After a night of getting to know Liam, I learned his favorite color was red. He loved fishing(go figure). Most importantly, he was somebody I believed I could trust.

I was told to wear something I could work out in for training, so I put on shorts and a T-shirt. I finished by throwing my hair into a pony tail , then went to eat breakfast.

When I walked into the dining area, I found any type of breakfast I could imagine: muffins, pancakes, toast, waffles, cereal, and oatmeal. I made a beeline for the muffins and started inhaling them.

"Wow Jenna! If you don't slow done you'll be to sick to train!" I turned around to see Bryn in the doorway.

"Sorry I just love muffins! Especially blueberry!" I tell her as muffin crumbs fall from my mouth.

She laughed and said, "Well hurry up, Liam ate breakfast and is just now getting ready. So it shouldn't be long until you two lovebirds have to go train," I nodded just as Liam walked into the dining area.

"Ready?" He asked me.

"Yes! Let's go," I told him as we headed off with Bryn to the training center.

When we entered the training center, we are quickly rounded to the center where a tall, muscular man is waiting to speak with us. As soon as the last two people from district ten arrive, he begins.

"Here you will learn skills that can help you win the games. I suggest you spend an even amount of time at each station. There will be know intentional, or unintentional, harm brought to any other tribute. Any questions?" He waits for us to have a chance to ask any questions then says, "If there are no questions then get to it. Follow the signs, and try to spend more time in survival skills. Good luck!"

Liam turns and asks me, "Where should we start?"

After looking around the room, I suggest weights and we head that way. He turns out to be extremely strong, which I guess I should have expected. He benches 245 easily, yet I'm having trouble with 75. After we've worked on the bench we move to squats. Again he is significantly stronger squatting 330, and I'm only squatting 120. We move onto another machine called a dead lift where he easily lifts 400, and I do 125.

After a few more weight exercises, we move onto edible plants. I move through that with ease, yet Liam finds it difficult. I laugh at him and suggest we move onto weapons, hoping he'll be a hunter.

We start at the spear station, and I can't get the spear past ten feet. Liam however, must find it very similar to a trident because he easily hits the farthest target.

Afterwards, we go to the bow and arrow station. We both are really bad at that station, however I seem to do better here then the spears. We both give up and move to another station determined to find a weapon I'm good at.

After going through every station, and Liam being good at the majority of them, we find the knot station. I'm to make snares, knots and everything else with surprising ease. Liam on the other hand can't tie a knot whatsoever.
Soon they announce its time to head back to our floors.

We had had lunch earlier, but we were still hungry. We went to the fourth floor and went straight for the kitchen.

We find we have new avoxes as the Capitol called them I nearly pass out when I see them.

"Jenna? What is it?" Liam asks me with worry shown across his face.

"Th-th-they are m-my p-parents" I stutter quietly to Liam.

I see a look of worry across his face, and then he nods and says, "It's most likely the Capitol's way of scaring you. They could hurt them if anyone else found out who they were so keep it a secret."

I nod and smile at my parents. They show a weak smile, and my mom mouths, "Sorry" as my dad mouths, "We love you!"

Then I remember, they can't talk... the Capitol removed their tongues. I manage a weak smile before I head off to my room, no longer hungry.