Hi everyone! I'm reposting the first chapter because I wanted to fix a few errors and was hoping I'll get a better response.

So I know 2.12 has not been seen yet but I saw a little spoiler about how Belle reacts when Rumplestiltskin tries to kiss her and she screams bloody murder. So that has happened and now Rumplestiltskin realizes there is not much he can do to help Belle's state of mind. He hates to leave her, but with Hook still around Rumplestiltskin wants to find Bae soon. So he asks his favor of Miss Swan to help him find Bea and travel with him to Manhattan. Here goes!

The building in across the street from them was at least six stories tall, white and tan bricked, and looked to be almost a hundred years old with its ornate windows classical details. Also it was shaped at a flattened point the fit the forty degree angle of the joining streets. A Laundromat, Derek's, with a maroon awning outshined a few other ill displayed businesses. The street itself looked like a good neighborhood having clean sidewalks and trees plants everywhere possible.

"Well here we are, Gold." Emma let out a sigh of relief for almost being done with Rumplestiltskin, "60 St Nicholas Ave New York. Now where's the door. "

She looked down at Henry ruffling his hair, "Race you to the third floor, kid?"

"I don't think so, Miss Swan." Gold said quietly but his tone spoke of his annoyance. "Henry should wait a floor below for us. We don't know what we are walking into. Wouldn't want him to get hurt."

"Mom," Henry started to whine. "No, Gold's right we don't know what could happen. So when it's safe I'll come back and we can go for a walk . . . or something"

"As long as you come back, dearie." Emma rolled her eyes in response. She had to make sure Rumplestiltskin got back to Storybroke unfortunately – all part of the deal. Damn that man can be aggravating. He thought of everything.

"Can we go down the fire escape?" Henry asked as the three of them crossed the street. Emma couldn't help but chuckle as she pulled open the door for him and Gold.

She answered as they hit the stairs. "Maybe, kid," the climb took twice as long because of Rumplestiltskin limp yet at the second floor Emma said her goodbyes and warnings to Henry. He settled on the stairs opening the storybook to reread over Rumplestiltskin's story like he had been doing on the trip to Manhattan.

Finally the pair found the door they sought. The door belonged to a woman but the globe lead Gold here for a reason. Maybe the apartment was under his wife's name. Yes, his son would have married, Rumple was sure of it. Who wouldn't want a good, strong, brave, lad as a husband? Bea was not like him – he would find a way to keep his love not lose it.

Gold was so afraid that his son was behind the door that she had Emma knock. He didn't have to courage to do it himself. And that decision was one of the best he ever made because the person who had opened the door looked like the last person he expected.

His Belle.

"Hello, can I help you?" Said a voice that sounded like heaven.

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