I woke up to the sun shining in my face through the slit in the curtain. I realized that today was my sixteenth birthday, but then I realized that today was the day two of district fours teens would be sent to their deaths.

I recalled the public announcement that had been made last night by President Calloway. We one young boy and girl between the ages of 12 and 18 would be sent to the Capitol to be prepared to fight to the death. We would fight to the death against the other 12 districts. ELEVEN I corrected myself. I had been trying so hard to forget the fact that my parents had died trying to keep district 13 safe seeing as they were rebellion soldiers.

I decided to get up and get dressed in my Sunday best. I put on a purple dress with matching shoes, and then put my wild red fair in a bun then went to get breakfast. On my way out of my bedroom I decided I would wake up my cousins on the way to breakfast. When I opened Jake's, my older cousin, door I caught him in his boxers admiring his "abs."

"Get a shirt on!" I yelled at him, miming barfing as I shut his bedroom door.

"Go wake up someone else, Jenna!" Jake yelled back

I rolled my eyes, So this is what I get for being helpful? I thought to myself.

After waking everyone else up I poured myself some cereal. Just then Aunt Nola came in to wish me a happy birthday and give me a present.

"It was your mother's," she said as she handed me a pearl necklace.

I smiled and thanked her as I went back to my room. My parents had joined the rebellion and had died because of it. Now I lived with my mom's sister and her four children. I hated every second of it but I lived, unlike my parents.

Soon the bell rang, signaling everyone it was time for the "reapings" as President Calloway had called them. I sat up and made my way to the town square.