Title: Choice

Anime: Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi

Rating: M for the smex that is available on my website

Character Pairing: Takano/Onodera

Summary: Onodera was telling An he doesn't want to marry her and she finds out about the love he might have for Takano. She threatens to tell his homophobic father if he doesn't marry her. What does Onodera do? Does he comply with An and hurt Takano in the process? Does he stay with Takano?

Chapters: 6/7

Note: For other unfinished stories I have, I am sorry for taking forever. I am totally brain-lock with them… there is not a single idea for them that flows through my head… it's probably because I'm slowly getting away from the story ideas itself, but I will continue them. I know me, I'll always come back to the stories… if not now, later. So please be patient with me. I never had brain-lock this bad before….

Well on a happier note. This is the first time I have ever written anything for my new favorite yaoi, Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi. And this is written down before I seen episodes 18-24. So, I hope you enjoy~

Yokozawa's POV

I sighed walking down the street heading towards Masamune's apartment. This is the anniversary of the day the university where Masamune's whole world caved in and shattered by the idiot he fell head over heels in love with. I had to be the one to pick up the pieces. Well since then we had a tradition where we drink together on this day, every single year. I closed my eyes in frustration. This would be a more enjoyable time with Masamune if the said idiot, Onodera, moved out of the apartment like I had said. That irked me to no end. That idiot just had to move into the apartment right next to Masamune's. Not only is he going to ruin a tradition I share with Masamune, but he is raising his hopes to dangerous levels. He tells me that there isn't anything going on between him and Masamune but he continues to raise his hopes. It's highly obvious that Masamune has confessed his undying love for the idiot. To admit the truth like that, it kills me. Takano Masamune is in love with the man who had sent him crashing down in a state of depression far worse than I have seen before. Seriously, Masamune could do so much better. It was not me, I know, but anyone would be better. Anyone that wouldn't ever hurt him like Onodera has. AND, Onodera had the audacity to ask Masamune out in high school when he was seeing someone else… his fiancé. Who the hell does that? Does that selfish prick enjoy destroying Masamune's hopes and happiness?

I snapped out of my little ranting thought as I heard a loud 'scree' of car tires and saw a black car speeding passed me

"That's Masamune's car" I said out loud in shock. Never has he forgot about our tradition, let alone miss out. I was about to leave and go back home to call Masamune to ask him what happened when something told me to continue my path. Something told me that something had happened and I needed to see what. No doubt it's Onodera's fault… again. I hate that man's guts

Soon I came to the side of Masamune's apartment complex and heard what sounds like a harsh slap. I was about to turn the corner when I saw a man and woman in front of the entrance way. At closer examination, it was Onodera with some girl. I leaned my back against the wall that was hiding me from their view and gritted my teeth. It wouldn't even take a damn idiot to put two and two together in this situation. This girl was Onodera's fiancé and Masamune ran out because he saw them together. I swung my arm back and hit the wall with my fist. This idiot… this cruel, cruel idiot. He should have just fucking moved out of that place when I told him to! How many times does he have to hurt Masamune? He doesn't deserve it! I really hate this man's guts. I was so angry that I was about to march right over to Onodera and give him a piece of my mind; and maybe a punch or two. I peaked behind the wall to see the girl having tears in her eyes as he started to say something while rubbing her right cheek

"Oww, Riichan, what was that for?" the girl asked in a high pitch scratchy whiney, god awful voice. It makes me wonder what Onodera was thinking when he chose her over Masamune. Was he insane?

Onodera's POV

I glared at An-Chan. Anger was slowly, but surely, coursing through my veins. This has to be the first time I've ever been mad at An-Chan. No, scratch that, this has to be the first time I ever been this angry at anyone before.

"I think you need to leave An-Chan" I said turning around trying to suppress my anger. The sooner she's gone the better

"No! Why did you slap me!?" she yelled still standing her ground, "What's wrong with you!?"

"What's wrong with me?" I said softly before turning around and angrily clenching my fists

"What's wrong with me!?" I yelled some anger slipping out,

"Why the hell did you have to kiss me!? I told you before I loved someone else!" I yelled very angrily trying to get my point across. I was so fucking pissed. Pissed at how she kissed me when she obviously knew about my high school love and that I don't love her. Pissed off that Takano-San was right there to see it… pissed off at myself. I should have stopped An-Chan from kissing me, I should have expected something like that from her. I should have ran after Takano-San to tell him it was a huge misunderstanding that she's the one who kissed me. But he knew from what I told him earlier that we're like siblings right? Well now I don't consider her anything but someone I despise.

My last thought was confirmed when I saw An-Chan smirk and wave her hand off to the side

"Yeah, yeah… some girl from high school right?" she said in an unimpressed voice causing my shield to my growing anger to crack

"DON'T WAVE IT OFF AS NOTHING!" I yelled but it didn't even seem to faze her

"Oh come on" she said putting her hand on her hip, "You can't possibly have feelings for her after 10 years apart. She probably forgot all about you. Bet she hasn't even tried to contact you. I could do you so much better. I mean at least I'm willing to admit I love you" she said

I clenched my fists even more. I raised my fist to punch her but stopped less than an inch away from her cheek

"You're lucky that I was raised to not hit woman. Please leave" I said angrily but she was so damn stubborn! And I thought Takano-San was stubborn when trying to make me admit my feelings, which I don't have. What he had was not love… it can't be love. It's not love. But that doesn't mean I want to hurt him.

"Make me" she said and I took a deep breath to control my anger since I don't exactly want to be in trouble for hitting a girl

"Just get the fuck out of my life" Onodera said

"What… do you mean?" she asked in a high pitch shocked confused and maybe hurt voice. I couldn't help but roll my eyes; I never seen her like this… when did she get so damn whiney? What was dad thinking when he arranged this?

'What do you think I mean?' I so desperately wanted to say in sarcasm, but I settled for, "Sorry but the engagement's off"

After saying that, I started to walk towards the apartment complex. Though I was forced to stop walking when An-Chan grabbed my wrist

"No it's most definitely NOT! Our families came up with this arrangement!" She backfired and I turned to look to her with a bored look

"So what?" I asked.

"It's destiny that we're being married!" An-Chan yelled and I sighed and shook my head

"Only an idiot" I muttered under my breath

"Only a WHAT!?" She screamed, and right in my ear to, well there goes my hearing out of that ear. God this whiney inconsiderate… gah!

"Only an idiot would believe it's destiny when your family forces this on you!" I yelled. It's destiny that your first love from high school disappears from your life and reappears 10 years later!... wait… what? W-why did I just think that? It can't be love… I felt a tiny blush appear on my face when I was jerked out of my thoughts when An-Chan continued to speak

"Well this is destiny. Destiny for us and destiny for the stability of our companies!" She yelled and I laughed

"Well sorry to tell you I hate my father's company and the editors that work there" I said confidently. They blamed my father's influence whenever I get ahead of them. I'll show them I can make it without my father's help; that is why I am working at Marukawa Publishing. I'll admit that I miss the writers I used to edit, like Usami-Sensei, but the whole work environment was not a nice one. Unlike Onodera Publishing, Marukawa Publishing actually has nice and kind people working there. Wait I'm getting off track, where was I… Sigh, oh right… An-Chan

"Well I don't! I am marrying you. We're going to be married!" she yelled and I finally pulled my arm from her grip

"No way in hell am I marrying someone I don't love! I want to marry—!" I froze physically and mentally in mid sentence. A blush took over my whole face and I had wide eyes.

Takano-San… I… was going to say Takano-San… Takano-San…..Senpai

Again I was jerked out of my thoughts by An-Chan who chuckled

"Marry who? That whore from school, well that's—" she said

I froze. Did she just say what I think she just said? My wall holding my anger in caved in on itself and I snapped

"DON'T TALK ABOUT TAKANO-SAN THAT WAY!" I yelled punching her in the face causing her to go back a few steps to get her balance under control as I was panting in anger

Normal POV

Yokozawa had wide eyes at what he had just witnessed. Onodera had finally came to his senses with his feelings. He finally stood up for himself too.

An had a look of shock and disgust while rubbing her sore cheek. She really hope she had heard wrong

"You mean… that guy who lives next to you? A MAN!?" she screamed out; disgust lacing every word. Onodera wasn't even fazed in the slightest

"Hai" Onodera said with confidence and An screamed

"You're disgusting!" she yelled stomping her foot making Onodera chuckle

"You're such a fucking kid" Onodera said and she walked to him about to punch him and Onodera smirked

"I even bet that he does better in bed than you ever will!" Onodera said which was highly surprising since he was one to shy away from topics like that, not start them.

With that said, An punched him so hard that he lost his balance and fell to the ground hard. Onodera rubbed his sore cheek and looked to An who crouched down next to him

"Ritsu. I'm giving you a choice. Go through this marriage with me and I won't tell your father about… you and your… l-lover" she said having trouble spitting out the word 'lover' since to her it's one of the vilest thing.

She smirked when Ritsu had a look of fear in his eyes and she grabbed his good cheek and gently stroked it with her thumb

"That's right Ritsu; your father. Your homophobic father. The one who could ruin your life. You're whole career. You want to be on his good side right? Then do the right thing. Break up with that guy and marry me"