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Note: Everyone is between the ages of 16 and 17.

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Chapter One: The Diary

By Enchanted Pink Jade



Meimi sighed. It was another regular day, it seemed to Meimi, as she walked to school. Wake up, go to school, go home, do homework and chores. She did the same thing every single day, and millions of others were doing the same. So, yeah, it was a pretty normal life for her. As normal as you can get for a virtuous thief, because at night, she transforms into the thief of hearts, Saint Tail. Rights the wrongs and triumphs over evil doers. It's one of the things that sets her apart from everyone else.

She has almost everything any girl could want in life. She had a loving mother and father, a cute little pet that goes by the name of Ruby, and good friends at school. She lived in a nice and comfy home, in a secure neighborhood, and the town was great. However, she just couldn't help but feel as if there was still something missing in her life. It just left a void inside her, one that cannot be seen. She wanted to fill that hole in, but didn't know where to begin. More often than not, that empty feeling left her miserable and unhappy.

Asuka... I wish that he would just open his eyes. I'm right in front of him, and he still can't see me. All he sees is someone who's annoying to him. Not the real me. He's sees me as Saint Tail, and chases after her, but not me. Never me. Asuka Jr., when will you ever see?

She sighed again and looked down at the small diary in her hand. It was nothing fancy, only a solid light pink color with simple flower designs and blank pages inside. She saw it at a store one day, and thought that it was pretty, so she bought it. But she didn't know what to do with it. Oh well, Meimi thought. Maybe I'll write something in it during class today...


After school

Asuka was down in the dumps. He just had another fight THAT girl. I can't believe this... All I said was if she wanted to help, she'd have to be strong and smart, I wasn't implying that she was dumb and weak. She's far from that... Why is it that we always end up fighting? I just don't get her. Why is this so God Damn important to me? She doesn't mean anything to me, and yet, I get these really weird feelings when I'm around her.

He sat down on a nearby bench and sighed wearily. It's not like I have a crush on her or anything. He glanced around and saw no one. The street was practically deserted. When he looked to his right, he saw what looked like a pink journal. He picked it up and examined it carefully, looking at the small details and admiring the work put into making it. I wonder who would be stupid enough to leave something like this out on a bench. He randomly flipped through the pages, only to find it empty. He then turned over to the front page, and found a

one-sentenced entry.

It read: My life is miserable, and lonely.

On a whim, Asuka took out a pen and wrote something under the first entry. Convinced that no one would pick this up, he placed it under the bench, and walked on home. He'd completely forgotten about it already the moment he left it, and his mind instantly went back to Meimi. Ack! It's her again! Why can't I get her out of my mind? Day in and day out... this couldn't be what it means to be in love... could it?


Night time

Meimi was frantically searching for the diary she had earlier this morning. I know that I had it with me the whole day, and after school. I probably dropped it somewhere along the way home... Meimi thought. She had been looking around for awhile now. It was only 6 PM, but it was already almost pitch black. Only the street lights helped her see. But then again, she's pretty used to the dark now, since she was always hiding in it as Saint Tail.

Meimi moaned quietly. "Why did I have to lose it?" Meimi said under her breath. This is insane, Meimi thought. She knew that if someone found it, it wouldn't be much trouble because she didn't write anything that would indicate that it was hers. And yet, here she was, out in the night and looking for it. She just wanted it back.

She sighed and wearily sat down on a bench. This was getting to be really hopeless. She took off a ring that had 'Best Friends' inscribed on it and played with it in her fingers. It was a ring that Seira had bought for her. Ironically, Meimi had gotten her the same thing.

A noise startled her, causing the ring to drop. She went down on all fours and searched for the ring. When she found it, she noticed something else that was right beside it, but it was half hidden from view. She reached for it and brought it out.

"Oh! It was here all along. No wonder I couldn't find it. It was practically hidden..." Since she had finally found what she was looking for, she started her trek home. It's a good thing that there weren't any lost lambs tonight. I need the rest.

Arriving home, she went straight to her room. She sat down on her bed and sighed. Her pet, Ruby, came and greeted her with happiness at seeing her master again.

"Hello Ruby. I found my diary," she said. She held it out for Ruby to inspect. Ruby looked at it with the utmost interest, then turned away. Meimi giggled at her pet's antics. I guess I'll just finish what I was writing earlier in class, she thought.

She sat at her desk and took a pen out. She opened the book and was about to begin writing when she saw that someone had already picked up where she left off. Someone must've found it, and wrote something in it... But the person only wrote one word in it.

It said: Why?

That's all it had said. Why is my life so miserable, Meimi asked herself. God, out of all the questions, this person asks me why.... Well, I guess I'll answer it.

So for the next few minutes or so, Meimi took her time in answering the ever so simple question, that had a very complicated answer. When she was content with what she had wrote, she put the book back into her bag and went to sleep.


Next day

Meimi ran, knowing that she was going to be late, but before she got to school, she put the book back where she had found it last night. She wanted to see if the same person would pick it up, and answer back again.

"Good morning Meimi! You just barely made it!" her best friend greeted her.

"Ohayo, Seira. I just had to do something this morning, that's all." Meimi took her seat and her friends gathered round to talk, as usual.

"What was it that you had to do, huh Meimi?" Ryoko said.

Kyoko then gasped. "Meimi, it couldn't be that you were meeting up with a boyfriend that we didn't know about, were you?"

"Eek! Is he cute? Does he give you gifts? Is it Asuka Jr.?" Ryoko wanted to know.

"W-what are you guys talking about? I wasn't meeting up with anyone!"

"And yet you're blushing, Meimi," Seira said covertly. "But we all know that it couldn't have been Asuka Jr. He was one of the first people here, and Meimi was almost late." Meimi gave her supposedly best friend a death-glare. And if looks could kill....

"Yeah, you're right. Damn! But I bet you were wishing that it was him, right Meimi?"

"Look, guys. Quit pestering her about it already," Asuka said. He came to their group and confronted them. "And stop talking about me as if I wasn't here. And besides, why would Meimi be meeting someone so early in the morning like that. I thought that-"

"Well you thought wrong!" Meimi cut in, standing up and slamming her hands on the desk.

"You didn't even let me finish!"

"Well, what were you going to say then, hmm?"

"That is enough! Detention for you both after school! Now sit down, class is in session," said the teacher.


On his way home....

Asuka grumbled to himself. He'd just finished serving his detention with Meimi. Why can't that girl ever learn to keep her mouth shut? I just don't know what to do about her...

Asuka sighed wearily and slowed down his pace little more. What's the use anyways? She probably DID meet someone that morning. With her looks and everything, she could have just about 99% of the male population in our school doing what she wanted. Including me. But that doesn't mean that I'm the one she'd choose, out of all the other guys. I treat her like crap. And everyone else treats her like a princess. I try to say something sensible for once, but when I get near her, I loose all common sense. God... How does she do it? I try so hard to avoid her, but I just can't. She's just... there. No matter what I do. I can't get her out of the way, out of my mind.....

Asuka knew that he'd gone crazy. Sometimes at home, he'd be standing somewhere for about 20 minutes staring at nothing, thinking about her. And when he finally comes back to earth, he'd forgotten what he was going to do. Pathetic. That's what he thought. I mean, Meimi. out of all people, it's her. Why her?

Then he reached the same bench where he had found that one diary that someone had left. Hm.... I wonder if it's still here. So, he got down on all four and looked for it. Just as he had thought, the diary was still there, right where he had left it. He took it and examined it.

When he opened it, his eyes widened in surprise. The person, whoever she was, had written a very long response. I'll just read it at home, he thought.

So he took it home. When he got to his room, he immediately flopped onto his bed and read what the person said:

You ask me why? I don't know exactly why... I just feel it. It's something that you just know, but can't quite explain. I've got everything that anyone could ever want. I have friends, and a family. A good education, a roof over my head, and things to wear, and time to waste. And yet, I'm still not satisfied. I know now that it's something that I want, but can't have. Sounds a little selfish, doesn't it? I don't even know why I'm doing this, writing to you, I mean. I don't even know who you are. And this is something that's really personal, you know? And I think that there's another thing, or more like another person who's making my life so miserable. You see, there's this guy that I really care about, but he couldn't care less about me. I try to be friendly, but it all just gets blown back into my face. But I still try to befriend him. I don't know why.... I think that's another reason why my life is so miserable. He's always treated me badly in some ways, but he can be nice too. I want to hate and love him at the same time. Do you think that that's possible? To have such mixed emotions that way? I care so much about him that it hurts. I know that there are a million other guys out there, it's just him that I want. There's this other guy who's in my class who's crazy about me. I'm not trying to sound conceited or anything. Even my friends agree. But then he's so sweet, he's really nice to me. And I just wished that the other guy would be just like him, in the way he treats me. I don't think that they guy I like really sees me the way I am. I want him to. I want him to see the real me. There are times we would meet, but he wouldn't know that it was me, and... God, this is so confusing. Are you still with me? I hope that I didn't lose you back there. I just can't help getting the feeling that I'm not whole as a person, as if I'm still missing something in my life. Um.... What about you? I think that it's only fair to have you talk about yourself, since I've said this much already. You don't have to tell me anything personal, just general things. How old are you? What do you like to do during you free time? Your favorite color, if you like to read... Stuff like that... and anything else you wanna say about yourself.


Asuka then finished reading what it had said. Wow, this person almost feels the same way I do.

He then got a pen and went to his desk. He started fervently writing back a response to what she had said. When he finished, he ran back downstairs and bolted right out the door. He headed straight for the bench where he'd found the diary earlier.

He made sure that no one was around, or looking his way before he placed it back where it was hidden.

There. I hope that this person picks it up... Oh I don't know. Some of this seems like it's ridiculous. For all I know, I'm writing to a transparent ghost! Oh well. I just want to know what this girl would say next. She must be pretty trusting to say all that. But then again, I don't know who she is, so it probably doesn't matter.....

With that last thought, he headed back home.


Author's Note: Yeah! Another fic! I started another fic. Hehehe. And I'm glad to say that I am very proud of myself. ::grins:: And I really like the idea of writing letters to each other in a diary that way. I got this idea from what me and my friend did some time ago. We always wrote letters to each other, on small pieces of paper. But then one day, we just decided to write in a notebook or something, and pass it back to each other. It was easier this way too, that way, the small letters wouldn't get lost.

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