The whole situation between Takano, Onodera and Yokozawa could be heard from every single department, especially the Emerald

"Did you guys know that Takano-San and Riichan were together?" Kisa asked sitting on his chair backwards with his hands crossed on top of the back of the chair

"No" Hatori said as Mino shook his head and Kisa shrugged

"No, that can't be since every single time Riichan is asleep or daydreaming, he is saying the name 'Saga-Senpai' so it can't be Takano-San"

"Didn't Takano-San mention he had his name changed after high school?" Mino asked and Hatori and Kisa nodded

"So are you saying that Riichan's Saga-Senpai is Takano-San?" Kisa asked and Hatori nodded

"Takano-San did mention they went to high school together" Hatori said

Mino grinned, "Well love found them, now they could finally start having a family of their very own with that funky pill Yokozawa-San gave Onodera"

"What pill?" Kisa asked

"You know the one where Onodera was screaming about. The one Yokozawa-San said causes male pregnancy the next time they have sex" Mino said grinning and Kisa and Hatori looked shocked. Kisa got up to go find Yokozawa

Yokozawa was right next to the elevator with Onodera and Takano talking about something work related after Onodera was calmed down over the whole 'bearing Takano's child' thing

"Ano, Yokozawa-San?" Kisa asked walking up to him nervously

"Yes what is it?" Yokozawa asked as Takano and Onodera looked to Kisa

"W-well… I heard of that pill thing you gave Onodera" Kisa said shyly and Onodera blushed from that and looked like he was going to say something when Kisa continued

"W-well I was wondering if you my chance have any more of those pills?" Kisa asked

"Why, you want one?" Yokozawa asked and Kisa nodded

"Yes please" Kisa said holding out his hands out like he was begging for it and Yokozawa dropped one into his hands

"Yay, thank you Yokozawa-San!" Kisa beamed happily as he walked to his desk and Mino looked to him grinning

"For your boyfriend?" he asked and Kisa blushed and nodded

"Yukina always wanted a kid of his own" Kisa said and smiled more. He can't wait to see how happy this will make his lover, Yukina Kou. He knew his lover really wants a child and Kisa was depressed. He knew he couldn't make his dreams of having a child come true and he feared that Yukina might leave him for a girl. But now with the pill he was going to give his lover a child… their child

"I was actually surprised that Yokozawa actually gave me one for free" Kisa said, "I can't believe it" he said drinking the pill down with the water he had on his desk

He looked to where Hatori was and noticed he was gone

"Where's Hatori-San?" Kisa asked and Mino shrugged

"Your boyfriend is hot and you're adorable. I wonder what your kid will be like" Mino asked and Kisa blushed deeply and went back to work. Why does everyone in the Emerald so embarrassing, including himself?

With Hatori, Hatori was walking towards Yokozawa. He was still talking to Takano and Onodera. Yokozawa looked to Hatori and was about to ask what he wants when he saw the look in his eyes

"You by chance want the same pill Kisa and Onodera took, don't you?" Yokozawa asked carefully. He was not sure if Hatori was straight or not. His answer was given right when Hatori nodded.

When Yokozawa gave him a pill he grinned causing Takano to shutter

"Your grinning has not gotten any less scary Hatori-San" Takano said and Hatori stopped grinning

"Sorry" Hatori said

"Who are you seeing?" Onodera asked

"Guess" Hatori said and Onodera, Takano nodded

"Ah so that's who" Onodera and Takano said smiling

"Wait who?" Kisa, asked walking over to them always believing the rumor of Hatori was with Yoshino Chiharu who he always thought was a girl.

"Just someone they know" Hatori said leaving to his desk. Sitting at his desk he held the pill and stared at it

'Hopefully this will make up for yesterday when I punched out Yanase for getting to close to Chiaki' Hatori thought before putting the pill in his pocket and grinned

'Plus this is the ultimate in saying to Yanase that 'Chiaki is mine only'' He thought grinning

That night the tree couples conceived little babies growing in the ukes' bellies