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Chapter One: ITS ON!

We find are selves in Konaha, the village hidden in the leaves. It was a nice peaceful day… NOT! A teen is currently walking down the street. He looked pissed. He had blonde spiky hair, bright blue eyes, and was wearing a Kill-Me-Now Orange jumpsuit.

Naruto was not having a good day. He has a month to train for the Final Exam and his sensei, Kakashi, is stuck training the emo with a stick shoved his ass for about a mile, Sasuke.

Don't blame Kakashi though. No, he was blaming the Civilian counsel! They forced him to teach Sasuke! This left him with no sensei. Man, he hated that counsel! Sure, the shinobi side was good, but the civilian side was horrific.

They were out to get him. Why you must ask, because he was the container of the Kyuubi No Yutso! Or in other words, the Nine Tailed Demon Fox. Does he not hate the fox, No! The fox and he get along quite nicely. Would you want to put up with another voice in your head that's that constantly raves in your head? I thought not.

He was thinking of asking the perverted Sage to teach him, but he went against it because he just would peep on girls on the time instead of training him. So he needed to find a sensei quick.

Naruto was brought out of his thoughts when his face rammed into two soft round objects. He quickly backed away and looked. In front of him was woman and now was thinking along the lines

Oh shit!

This woman had long silver hair that reached her lower back. She had light green eyes one a heart shaped face. She wore a black shirt that hugged her body tightly and also had blue and black cape. Had long legs and D cup breast.

To him, she was a goddess! But what really caught his attention was a really long sword (hint hint). Now was thinking not "Oh shit", but "Goodbye cruel world!" Naruto looked at her face and saw amusement in her eyes.

"Sorry Ma'am. I was paying attention." Naruto quickly said to prevent her from castrating him. She looked at him for a second as if analyzing him.

"I would think a ninja would be more aware of your surroundings, hmmm." Her voice was seductive and entrancing. She was definitely a deadly woman.

"Ah yes, I was just lost in thought in the exams." Naruto replied.

"Wouldn't it be more logical to be training the exams?" She asked.

"I would be, but I have no sensei to train me."

"What happen to your sensei? I don't much about this village, but I think they would have sensei for everybody."

"Wait, you're a foreigner?" He was surprised, what would she doing here. He was sure that he would've remembered in the exams, so she wasn't there.

"Yes, but you haven't answered my question!" She said

"He's stuck training a teammate of mine." The woman raised an eyebrow at how much venom he put on the word "teammate."

"So, I'm guessing you don't like this teammate of yours?"

"No, He was treated like royalty in this place and has everything handed to him on a silver platter!"

"Hmm…" The woman looked like she was thinking. "Tell you what. Find me a place to eat, and then I'll consider training you. Sounds like a deal?" Naruto couldn't believe his luck, here was a person who is willing to train him!

Was he excited, is Jiraiya a pervert? HUGE UNDERSTATEMENT!

"Hell yeah! I'll bring you to the best restaurant in the village!"

"Let us go then." She said with a smile. Naruto started to lead her off when something caught his attention.

"What is your name?" Naruto asked

"Isn't it common courtesy to give your name first?" She asked

"Oh right, Sorry" Naruto blushed from embarrassment. "My name is Naruto Uzumaki, Future Hokage! What is yours?" She smiled at him.

"My name is Sephirese."

"Nice to meet you Sephirese!"

"Now bring me to this restaurant you think highly of."

"You got it!" He then again leaded her off into Konaha. As they were walking, Sephirese noticed that the civilians were giving glares to him and muttering comments such as "demon brat, Kyuubi spawn, evil being." She frowned at this and filed it away for later.

She noticed they were walking up to a stand that said "Icharaku's." They walked in and Naruto and Sephirese sat down.

"Hey old man, I'd like one Miso Ramen please!"

"Hey Naruto-kun, and is this your lovely date!" The man finished with a smirk. Naruto blushed a deep red and sputtered.

"No no no no, her name is Sephirese and she said that she would consider training if I brought her to a place to eat!" The man laughed.

"Alright Sephirese-san, my name is Teuchi. What would you like to eat?"

"I'd like one Miso Ramen Teuchi-san."

"Coming right up! Ayame, two Miso Ramens!"

In the back, the heard a voice calling out "On it dad!" Later, a girl who had brown hair that was tucked in a bandana, and onyx eyes came in with two bowls of ramen.

"Hey Naruto-Kun, here is your ramen! And here is yours…"

"Sephirese" Sephirese said.

"OK, here ya go! She chirped. "So Naruto?" She said dangerously, "Why haven't you come and visit me anymore?" She pouted which changed the affect drastically.

"Ayame-chan, I haven't visited because of the Chunin Exams, but I'll make it up to you" Naruto quickly said

"Good, I'll be expecting to you to hold it up!" She finished. Naruto began to eat his ramen. Sephirese sweat-dropped at the inhuman speeds that he was eating.

"Does he always eat this fast?" Sephirese asked.

"No, he is usually faster." Teuchi said with a straight face. She ate her ramen and was enjoying it, it was quite good. When Naruto and Sephirese finished, they walked out the stand.

"See ya later guys!" Naruto called out.

"Bye!" The Icharaku's yelled out. When they were walking down the street Sephirese studied the blonde. He had a lot of potential from the chakra he is giving off, but she also sensed another presence in the body.

She filed it away for later. What really caught her attention was he had materia flowing through as well as the Mist. She thought it over and came to a decision.

"Meet me at the Forest of Death tomorrow at 7 o clock. I will train you."

"You're serious! Yes, you will not regret this. I promise you!" Naruto was filled with glee. He has a sensei, he couldn't wait to train.

"Now run along and go get some sleep, you're going to need it." She smirked evilly. Now Naruto was thinking I think I'm doomed.

"I'll see you later Sephirese-chan." He sprinted off into kami knows where. Sephirese blushed from the suffix and reasserted herself. She went towards a hotel thinking

"This is going to be interesting."


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