I'ms backs! Finally, without further ado, were off!
Loid's POV
When the mysterious guy with a sword called him Jeff, he didn't know how to respond. But when he saw the reason, he immediately shivered. There was a gigantic robot behind him. But not just any gigantic robot. That robot was R7038, the upgraded version of R7037, the invincible robot that could only be defeated by heavy machinery, such as another robot or a tank. Normally, Loid would have cowered at the sight of such a robot, but his adventure with Ninten had toughened him up some, and without hesitating he brought out a flamethrower that Teddy seemed to have an endless supply of. At the thought of the gang leader he felt guilty, as he had injured him when he saved them from the very robot that was attacking the guy. He jumped out of the bushes and with a blast of flame said " Eat this!" The guy's eyes widened with surprise, and jumped out of the way as a blast of flame went hurtling a the robot. Loid's knew this wouldn't affect it, but it bought them some time. The guy quickly stood up and said " Where did you get the flamethrower?!" It was obvious this guy still hadn't figured out that he wasn't Jeff, whoever he was. Loid was about to reply, when the robot smashed them in a side-swing that almost knocked them out. They were lying on the ground trying to recover, when the robot aimed a final punch downwards.

Two minutes earlier.
Kumatora's POV
Kumatora sat up, dazed, and stood up off the ground. She looked around to find she was back in Tazmily Village! I thought Lucas pulled the last needle. What happened?, she though, as she began to make her way back to Oshoe Castle. Suddenly in Sunshine Forest she heard a huge CRASH! She looked over to find a robotic head poking out of the trees. A robot?! Where did that come from? she thought, as she began to wish she still had her team. Wait, where was her team? She didn't see any of them. She made the decision to at least check it out, and began to sprint towards it, following the sounds. After a few minutes of running she came out into a clearing, where she saw a gigantic robot about to squash a kid and some guy. Acting on impulse, she shouted "PK Thunder Ω!" Four large bolts of lightning shot out of her palms and struck the robot, knocking it down. The older guy quickly stood up and brushed himself off. He shot her a confused glance, but was interrupted when the robot stood up and attacked! Kumatora used PK Thunder Ω again when she heard the guy say "PSI Starstorm Ω!" She knew that move. It was the move she thought only she knew: PK Starstorm, but the guy said PSI... strange! Apparently, this guy also knew PSI. She didn't have time to ponder this as she saw the kid with the glasses bring out a deadly-looking gun and shoot it at the robot. So he knew how to fight too, but probably didn't know PSI. When did the world suddenly turn into warriors, she thought, as she evaded a blind attack as the Starstorm had left the robot dazed. She saw the guy pull out a sword and charge at the robot. Is this guy a samurai, she thought, and saw him try to slash at it, but his strikes only left scratches. Then she tried her special move. "PK Ground!" she shouted, as the earth under the robot shook and it began to tumble. The then said "PSI Freeze y! The robot was frozen solid as it fell, and it smashed into pieces as it hit the ground.(Insert victory music).
Poo's POV

They were about to get smashed by the robot until a voice said "PK Thunder Ω!" PK Thunder Ω, thought Poo. I thought it was PSI thunder...

After the battle...

After the battle, everyone was recovering. Poo then turned to the mysterious girl and asked "You know PSI?" "Yea. Problem?" she said irritably. "Well for your information, I also know PSI. Hello, I'm Poo, prince of Dalaam." At this the girl looked at him with mild surprise. "You're a prince?" "Yes" said Poo, wondering why this girl wasn't fawning over him as most girls did when they saw him. "Well as it happens to be I'm a princess." At this statement Poo almost exploded with laughter: only his manners and iron will kept him from doing so. The girl looked unfazed as he tried to hold in his laughter. "P-pardon me? Did you say princess?" "Yea. What, are you deaf or something?" This was enough to shut him up. "May I at least know your name?" "I'm Kumatora, blah blah, whatever." Then they noticed the boy with glasses standing awkwardly listening. "As I was saying, are you sure you are not Jeff? You look very much like him. "I assure you my intellect is most certainly much higher than this 'Jeff' you keep speaking of, but no. I am Loid," responded the boy. "Wow, you talk as he does." "Hm, I'm going to have to meet this Jeff person." "Anyway,may I inquire upon our location?." inquired Loid. Poo was about to ask the same question, when Kumatora responded. "We are in Sunshine Forest. You must be new around here to not know it. "Actually, I materialized here without any clue as to where I was. I was soon attacked by some weird chicken-snake creature. Anyway, I have a suspicion that I am in different time. You see, my theory is that the bright flash caused it. Often when using a time machine, the molecules of the time traveler are transported back in time through the time stream, carrying their memories with them. When molecules dissipate they give off a bright flash" he explained to two confused looking companions. "Hey Poo, did you perhaps experience any bright flashes before you were brought here?" "Now that I think of it, I did!." "What about you, Kumatora?" "Actually, yea. But this is my own time." "Hmm, then you must've been out of range of whatever caused the time travel." They both simply nodded, pretending that they understood what this kid had said. A kid that was younger than them. That hardly surprised Poo, as he had Jeff as a companion. "Well then we should probably-" BOOM! There was a huge explosion behind them, and the sound of the burning fire. "What now?!" said Poo.

Well that ends it. Until next time!