A/N: Happy Birthday Sireny! Sorry that I couldn't given you a better present, I mean your present for my birthday was AMAZING. But here I am giving you a crappy Grand Chase version of Fate/Zero. Oh god, I feel so bad. I am not worth for you papa ;-; Your seke son as failed you. I am a shame ;-;. I apologize for not being as pro as my uke mama as well ;A;

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I don't own the Fate series or the Grand Chase Character.

For those that know the Fate Series, this is basically a Grand Chase version. I refuse to do Fate/Stay Night because Zero is much more better. I am just saying. This will not be a story, it will be just random chapter from different scenes in the anime. But then again, I will have to see.

The Holy grail
The famous holy cup that has his holiness's blood

Many search for this cup, many desires the power of the grail.
It can grant you anything they said,

Many failed in finding the Grail, but three family of Magicians manage to find it with the divine help of their servants.
Three Family
Three different wishes
But the Grail only grants one wish.

The war and struggle for the holy grail is created.

Seven Master each with a goal in mind
Seven Servant that are spirits of famous folklore and myths

The fourth Holy Grail war

Starts Now.