Strawberry Shortcake

Chapter 34

When she awoke the next morning, she saw that she had been tucked back into her futon, and that Sesshomaru was nowhere to be found. She checked his room, and saw he had not been there, either. Inuyasha was also gone, his room being abandoned, as well.

She was about to call his name when she looked outside, seeing the two brothers walking underneath a blooming plum tree. She smiled, seeing the interaction between them. She also noted, that as she looked closer to their faces, they both seemed to be blushing lightly.

She giggled, ducking when she saw them both turn heads to look in her direction. She held her hand to her mouth, tears welling in her eyes. He had taken her advice, she smiled, and crawled into her room, intent on making sure she was dressed for the part of her project today.

Sesshomaru and Kagome walked into her classroom, earning several gasps and even a jaw-dropped Inuyasha. He couldn't believe how much Sesshomaru looked like his father. He had never met him before, true, but he had seen many paintings… and the resemblance was almost too overwhelming.

"Everyone," her teacher smiled, bowing to the class. They replied by bowing as well, and she allowed them to be seated. "This is Sesshomaru-sama. He is a dear friend of mine, and has a Master's in Ancient History. He has graciously agreed to help Kagome with her project, so please, give him your courtesy."

Some of the girls in the class seemed to cry, their hateful eyes turned to Kagome, who was dressed as Sesshomaru. He had to say, she looked pretty good dressed in his kimono. He would also appreciate having her body wrapped in his scent, whether she was aware of it or not.

They all swooned at the long, silver hair he had. They all asked where he got such a wig, and he almost scoffed their answer. He came prepared, however, and answered their questions with prepared reasoning.

"Ahem," Kagome scoffed, trying to start her project. "The Sengoku Jidai was a place of war, but it was also a place of love, and of legend. We start our story with The Great and Terrible Dog General of the West, and… of his two sons."

Inuyasha's ears perked up at this, and he sat up straight, his eyes looking from his brother, to Kagome. They smiled at him, continuing with the assignment.

Inuyasha had never felt more accepted then he did just now.

A few years later…

"I know pronounce you, man and wife! You may kiss your bride." Miroku smiled, honored that he had been the one chosen to wed his best friend, and his adopted sister, in holy matrimony.

Kagome smiled, biting her lip as she looked to her husband, her head heavy from her white wataboshi. She blushed prettily as he leaned down, taking her lips in a gentle, sweet kiss.

Cheers erupted as flowers were thrown to them, creating a beautiful scene they would remember forever. When she pulled from him she giggled, being lifted by her now husband as he took her away, the hordes of people following them.

"You never did tell me what you did for the catering." She told him as they sat in their car, being taken to their reception. They'd held the ceremony at her shrine, to her delight, but he kept the reception a secret from her.

"You will know soon enough." He breathed, kissing her cheek tenderly. She smiled up at him, her hand resting against his cheek.

"You're really mine?" She breathed, delighted at the award-winning grin he greeted her with.

"For as long as you'll have me," he replied. When they finally reached their destination, he couldn't wait for her to see his special surprise for her.

When she walked in, she was amazed; it had been the same place they had met for the first time, in the past…

…and where there wedding cake was supposed to be placed, was a beautifully decorated strawberry shortcake.

She turned to her husband, tears in her eyes, as she jumped into his arms, kissing him senseless.

Never had she expected to receive something so sweet, from something that had once been so bitter.

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