kids.

Jack checked in and then Mrs. Bennett and Jack sat down, "So, how goes school?" Mrs. Bennett asked.

"Fine. I am doing well, still undecided though, and that is something I need to figure out or my mom will kill me." Jack chuckled at his own joke along with Mrs. Bennett.

"And what about your snow-globe business? How is that?"

"It's going well, just finished one order, so that is good." He said holding up his box.

"Good for you, I am glad! Hey, I know you are busy, but is there any chance you can babysit the Saturday two weeks from now, I would need you all day."

Jack smiled, let me check, and he pulled out his cell phone, flipped it open and checked his calendar. "That works fine! I am free that day!" Jack programmed Babysit Bennetts.

"Oh perfect! Jamie will be so excited to see you too!"

"How is Jamie?"

"He is doing very well, keeps making up all these stories though, about different magical creatures," She then looked around and leaned in whispering. "And he still believes in all those childhood myths, like the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny."

Jack laughed, "I am sure he is going to be a writer someday." laughed as well.

"Jack Overland?" Jack turned to see an assistant looking around the room, looking for him.

"Here!" he said getting up and holding onto his package, he turned around and waved to Mrs. Bennett, then followed the assistant to the back.

"Well, I will let Tooth know you are here, she will be so excited to look at your teeth!" said the assistant with a wink, as Jack sat down in the reclined chair and placed his package on the side of the seat. Not a minute after the assistant walked out of sight did Dr. Tooth come running into view.

"JACK!" She smiled, but how most people greet you with a hug or handshake, Tooth wasted no time, and opened Jack's mouth. "GAH! They are so white, they look like snow they glisten so much! Jack you are the best!" She jumped for glee as she grabbed the necessary tools, and started examining his mouth more closely. However, she found nothing wrong with his teeth, not a thing, and she squeaked in joy as each tooth looked perfect. When she was done checking she let out a sigh.

"Keep doing whatever you are doing, Jack, because as your dentist it makes me very happy to see such strong and healthy teeth!" Tooth gushed.

"Thanks, will do!" Jack replied, picking up his package.

Tooth popped up next to him, "Ohhhh, what is that?" she asked excitedly.

"Oh, another order, I need to send the base to get painted."

"Oh my goodness, a snow globe! I do love the one you made for me!" She said, pointing to the one sitting on the shelf. Inside there was an ice carving of a little tooth fairy, next to a sleeping child, the wooden base was a bunch of carvings of smaller fairies and teeth, painted in bright colors.

"I'm glad!" Jack said.

Tooth looked at the address on the box, then looked at Jack quizzically. "You aren't mailing that are you?"

"Yeah…that is what I do everytime?"

"WHAT?! WHY?!" Tooth screamed, seriously shocked.

Jack jumped back a little, "I need them to get painted and so far this guy, Aster, has done a great job for me!"

"I KNOW ASTER! HE IS ONE OF MY VERY BEST FRIENDS!" Tooth squealed. Jack's eyes widened. "Small world" he thought.

"Really?" Jack asked, and Tooth nodded. "He lives about five blocks down from here! Why would you mail it? It is just as easy to walk there and you don't have to waste your hard-earned money!" Tooth stated as though Jack had done something ridiculous. Tooth grabbed a piece of paper and drew a little map for Jack to follow. "It really is pretty much a straight shot, it is a tiny little place, so careful not to miss it!"

"WOW! Thanks Tooth!" Jack said, smiling. "Well, then I am going to go deliver this, thanks again!"

"Of course! Bye Jack! Don't forget to floss!" Tooth waved, and then hustled back to her other patients.

Jack left the office, being sure to give Sophie one last hug, and a wave to Mrs. Bennett before leaving, and then turned out the office in the direction Tooth's map took him. The furthest Jack had ever gone was to Tooth's office, not really seeing a point, or having time, to venture elsewhere. As Jack walked along, he took notice of all the Pizza shops, resturants and stores he passed, that he never knew about. The town was a lot bigger than he thought, and he felt like he entered a whole different place.

Jack was too busy looking up at a crazy Pizza Shop sign with a giant waving stereotypical Italian man mechanic, when he crashed into someone, knocking him and his box over.

"Ouch. Sorry about that." Jack said aloud, and looked up to see who he had run into.

A tall, tan, and well-built man stood in front of him. "Oi, you better be ya lil bugger." Said the man in a thick Australian accent. Without an apology or trying to offer Jack a hand, the Australian man turned with a scoff and walked away. Jack was seriously pissed. He stood up, brushed the dirt from his pants, grabbed his package and raced after the man.

"Hey!" Jack yelled at him as he got closer, but the man didn't even flinch.

"Hey! I am talking to you!" Jack raced in front of the man, and stretched out his arms to try and block his way or make him stop. The man just smirked and let out a smug chuckle, as he easily pushed Jack's arm aside. This only agitated Jack more, and he didn't realize until the man had turned around with an angry expression, that Jack had throw a snowball right at the back of the tan man's head.

"Oi! What the hell do ya think yer doin ya bloke? I'll make ya eat sidewalk ya little bugger." He stormed back towards Jack, his fist held in the air, as if he really was going to strike, and jack I immediately regretted his decision. Jack didn't want it to show though, so he simply glared at the approaching man, and egged him on, "Really? Gonna hit me? Bring it tough guy!" Jack was prepared for the pain that would follow, and when he found the other man winding up, his fear got the better of him and he winced.

But nothing connected to his face, instead he heard a maniacal laugh.

"Yer one stupid ankle-biter." The man said, and Jack opened his eyes to see the man laughing at him. "Awe shut up!" Jack said as he walked past the man, purposely banging shoulders with him, but Jack was sure that caused him a great deal of pain than the other man, and he walked off to his destination.

Crunch. Crunch. Crunch. Could be heard behind Jack, at first he ignored it, but as he got further from the heart of town he still heard the footsteps. Jack peeked over his shoulder to see the tan Australian following him.

"Stop following me!" Jack yelled over his shoulder.

The Australian shrugged, "Don't flatter yerself, mate, I am headin this way too it just so happens."

Jack clenched his package tighter to his chest, and just kept walking on, and when he got to Cottontail Drive, and made a left, Jack peeked over his shoulder again to see the man walking behind him. Jack was a little afraid of what would happen, there were people around, but not much if this guy decided to jump Jack. Jack walked a little quicker, now facing forward and keeping an eye out for Aster's shop.

Jack felt himself calm down as he saw the little sign hanging that read "E. Aster Bunnymund's Arts" Jack turned to knock on the door, when he saw a "CLOSED: Out to Lunch" sign hanging in the window.

Jack felt a shadow loom over him, and he cautiously turned around, the big Australian standing there. Jack gulped as the man reached forward, and again Jack felt his eyes shut tight.


Jack opened his eyes when he felt the man brush past him, and turn the knob.

Jack stood frozen in the doorway, as the man kicked a door holder into place, and then looked at Jack.

"What do you want?" he asked annoyed.

"Wait…how do you have a key to this shop?"

The Australian gave him a puzzled look. "This is my shop. I am E. Aster Bunnymund."

Jack's mouth fell open, "You're Aster?"

Aster turned around, "You aren't my friend, you don't get to call me that, heaven forbid you need to address me I am Mr. Bunnymund you little snot."

Jack was appalled, this was the man who had painted all of his snow globes so beautifully? The guy who was friends with such a sweetheart like Dr. Toothina? Jack couldn't believe it. He looked at his package, now debating whether he really wanted to hand it over to this asshole, based on his new discovery.

Jack was too deep into his inner turmoil that when Aster spoke next it startled him. "You gonna block the doorway? Or ya have some business with me?" Aster was now standing behind a wooden desk, with a cash register placed on it.

Jack stepped inside the shop, and took a look around. The whole place was covered in different paintings of different sceneries, moments, monuments, and images. Jack actually let out a breath of awe at the beauty of the different paintings. Then his eyes fell upon a picture of a snowy scene. As Jack got closer he saw the image was of a frozen lake, surrounded by a forest of trees, with snow gently falling from the sky. The painting almost looked like something taken by a camera.

"Didn't take you for an art buff, you seem too dimwitted." Jack jumped a little as he heard Aster's voice right behind him. Jack turned around, and gave a smirk, "I can appreciate the arts, even the attempts at the arts." He said smugly as he nodded his head towards Aster's collection. This obviously set something off in the giant man, as he looked like he was going to rip Jack apart.

"Listen here ya bloody little shit. I've won many awards, sold many paintings, and do other projects, I work which is more than a wanker like yourself could ever say." Jack was getting angrier, and he got right into Mr. Bunnymund's face, "Well, Kangaroo," the name making Aster twitch, "here is some more work for you." Jack slammed the box into Aster's chest. Aster wasn't expecting this, and was caught off guard, as he looked down at his name and mailing address listed on the top of the box.

Aster glared at Jack and walked over and went behind the counter again, and pulled out a box knife, gently removing the lid of the box. Aster unwrapped everything inside, and his eyes got wide in recognition. He looked at Jack and then at the snowglobe, back and forth several times. His eyes then narrowed.

"You're Jack Frost?" he said in a tone of disbelief.

Jack's smile was even more smug and wider, as he crossed his arms and gave Aster a nod. Aster seemed highly irritated, knowing that Jack wasn't some great artist.

Aster walked back over to Jack, and got really close, and towered over him. Jack was a little afraid but he didn't show it, instead he looked right back up at the giant man. Aster squinted his eyes more, and Jack hardened his glare.

"Pick it up Thursday." Jack was surprised, as Aster turned and set the snowglobe back in the box for protection.

"What?" Jack asked stupidly.

"Well, you need me to paint it right? That is why you are here? So pick it up Thursday, you decided not to send me a return box, and I am too busy to come to wherever you are, so come pick it up, Thursday, I open at 8:00 a.m. and close at 8:00 p.m. Come then." Jack wanted to protest, the anger rising again, but Aster grabbed the box, and went behind some doors, Jack thought he heard the man climbing some stairs. Jack clenched his fists and yelled after Aster, "FINE, THRUSDAY KANGAROO!"

With that he stormed out the door, into the snowy sidewalk, and headed back to his dorm.