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Helo Im hary Im a loosur and I smell lik poo. I lik too eat cats and I am verry meen to my AWSOM cusin Dudley.

Im verry dum and I dunno how too spel and every 1 hates me. I caled my AWSOM cusin stoopid and fat and ugly and idiot and poo and bum hole.

I am always be-eng meen at skool and i hav no frends.

Onss I was so dum that I fell ovur and broke my face and evry1 laffed at me. And onss I made a misstake and triied to blame it on my AWSOM cuson Dudley and I made my teacher really really mad and she yelled at me. I got rilly upset and I started crying lik a big baby and I threw a tantrom in the midle of class. They thought it was funny and laffed so I tried got angy and triied to kick Dudley. But Dudley was too big and strong and AWSOM and he threw me down and he 1. The teacher was very impressd and gave Dudley a medel and said he could have the day off. I had to stay for the hole week and clean the toylets.

Because I am so dum and ugly no one will ever like me but that doesn't matter because I have imaginary frends anyway.

One time I was being stoopid and dum and I threw up when I was on the stage at school. I threw up on our principle and then our teacher and then all our other teachers.

Once I was rilly mean to Dudley and then he beet me up because I hit him and so he made me say sory. I was crying and lying on the ground begging for him to forgive me. Now I have to do what eva he says because I am a WIMP!

Now I'm going to go be dum.

Diary Entry Five, 31st Feb

Oh no! No! No! No! No! Dudley found my diary! I'm dead, I'm dead, I'm dead! He's going to tell Uncle Vernon for sure! I can't believe he went through My cupboard! Or, well, maybe I can believe it. But seriously, who goes through someone's things like that.

And to write all of those pathetic lies about me? If you can even call it writing. That idiot can barely spell, let alone come up with any type of believable lie. I swear I'm going to get him back for this! Maybe I will wrap empty boxes for his birthday? For every single one! Ugh, what am I going to do? Worse, what is Uncle Vernon going to do?

I wonder if Dudley will tell him immediately? Maybe I'll have a couple of hours before he tells him? Maybe not even that.

I should try to sleep now, maybe things will be better in the morning?

Diary Entry Six, 10th Mar

Dudley didn't tell Uncle Vernon! Well, not yet. I had been hiding in my cupboard for as long as I possibly could, but this morning I was forced to show my face as I made them breakfast. I almost dropped a plate when Uncle Vernon came in! I was sure that he was going to beat me! But he didn't do anything. In fact, he seemed to actually be in a good mood. This only made me more suspicious.

The only thing he said to me was 'Hurry up with the coffee, boy.' He didn't even shout it. I was so confused, Dudley must of noticed that because he started snickering. He didn't say anything, he just smirked at me all the way through breakfast. This, of course, freaked me out even more!

I soon found out what was going on when Dudley cornered me in the lounge room as I was doing my chores. He was using my diary to blackmail me into being his slave. How creative. To be honest, though, I didn't even think Dudley was smart enough to come up with something so painfully obvious. Though, no matter how unoriginal it was, it still worked. Now I have to do everything!

Dudley used to rarely hand in his homework, and if he did, it was usually done by some poor kid that he had bullied into doing it for him.

Dudley used to have to carry a bag around school. Now I have to do that. Seriously, how lazy can you get?

Yesterday, he made me go up to everyone around us, including the teachers, and say 'I have mental problems.' Seriously, how childish can you get? What made it worse was that half of them believed me...

Over the past week, he's locked me out side of the house, made me lure younger kids behind the school block so they could bully them, embarrass myself completely and he has gotten me into trouble with my relatives five times!

I'm getting sick of this. Ugh...I really don't like my relatives.


While Harry slept, troubled dreams plaguing him, there came another soft glow from the diary. A cold, nasty voice, much colder than it was thei first time, spoke;

"A hate your relatives."

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