Chapter 1:

I walked out of the bakery that morning the same way I did every year. Today was reaping day. I knew that I couldn't get picked, but there is always that feeling that you get in your gut on a day like this. I still was worried, what if my older brothers got picked, what if my friends got picked. Nobody would volunteer for them. No, this is District 12.

We walked into town square and got checked in. That's when we had to separate and each go to the boys section of our age group. I was 16 at the time. Then they played the same film they do every year explaining the Huger Games, and how it is a battle of honor and pride. To me it just seems like a waste Panem's money, not to say that everyone in the Capitol is filthy rich. I mean they are making teenagers fight to the death for their own entertainment. What does that say about our country?

Then Effie Trinket came up to the microphone, and her high, cheery capitol accent rang in my ears. As always, she went to the Girl's bowl to choose a name. She waved her hand around the large glass bowl until her hand came out with a single slip of paper.

"Primrose Everdeen," she read out.

On the inside I almost died. I knew the name, and quite well actually. I have a crush on her older sister, Katniss Everdeen. That girl is all I ever think about, ever since she came up in music class and when we were little and sang. Her voice was like a symphony of angels, and I had fallen for it ever since. Okay, I admit I have dated other girls since that day, but none of them compare to her. And that's when I saw her.

"I volunteer!" came a scream from behind me and when I turned I saw Katniss, now I had lost her before I even had her. I wouldn't get to see her come home.

The odds of anyone from District 12 winning are insanely small. We only have one victor alive now, and he is an old drunken man.

The rest just happened so fast. I saw Prim scream. Katniss walked on stage. Prim started crying. Gale picked her up and carried her away.

Oh, Gale. I really do not like him. Gale is Katniss's friend, her hunting partner. They spend so much time together, I'm surprised that they aren't an item. But I wouldn't want that, no. Katniss deserves much more than a player like him who will cheat on her after a month.

Everything happened so fast, so many thoughts were racing through my brain, I didn't even hear Effie call my name.

As I walked up onto the stage, nobody called at me, my older brothers didn't volunteer, I didn't get an awkward silence and the "three finger salute" as a symbol of respect. Nothing could compare to what had happened just a minute before. Still, I felt right standing next to her. We shook hands, walked off, and were each put into separate rooms for loved one to come and see us.

It felt like an eternity I had been in there thinking. My odds of surviving were so small, I was just a boy from the bakery. I couldn't wield a sword, fire a bow, catch food, or find water. All I could do was decorate cakes.

That's when I decided that I would protect Katniss at all costs, and knowing the rules of the Hunger Games I knew that I would have to die for her to get back to her mom and Prim. But I didn't care. She was worth it.