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The Sea's Daughter: Sea of Monsters.

Chapter 1: Recovery.

Time waits for no one, she'd known this for years. Though she could deal with that, what annoyed her was when it decided to crawl by.

It seemed like forever before Chiron would allow her out of the Infirmary, and even longer before she could leave to eat with everyone else.

The only thing that kept her sane was Lou Ellen's visits and the surprise visits of the Stoll brothers. At first she'd sworn the two of them were twins, but she'd quickly learned they were a year apart in age.

Travis being the oldest, Connor the younger brother. They just looked near identical.

The first time she'd met them they'd tried to steal her wand – apparently they'd never had many wand users at camp, and those that were, weren't there long enough to attempt the theft of a wand.

They'd hadn't counted on Sesha, who'd wrapped herself around both boys, in a feat even for the large snake. Melinda had turned their hair pink for a week and let them off easy with a warning not to steal from her.

Apparently Sesha was terrifying, and they hadn't attempted anything since. It was actually kind of worrying, the Stoll brothers reminded her a lot of Fred and George.

The world may have ended if the two sets of brothers ever met and conspired with one another – it was sort of painful to think of, seeing as they'd only ever get to meet George (though that was very unlikely).

The first day they'd come to visit was a day or two after she and Percy had woken up the first time, and they'd brought her and Percy bags of candy they'd smuggled into the camp. It was a small gesture, but it was the gesture that counted.

They'd been voted as new co-cabin leaders after Luke's betrayal, something the Hermes cabin was taking the hardest next to Melinda herself – and most likely Annabeth.

Melinda had been receiving letters from the girl since she'd went home over the summer. The daughter of Athena was having a harder time than Melinda understanding why Luke would do this to everyone, and Melinda understood.

Luke was Annabeth's first crush, the person who'd saved her on the streets when she was seven. Him, Thalia and Annabeth had been there own little family.

And then tragedy had struck Thalia, and their family was severed down the middle, like their glue had been stolen from between them.

Annabeth had leaned on Luke since Thalia had become a tree, and his betrayal, Annabeth's first experience with betrayal, had left a long gash that wasn't healing properly.

From her letter, Annabeth was depressed in her own way, and in some form of denial. She believed she could get Luke to see that what he was doing was wrong, and that he could still return to the side of the gods.

Melinda wasn't so sure. She wanted to believe he could be saved, she always had wanted to save everyone according to Hermione, but there was a line.

Luke had crossed that line with his attempt at killing her and Percy, especially Percy. She had forgiven him enough to wish she could save him from the path he'd chosen, but she couldn't bring herself to forgive him for almost killing Percy.

Then there was Poseidon, Melinda wasn't so sure her father would ever forgive the son of Hermes for trying to kill his only two demigod children.

She had decided after Chiron let her out of the infirmary, and wasn't so paranoid about her leaving camp, that she'd make a stop in Virginia, where Annabeth was.

She figured it was time she had a talk with Annabeth alone, and if she couldn't help the girl than she knew Hermione would be glad too.

The two were family after all, even if Annabeth was sort of Hermione's Aunt – the exact relation escaped her at the present time.

Speaking of Sesha though. Her familiar had really let Melinda have it once she'd woken up. The day after she and Percy had told Chiron and the others what happened, her familiar had slithered in from hunting and started hissing.

A lot of the words went over her head, she thought some of it might have been in Ancient Egyptian (if that was even possible for a serpent). She'd never seen Sesha so upset before, nor worried.

Sesha had not been amused, needless to say, and threatened to shackle Melinda into her cabin if she ever did such a stupid thing as let an enemy sneak up behind her again.

As it was, Melinda doubted Sesha was leaving her side, or arm, anytime soon.

On another more positive side note, at least positive for Melinda, Hades had shown up not long after Percy had left camp.

At the time he'd shown up, she was almost completely healed. Though, Chiron was still a bit paranoid about letting her up to long or go back to staying in her cabin.

Apparently she was the first camper to be so horribly maimed in decades, and she had a feeling her father might have threatened Chiron when it came to her healing and health.

But she digressed. It had been sweet of Hades, because he'd brought her a bunch of flowers – a surprise seeing as he wasn't exactly the flowers type of man. She was learning that with Hades you could expect the unexpected, he was a force of unpredictable means.

It was still so surreal to her that she had such a...godly for lack of better term and as cliché as it was (but true since he was a god), boyfriend.

He had stayed for about an hour before leaving, sitting on the side of the bed she laid on, and promising to make Luke bleed as much as he'd made her bleed without dying for all time.

It was sweet, in a morbid sort of way, and though she had still been rather tender when it came to the recent betrayal, she couldn't help but laugh shortly at his words.

It was not long after Percy's birthday, August 18th, that she put her foot down and basically told Chiron she was leaving camp for the rest of the year until summer.

That she had things to do, and a brother to wish happy birthday. Before she'd left, she had visited the creek where Luke had nearly killed her and Percy.

It was there she came to peace about the betrayal. It still hurt, but even after years, all betrayals from her past hurt a little when she thought about them.


She hadn't told Percy the building he now lived in was where she lived as well.

She and Sally had decided to let him find that out on his own, it would have been sooner if not for the fact they'd both been through a near death situation only a few weeks before.

"I'll get the door mom!"

Melinda smiled when she heard this after she'd knocked. She held the late birthday present in her arms. Her brother had thrown her a party for her birthday, she would have felt bad if she hadn't at least gotten him a present.

The problem had been what to get him. She'd been at a lose as to what a thirteen year old boy might want, and she hadn't known Percy longer then a few months.

She'd been in a pet store, looking for some new things for Helios and Sesha when it had occurred to her.

Fish. The fish always had something to say when she walked past, they could all tell a child of the sea king, and she always enjoyed talking to them.

The problem was explaining to Sesha why she couldn't eat the fish she'd bought.

She had chosen the fish not only because she knew Percy would like them and could communicate with them, but because she didn't think Sally would appreciate her buying Percy a dog, cat or snake.

When the door opened, Melinda couldn't help but smirk at the wide eyed, shocked look on Percy's face.

"Mel!" he finally exclaimed. " did you get here?"

She chuckled.

"I walked downstairs," she said. "I live a bit above you guys, didn't Sally tell you?"

Percy gaped at her, and Sally came walking through the hall to where they were, and seemed to be having a hard time keeping a straight face.

"Melinda, come in," Sally said. "Those things must be heavy."

It was then Percy noticed the box in her arms and the single bag around her arm.

"Not really," Melinda said as she entered and sat the box down on the table inside the apartment.

Percy shut the door behind her.

"Feather-light charm," she said, smiling. "It makes heavy things not so heavy. Saved me a lot of problems when I was moving in. the furniture and everything."

Sally nodded.

"That must have been why it was so easy to move the furniture in that weekend."

Melinda nodded, though Percy looked between them confused.

"Huh, what's going on?" Percy asked.

"That weekend I came home, well your mom called and asked me to help her move everything into the new apartment. It just so happened to be here."

Percy nodded and said, "Oh."

Melinda then smiled.

"Happy late birthday, Perce," she said, smiling and handed him the bag which was around her arm.

He took it hesitantly but with some excitement.

"The box on the table is also for you," she said, ignoring Sally's startled look.

She watched with some amusement as Percy pulled out a bag which held three clown fish inside.

"I didn't know what you would like exactly, I've never been very good with gifts," she admitted.

"I was looking for some things for Helios and Sesha when I realized..." She shrugged. "Why not?"

Sesha poked her head up at her name, and looked between her and Percy who held the fish.

::Hmmm, yes why not let me eat them Mistress?:: Sesha inquired and Melinda rolled her eyes.

She didn't know why Sesha would want to eat them, she didn't even like fish that much. Said they tasted weird.

::Not now Sesha,:: she said, though the hissing didn't go unnoticed by Sally or Percy.

Percy grinned.

Sally smiled as well, and seemed relieved.

"At least it's not a puppy," she said, and Melinda chuckled.

Melinda walked over to the box on the table and opened it, pulling out a tank big enough for the three fish.

The next hour was spent filling it with water, and the few aquarium accessories she'd bought and placing the talkative clown fish inside.

Once it was set up in a corner of the living room, where anyone who came over could see it, Melinda, Percy and Sally all sat down to a early dinner (delivered pizza).

"Percy is going to a school not too far from here. Meriwether," Sally said, as she handed Melinda a cup of Cocoa.

Percy already had his cup, and was standing at the fish tank holding a conversation with one of the clown fish.

It was amusing to Melinda who could understand it, but to anyone else other than her and Sally, they'd think he was mental.

"That's good," Melinda said. "I didn't really go to muggle school for long, but from what I remember it was...different."

She didn't really know what else to say, her school years were spent running from her cousin and his gang before Hogwarts, and at Hogwarts she usually had some sort of adventure each year.

She couldn't remember having a quiet year.

After that the conversation was more simple, mostly Sally and her talking about things Percy probably didn't understand completely (if he was listening).

At seven she stood to leave.

"You'll come around later, right? I could use someone to help me train some," Percy said, and Melinda smiled.

"Sure," she said. "I can't this weekend, though. I'll be busy, and visiting Annabeth."

"Annabeth?" Percy questioned. "Is she alright?"

Melinda nodded, pulling her cardigan back on over her black bustier tank top.

"She's fine, she's been sending me letters since she's been back home. Everything with her father seems fine, it''s about Luke," she told him, and she saw Percy's face go through a bunch of different emotions.

She only caught the most obvious, sadness, anger, and concern.

"Oh," he muttered. "Tell her, I said hi."

Melinda smiled and nodded. Then she said goodbye to Sally, gave Percy a quick hug goodbye, much to Percy's slight annoyance, and left to return home.

Time had moved slowly since Luke's betrayal, yet Melinda got the feeling as she arrived home, that things wouldn't stay as calm as they currently were. Not with her luck.