Hello there! Just felt like starting another series of fanfics while getting ideas for Journey in the Aether! Without further ado, where off!

"PSI Lifeup Ω!" shouted a weakened Ness, as Paula was on her knees praying desperately. Jeff was continuously using the defense shower, because there wasn't much he could do."NessNessNessNessNessNessNess NessNessNessNessNessNessNess NessNessNessNess" Gygas kept repeating, trying to get into the boy's head. Poo was helping by using Shield ß on Paula over and over to reinforce her efforts to pray. Things were getting desperate. Jeff was out of bottle rockets and bombs, Poo was out of PP, and Ness was running low as well, which only made Paula pray harder. All of a sudden, Paula felt a mysterious force praying for them. The force kept praying. And praying. And Praying. Gygas looked like he couldn't take much more, and then adding to the force's efforts, the Chosen Four started to pray too. Gygas was now self-destructing, and with one final demonic screech, exploded in a flash of light. Ness felt himself losing consciousness. "Paula..." he cried weakly, then gave in to darkness.

A few years before...
"PSI Shield ß!" shouted Ninten, casting a glowing shield that incased himself, his girlfriend Ana, and his best friend, Loid. "Your grandfather stole some vital information from our planet that can be used to destroy us. " said Gigue, the white, alien-lifeform said."And now i'm going to destroy his predecessor. I'm talking about you!" he said, while barraging Ninten's team with unexplainable attacks. "I could spare you, along with all the other ugly humans" "Hey!" said Ninten. " I happen to be one of those humans!" while running up to Gigue and attempting to strike with his Hank's Bat, but the attack bounced off." Fool!" You cannot harm me with your puny attacks!" "I got it!"said Loid suddenly. "Since Maria always sang the song to him, why don't we try the same?!"`"Good idea Loid!" said Ana, while beginning to hum the song she had learned. "Stop singing" Gigue commanded, and sent another wave of unexplainable attacks towards them. It hit, but the damage was reduced due to the shield. Next was Loid. He sang the second part of the song. "Stop Singing" Gigue said a little more forcefully, as he aimed a single beam at Loid, powerful enough to knock him out. Ninten hummed the 3rd part while Ana used Super Healing on Loid. They kept this up and hummed 11 times until Gigue could take no more." How Could I be defeated by a song like that?!" exclaimed Gigue. "I retreat. But I will return!" vowed Gigue, then he retreated in peace. Suddenly there was a huge flash of light that instantly knocked out all the party members. Ninten remembered, just before he was knocked out, to check on Ana. She was right at his side.

About 200 years later
"PK Love Ω!" "PK Starstorm!" shouted Lucas and Kumatora in unison as hexagon-shaped energy blasted from Lucas' palms, and a flurry of star-shaped PSI was sent at the robot Porkey was in, only for it to be reflected back at them, nearly KO ing them on the spot. "PSI Lifeup Ω!" shouted Lucas, as everyone's health was maxed out. Duster ran/limped over to Porkey very quickly and kicked the robot across the glass so hard that it actually cracked a bit, until the robot's arms threw Duster off. Boney launched a pencil rocket at the robot while everyone barraged it with attacks. Uh oh, thought Porkey. I'm about to lose. I know! he thought he pressed the red button on the robot, encasing him in the Absolutely Safe Capsule . Dr. Andonuts then came and explained that nothing could harm it, but Porkey couldn't get out. So everyone continued until they found a SIAB(sauna in a box) and then continued. Soon they came face-to-face with their enemy, the Masked Man. He instantly grabbed his lightning sword and threw lightning at the party. only Lucas survived because of his Franklin Badge. The Masked Man then proceeded to hack away at Lucas, but Lucas kept healing. Something kept him from attacking. The masked man was being talked to by Flint. But The masked man only used PK Love Ω on him. Surprisingly, he survived. This enraged Lucas, and he started fighting with all his might, swinging his Real Bat to and fro. The masked man was doing considerably less damage now, and suddenly took off his mask... revealing to be Lucas's long-lost brother Claus, before he collapsed. Flint took it from there, and urged Lucas to pull the final Needle. Lucas did so but suddenly, there was an enormous flash of light, and everyone was knocked out.

How was that? I described all the final battles because I've battled them all. Exept for Lucas's which I didn't understand, anyway Next chapter, there are more fights! AN: I just realized there is another story called time collapse about Earthbound, and i was gonna say i am in no way related to that. I just forgot to check if there was already a story titled like that. My bad.