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The sun was bright in the afternoon as it glared through the trees. Sounds of life - the birds, the flowing water from falls, the wind, and the people around – came rushing back. The reason for being in nature ended as the tasks of being involved with Bealfire turned a new page. Lena looked away from Rumple over to the well-dressed old man.

"Come on, I need to find him." The pair started to walk off, and then she stopped face hard. "Oh, I want my card back and Bealfire's jacket."

"If you haven't spoken to him then . . ." Rumple spoke before Lena interrupted him.

"He doesn't know my number by heart. Only ever carries the card, normally in his jacket pocket, but if you find it than he must have forgot it for some reason. And since you had his card that's had to be why he called him instead of me. And I'm betting he called you collect too because his phone is off. "

"You already figured that out Lena" the man said with a trying voice while he walked over to the path "They can bring it tonight. Love," the word came out a little harsh. "You need to get Bee ready . . ."

She followed with a confidence around her saying she was above pain of her resent injury, "And ask Baelfire if he wants this . . ." she stopped again turning back, "One more thing." Her voice kind, "Take the kid around while you wait. He deserves to see Times Square and have a frozen hot chocolate after being such a great helper." She winked at Henry.

Earlier that day

Emma almost had Gold's son. Her quick thinking to tickle him in the ally was just a second too late. She had been able to grab the collar of his jacket though. They struggled and he ended out splitting out of the jacket. He ran looking back at his jacket but Emma could not see a face. From what she made out the man was about six feet, one-eighty, defined big nose, short brown and dark eyes. For a moment Emma thought she may know the man, yet who could it be?

Now came the hard part of braking a deal with Gold.

Gold not taking it well put it mildly. He broke in to the son's apartment despite Emma's words of wisdom about breaking the law just to look for clues on what to do next. He moved in a frenzy faster than both Henry and Emma had ever seen him. Emma was sure he would miss something important by not carefully looking for things so she took it upon herself to look as well.

As she started to look something caught the corner of her. On the window hung a dream-catcher, a dream-catcher she found with Neal in a hotel room so many years ago. Before Emma could think she had the object in her hand. Was this Neal's home or could someone else that had a big nose and dark hair like his live here? It was too much of a coincident for this object to be here and not be Neal's. No, that means Gold's Henry's grandfather.

As Emma was slowly going through her realization Rumple noticed her stopping clenching the dream-catcher "What is it?"

"Nothing. Sorry, I was daydreaming. It reminded me of a childhood memory." She quickly put it back.

"Really, what memory?" He asked just as fast.

"None of your business." Her words sharp as a knife.

"Your hiding something from me, dearie." His tone had an eerily calm to it that his face mimicked.

"It has nothing to do with you or anyone you know." Her voice trying to keep Rumple at ease

"You're lying, tell me." He began quiet end in a scream.

"Henry," Emma called out, "Go wait in the -"

"Mom," Henry walked up to her. Pulling his hand out from behind him with a white 5" by 3" note card he said, "I think I found something."

Emma took the card from him turning it over to find nothing. "Henry the card is blank."

He shrugged, "Now it is, it wasn't a minute ago." He grabbed the card back to see for himself.

"See, look! It's back!"

On the side not facing Emma black wording appeared as if it belonged on the card. Nettie - 212-778-2904. Don't forget me, B!

Emma turned the card over again and still found nothing. Shanking it off, she handed the card back. "Henry, take the card and write down what you see. . . Well, there's your next clue. Now all we have to do is find a computer and a credit card."

"Why the credit card?"

"To run a background check on the number. It takes about twenty bucks."

Later that day

Before Emma could knock on the door it opens to see a pair of brown loafers. Her eyes and her head quickly turn up to his sharp face. His eyes drew her in, she barely caught herself staring. They were a handsome golden brown that Emma got lost in. Why did she feel she remembered this feeling happening before? She had never looked the man in the eye. The man was still dressed in the beige pants now wrinkled with the brown loafers. Whether he wore the polo or not was hidden by a black wool tailored coat. Whoever this man was he come from money and power.

"Hello, Miss Swan," He put out his hand to shake with her taking it, "Are all of you ready to go?"

"We are and we still have a cab, Mr. . . ."

"You can call me Benjamin." He closed the door behind him with a subtle blue glow going off as it closed. He pulled up his coat to look at his watch a piece that looked remarkably like the one Emma had been wearing when she was caught by the police. "You're early, good. We have a train to catch."

So hopefully you guys enjoy the next little part of the story. So if anyone's also read A fairy you may have made the connection to it. But I want you to know the Nettie in this story won't look the same as the other. Also I wondered if any of you thought it would be funny to write the meeting seen in 2x14 having Neal and Emma still together and lying to everyone about it including Henry. I thought it might it funny.