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Annona hungered. She wanted, no, needed to feed. Aeons had passed since she was forced deep below the earth, a place where no dreams existed. Such a thing should never have happened. She was the ultimate being! Nobody should have been able to stop her from feeding! Yet a single race did. No matter how she hard she tried, their alien minds had resisted the lull of madness. Instead of her feeding upon their dreams, they had instead fed upon hers.

It had been horrifying, watching the abominations methodically take apart her dreams for their own nefarious purposes.

Thanks to them, she would slowly starve to death, surrounded by a prison of dirt. Nobody would remember her passing - nor would anyone truly care; no one even knew she had existed. It was truly ironic how she would suffer the same way her victims had - by drifting away into an agonising spiral of madness and finally, death. She felt herself grow weaker by the day - she would die soon, and it was all the fault of those terrible creatures.

As she came closer and closer to the very end of her miserable journey, she felt something brush against the corners of her mind. At first she had ignored it as something created by her dying imagination, but when the presence grew larger, she had instantly recoiled in horror. There was a familiarity to the presence - the same presence that had belonged to the evil race that had driven her so far below Spherus Magna.

Yet ... it was not. Despite the familiarity, it was not the presence of the beings. They had not come to gloat. These new beings were similar, but to Annona's delight, they did not have the alien minds of the abominations. In fact, their minds were ridiculously malleable, making it rather easy for her to feed on their dreams. It seemed as if somebody out there pitied her and had decided to bring salvation in her hour of desperation.

She fed greedily on the dreams of these new beings, having hungered for far too long. After years of starvation, the minds of these beings were a grand feast. Much to her delight, the dreams she consumed informed her of even more beings of similar make - beings that were located in a nearby village above the earth.

Her strength restored, Annona began her return to the surface, eager to sate her centuries-long hunger.

In the coming weeks, the members of the Iron Tribe would learn that they had stopped dreaming.