Written for the Party Challenge, Truth option 1. Enjoy!

"Luna, I need to talk to you!" Neville shouted amongst the chaos. The Battle had just ended, and everyone was all over the place. Some people were laughing, while others were crying. It was just a mess.

He knew he needed to grieve, to figure out what exactly had happened with everyone, but there was one thing he had to do first.

He found her sitting in a pile of rubble. Looking around, he saw she was alone. "Luna?" He said gently.

She remained silent. Her eyes barely blinked. "Luna?" He prodded once more.

After a moment, she turned her head so her gaze met his. "Neville," she said softly. Her voice sounded strange, as if it had lost it's magical touch.

"May I join you?" He said, sending her a small smile.

Luna patted the piece of stone next to her. Neville took it as his cue and sat down. She remained quiet, lost in her thoughts.

Neville took a deep breath. He was going to tell her. He needed to tell her. "Luna?" He said, taking a deep breath.

Her wide eyes locked with his, patiently waiting for him to say what he needed too.

Feeling bold, Neville reached out and grabbed her hands. Holding them in his own, he smiled. They were small and soft, fitting perfectly in his.

"Luna, I have a confession to make. I love you. I'm in love with you! I have been since my fifth year, but was too cowardly to do anything about it. I know the timing isn't ideal, but I just couldn't wait any longer. I needed you to know how I felt about you…. That I'm crazy for you Luna." He finished softly, waiting for her reaction.

She smiled at him. "Took you long enough," she said, reaching forward and grabbing his face. She kissed him with a fierceness he didn't know she possessed, her tongue battling his for dominance. His hands tangled themselves in her hair while hers gripped his cardigan.

He closed his eyes, savoring the feeling. Luna tasted sweet, like bubblegum and spice. Her soft plump lips brushing against his, sending chills down his spine.

Neville moaned, pulling her closer. She was sunshine, and finally his.

The War was over, and now he had finally found the courage to confess his affections to the girl he loved. In the fact of his mind though, he suspected she already knew.

But still, this kiss was unlike anything he could have imagined.

Eventually, the kiss ended. Both of them stayed quiet, each panting softly.

Neville looked into her blue eyes and smiled. "I love you Luna."

She smiled back. "Neville, the Nargles are near your ears."

Neville chuckled, simply pulling her in for another kiss.