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Diary Entry One: 21st of Jan

Um, hi. I've never used a diary before. How exactly are you supposed to use one? I guess I'll start with something about me.

My name is Harry, I'm ten-years-old. I live in a nice neighborhood, in a nice house. Well, the cupboard I sleep in isn't so nice, even though I shouldn't complain. The cupboard under the stairs is small, dark and despite what I do, it's always dirty.

I live with my cousin Dudley, my aunt Petunia...and my "uncle" Vernon. Dudley is always mean to me, no matter what I do! It's not fair. One time, when I was watering aunt Petunia's garden, Dudley came up behind me and pushed me into a rose bush that was full of thorns! Aunt Petunia was furious that I had crushed her roses and screamed at me while Dudley laughed. She said I was a 'stupid and pathetic boy' and 'a waste of her time'. I don't see how I'm a waste of her time, I'm the one doing all of the washing and cleaning and such. Wouldn't that be saving time?

Aunt Petunia is really tall and skinny. Sometimes she reminds me of a scarecrow! Shhh, don't tell her I said that! Hehehe... She likes to yell at me a lot, but most of the time it's my fault. Like when I accidentally burnt Dudley's toast. She yelled 'You don't care about anything!' and 'Stupid, selfish boy!'. Why doesn't she try cooking scrambled eggs, bacon, making fresh orange juice, cooking pancakes and making toast all at the same time with a half hour time limit! It can't be done! So I always get in trouble for making them wait for their breakfast. They should really go on a diet, both Dudley and Uncle Vernon are really big.

Uncle Vernon is...scary. Most of the time he's just grumpy around me, at least. I find it best to keep out of his line of sight, that way he won't realise I'm there. But when he does he's always criticising me or telling me how much money I waste. I don't really understand that, I always get Dudley's hand-me downs and I don't even eat much. The only thing that they had to go out of their way to buy me were my glasses, and they break all the time. But I'm still glad I have them.

Uncle Vernon is very hands on when it comes to punishments. This is basically what they are:

Burn food: Cuff on the back of the head

Late food: Shoved into the wall

Late cleaning: Smack on the arm, usually

Do my chores wrong: Slap

Something 'freakish': Beating

Whenever Uncle Vernon is angry and I'm around: Bad beating

Of course they usually lock me in my cupboard, for practically anything too. They'll lock me in there for weeks if they can, without feeding me for as long as possible. When I am fed, the food is always minimal and probably moldy. But I'll still stuff down my throat. I'm always starving when they do that, I'd even eat a slug! It's kinda sad, the similarities between me and an animal.

There is also that one other punishment that I'm not sure why I get it. That punishment is by far the worse out of everything. It makes me feel sick, like I want to throw up and wash myself. I hate it, and that's why Uncle Vernon terrifies me. I don't think the other's know about it, he only does it when no one else is around. He told me never to tell anyone about it, or else he could make it worse. That scares me, how could he make that worse!? Ugh, I don't want to know.

Oh, I have really bad news! Aunt Marge is coming in two weeks. She'll be staying with us for one whole week! And she's bringing her dog Ripper! I am not looking forward to that, Aunt Marge hates me almost as much as Uncle Vernon. That, and her dog is evil. It tried to eat me! I was tending to the garden when she was staying over once, and he just came out of no where and started chasing me

Uh oh, my relatives are coming back! I have to go, bye...It would be nice if diaries could write back. They'd know everything, it would be nice to have a friend that close...