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"What the fuck," Emma wondered aloud while she waited for Gold to respond. She was just supposed to take him to his kid, get him back to town, and call it good. Now, she has to keep Rumplestiltskin from killing the trickster woman. Who also looked to be magical? Damn, nothing involving fairy tale people could be simple, could it? She toyed with words trying to figure out what to say, making a few small sounds.

Get your head in the game Emma told herself. What did she know? One – this favor just got a hell of a lot more challenging. Two – the woman they need to talk to has some sort of magic around her causing Gold to see Belle for some reason. Three – Her son must have a name or nickname that started with a bee. Gold's son was named Bealfire which may be a connection. Four – the woman had enough authority that people gave her the task of helping lost people. Five – the boy on the stairs needing help was Henry.

Gold, silent, suddenly started pounding on the door, and yelling. "You open up witch! Open this door."

Emma was about to grab him yet the lack of the neighbor opening her door stopped her. She realized that no one else heard the door being beaten. Should I tell him or let him lose his steam first? Waiting's good. Finally after sometime Gold's arm gave out. Feeling no need to mention the elephant in the . . . hall she asked, "Henry?"

"Really, Ms., Swan, you're that dispirit to get back?" He had the gall to glare at her eyebrows and all. Maybe she should use that as her escape? No, I'm not that kind of person. Beside the woman brought a few questions to answer. How could she do magic here? Could her magic match Gold's?

"No, let Henry talk with the woman. He can get her guard down and get info out of her. He's great at in tell. Plus she seems very protective, even, motherly. She'll check on him. " Emma walked to the stars, and started down. "Then we'll get her . . . no hurting though."

"Guess who gets to help?" Emma, sitting on the step above, hugged Henry from behind. She whispered in the boy's ear the plan she created.

The woman took a deep breath as she leaned on her door. She knew that the pair would be back soon and they would not be as easy to send away as the last man trying to find Bealfire. He had ran with the thought that Bealfire was died not caring to make sure her story was true. A plan would be her only hope for them to leave her alone as well.

She followed the sounds of her child to find him in his room, school clothes and toys thrown about, trying to pull down his red tee shirt without much luck. Sitting on his bed calling "Bee, come here," she tried helping him.

"Who were those people, mommy?" His voice was strained while trying to get his head out. "Do they know us?"

His wild hair made putting on clothes difficult. Finally we got his head through. "No, Bee they do not know us, just as I do not know them. I need to go find them though."

"Why?" He looked up at me with his big dark blue eyes filled by curiosity. His face was a mix of her families with touches what she thought his father's. He had her wide spaced eyes, but their shape matched more to his grandfather than hers, although, all three of them had the natural look of innocence in their eyes. His had a big nose that could have only come from his father because everyone's was more defined and small. Her lips were big while his was little compared to his face. The elongated oval face was a trait of her family's but his strong chin had to be all his father's. She couldn't remember the last time she had seen his father's face. The two were estranged and he was married to a woman that would not let him acknowledge the child as his. Thanking god no one of importance wanted anything to do with her baby she now had to sure no one would mess with him.

"So I can tell them to leave us alone. I need to lock you in the house with Miss Stephanie. Do you remember how to unlock the door?" The boy nodded. "Good, I may be gone for a while and you will have to let in our dinner guest. Okay?" He accepted, "Let's lock the door."

She picked him up and carried him to the door where he placed his left hand in the middle fingers up then twisting his wrist to the right. Next he drew on the door above where his hand had been with his index finger. Under his path bright glitter blue followed as he made a connecting cross. The door shimmered white light as it become transparent. Bee grabbed where the door handle should have been then pulled open. On the outside the door looked the same but to the boy or any of his family they would be able to see the true form of whatever was on the other side with the choice of letting them in or not.

Henry had a feeling that the plan wouldn't work. Meeting his mother and Rumplestiltskin outside the front of the building seemed fool proof, but if they had to draw the woman out of her house something must be going on with her. He didn't have much time to come up with ideas before he heard someone behind him. He looked up to see the women his mother had described: brown wild curly hair, pretty, with blue eyes and in jeans and black leather boots.

"So kid, I have to tell you. I have that same exact book and I know that tales in it are true."

Henry and the women were about a half a block to the right before Emma spotted them. "Shit," she yelled as she took off after them leaving Gold behind. She saw them turn left at the corner. Thankfully when she got there herself they pair hadn't left the sidewalk, but now the woman had Henry running towards Central Park two blocks up.

When Emma reached the light across the park she spotted Henry standing in a triangular medium under a tree. "Are you okay?" She called out when she was close enough.

Henry nodded with a smile on his face. "Lena says for you to meet her by a blockhouse with a flag pole past these trees." He points to the left, "The walking path over there will take you to her."

"Lena?" The mother asked as she reached her son pulling him in a tight hug.

"Yeah, that's her name. She seems nice." Emma pulled away from him. "She left you in the middle of the street, Henry."

"That's to distract Mr. Gold. I came up with it. She wants to talk with you without him around. I don't think she likes him very much. You should go." Emma raised her eyebrows at him. "I have to wait for Rumplestiltskin. It's part of the plan to keep us alive."

She took a deep breath as she walked away, "Fine, don't take too long with Gold though."

"Promise," He called out to her. The path was paved through tall over grown trees and green shrub. Emma had to be walking for ten minutes before she saw another person. It was an older man dressed in workout clothes jogging past her at a fast pace that she looked back to she walked father in the sounds of urban living lessened to the point only the light breeze and the birds could be heard. Out of the corner of her eye gray stone caught her attention. The stones belong to a boxlike building that looked centuries old with a flag pole on top of it on a little hill. When Emma got to the building she had to look around. The woman may not have been there that would not stop Emma from taking in the beauty of her surroundings. To her right she looked down on a waterfall. Father off she could see a stone bridge over the waterfalls path. If she wasn't worried about what was going on she would find the park enchanting.

"Miss Swan," the woman, Lena, called behind her.

"You said you wanted to talk, so talk."

"What will it take for Mr. Gold and yourself to leave and not come back?"

"Answering a few questions. The first of which being: why did you leave my son in the middle of the street?"

"Without any infor-" Her words stopped short. "I didn't leave Henry in the middle of the street." The woman's tone and face was surprised. She turned her head sideways to the left, "I left him on the sidewalk in front the park by the light . . . he must have moved to the medium to make sure Gold saw him. Smart kid. Sowill you leave without any information."

Emma knew "Unlikely. We don't even know if you're tied to who we're for."

"How did you find my apartment? What magic was it?"

"It's called knowing how to find people that do not want to be find."

"You may be talented," Her eyebrows drew upwards in questioning. "But you needed magic to know to start in New York. I'm going to guess Gold had something to do with that."

"You wanted to know if you're on the right track. I'm willing to bet he used a magic globe it pin point where in the world to start. And the only way to be lead to my house has something to do with that."

"Let me guess: you're his family or something?"

She raised her eyebrows at Emma as if to answer 'I don't know', "Does not matter I'm not going to give out any more answers, but I'll make you a deal. First one to the ground does what the other wants, meaning if it's you, you have to leave and not come back, if it's me I have to answer your questions."

She held out her hand, "Deal?" Quickly going over her options since Gold was no were in sight Emma took her hand, "Deal."

"It has been struck. Sorry," Lena said sheepishly showing slight easygoingness in her blue eyes. "It's tradition."