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I can't believe I have to leave my own home after everything I did for them and by them I mean the wizarding world people who think I have gone dark. My ex best friends Ron and Hermione betrayed me saying that I have gone dark how I used an unforgivable and all. I didn't have a choice how was I supposed to kill Voldemort then by tickling him or what. I was packing quickly because I knew they would be coming soon to throw me into Azkaban

Dumbledore wasn't a bad man because he was the one who got everything for me to leave half way across the world saying I could take two friends but they would come a week later. I was already enrolled at a school called Ouran High School in Japan I would be entering class 2-A. I will be living alone but Dumbledore said he had friends in Japan that would help and keep my magic a secret.

My new school will be a muggle one for the extremely rich and graceful. Well they should get ready because I Harry Potter no wait Hari Black am coming and where ever I go trouble follows.

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