I don't own or benefit from any of the Torchwood characters used, but I am ever so grateful to those that do.

Setting/Timing: Some time shortly after Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Eludes also to details learned later in Adrift.

Pairings: primarily Janto, but a cute peek into Gwen/Rhys, unrequited Tosh/Owen, and in my universe Tosh and Ianto are actually quite close friends.

Inspiration: This fic has been gnawing at me for a few days now. It started when Michael Buble's version of "I'm Feeling Good" came up on Pandora the other day. Hmmmmm...what other man in a suit would be FANTASTIC with that song? And then when I was bouncing around youtube, feeding my borderline-unhealthy Torchwood/Ianto Jones obsession, I was clicking on some Blue Gillepsie clips to hear Gareth sing. I have no problem with the metal-like stuff but it's not my cup of tea. Then I happened upon their version of "Ain't no Sunshine When she's Gone", OH MY GOD! The songs will come in in later chapters as we do need a little set-up to build to that, but I highly recommend looking up both those songs when you have a moment to fully enjoy this experience.

"So you'll all come then, Yeah?" asked Gwen. "I mean, just because we are all super-secret about our work doesn't mean we can't be seen out together, right? If anyone asks you anything just say that we are 'special ops' and everyone will be quite drunk in no time so no worries!" Gwen was finishing up her pitch about trying to get the team of Torchwood 3 to come to her and Rhys's engagement party at a karaoke bar downtown. She had ambushed them at the end of the morning meeting. Jack agreed that it was probably safe and would be a good way to unwind together since they were all still recovering from John Hart's drop-in a few days before. "I'm alright with going out for drinks but karaoke? Really? I mean c'mon!" complained Owen. "I think it could be fun!" Tosh added optimistically. She wasn't usually the karaoke bar type but anything that could mean hanging out with Owen away from the Hub was a chance she didn't want to pass up. "Ianto you'll come, right?" queried Tosh, looking for some support. Ianto was staring off into space again. That had been happening quite a bit since the Captain's return. "Ianto?" Nothing still. "Ianto! Say yes!" said Tosh with uncharacteristically commanding tone, paired with a swift kick to the suited man's shin under the table. "Yes!" Cried Ianto suddenly, a moment later mouthing the word "Ow!" to Tosh. She batted her eyelashes apologetically and beamed a grateful smile at her friend. Ianto's face dropped as the sounds of the conversation he was mostly tuning out replayed in his head and the realization of what he agreed to hit him.

"Fine but I'm not singing" he dead-panned as he rose and started collecting the coffee cup and biscuit carnage from the meeting. "Me neither" followed Owen quickly. But never being one to miss an opportunity to antagonize the tea-boy, Owen's gears got turning. "But Ianto, I'll make you a deal. If you get up there and sing, I will feed Myfawny for a month." "No deal, Owen. You know that I'm the only one she'll let close enough to her nest to feed her. You'll get frustrated and she'll get upset and I'll be back to feeding her in less than a week." Owen sweetened the deal then "Okay then, I'll feed the weevils for a whole month, and I'll even clean out their cells for one week." Ianto paused. He hated cleaning up after the damn weevils. He also caught out of the corner of his eye how intently Jack was listening for his answer (while pretending to not be) from his place at the end of the table. Ianto turned to Owen and extended his hand "Deal."

Gwen and Tosh practically squealed at the plan coming together. Everyone filtered out to finish up the work for the day so they could meet out later that evening. Ianto was lingering, cleaning up. Jack was still seated and flipping through some files.

"So this should be fun..." Jack started. "Mm-hm" Ianto replied blandly. "So you are planning on going then?" Ianto asked. "I thought you were heading out to the island to check in on your, umm, 'friends'" Ianto said, using air quotes and looking over his shoulder to make sure the others had cleared out. "I am" said Jack, "but I read your report and it seems you made sure things were running there smoothly in my absence, so I doubt I will need to be there too long. Thank you for that, by the way. It's nice to not have to shoulder that secret responsibility on my own. Having a great archivist who doesn't miss a trick has it's perks. All kinds of perks..." his voice trailed off in a less-than-businesslike tone as he sidled up to sit on the table next to where Ianto was finishing up wiping up crumbs. "Besides" said Jack, running his fingers along the outside of Ianto's sleeve "I wouldn't miss hearing you sing for the world."

Ianto trembled slightly, but not slightly enough to go unnoticed, at the heat and sparks from that simple gesture. He and Jack haven't had any time alone, much less time for that date they discussed, in the days following his return. Ianto was still sorting out his feelings about being left so suddenly behind as Jack pursued his "right kind of doctor". Jack didn't want to push too hard but the air between them was clearly charged with questions, desire, and so much more. Ianto pulled back nonchalantly but a hitch in his breath gave him away as he said "Well, see you tonight then!" As he turned Jack did not see the cautious but genuine smile that spread across the younger man's face. Ianto Jones had a secret. Ianto Jones could sing.