Sam had had just enough to drink. Not enough to render the hydraulics inactive, so to speak, but enough to loosen his tongue. Loosen some of that stuff he kept unsaid, ashamed to speak it out loud.

Dean stretched out on the motel bed, blue light from the neon sign spilling in through a crack in the thin curtains.

Sam was straddling him, wearing only his threadbare sweats. It was a warm night, comfortable for lounging with their shirts off.

"Dean." Sammy started to speak, then paused.

Dean ran his hands over Sam's thighs and looked up at him, a questioning smile on his lips. He said nothing. Let the silence build, pushing Sam to make the confession he was aching to make.

"Dean. You know how... how we said it's because we love each other so fucking much? That... you know..." Oh, it must be good, if Sam was stumbling over his words.

""S'ok, sweetheart. You can tell me."

"I don't know." Sam ran his hand through his hair.

Dean pulled Sam down, rolled him onto his back, started toying with the tie on his sweatpants, letting his fingertips slip just beneath the band. Not close enough to touch. Close enough to tease.

"You can tell me."

Sam swallowed hard, eyes searching Dean's face for signs he was telling the truth.

"That we're together because we just love each other too much to NOT be. Right?"

"Yeah." It's a conversation they'd had a few times. To reassure each other they weren't starting this thing between them out of perversion, but out of love. The deep, I'd die without you love they both felt for each other. Had felt as long as they could remember.

"Um...sometimes it's that and a little more. For me."

Dean stroked Sam's hair, brought his lips to Sam's mouth, kissed him so gently that Sam relaxed.

"Sometimes... I get off on it being you. I mean, on you being you. Being...being my brother."

Dean's breath caught in his throat. Sam froze, muscles snapping tight.

"Oh god. I-"

Dean was on him like a man possessed, devouring Sam's mouth, licking into it with a long moan. "Fuck, Sammy..."

All Sam could do was kiss him back, let Dean do what he wanted. He had no other choice.

"Sam. Christ. You don't even know..." Dean straddled Sam, still kissing him furiously, hands roaming all over Sam's skin, grinding against Sam's leg.

"It's... that's ok?"

Dean kissed and bit the muscle that ran down Sam's neck to his shoulder, making him gasp. "Fuck yeah it is." He licked and nipped Sam's skin. "Baby brother."

Sam shivered all over.

Dean grinned. His smile somehow combined impossibly keen love and a dark desire. "Yeah. You like getting fucked by your big brother?"

Sam shook all over like an electric current was dancing through him. "Jesus. So much."

Dean ground his hips in a circle against Sam. "Say it." His voice was low, insistent.

"I... like getting fucked by my big brother."

Now it was Dean's turn to shudder, hissing against Sam's throat.

Sam's face broke into a smile of pure wonder. "You? You like it too?"

"What? Knowing that the man I love more than life itself is also my sweet little brother?" Dean brought his mouth right against Sam's right earlobe. "I fucking LOVE it, baby boy."

Sam moaned, grabbing for Dean frantically. "Shit. Dean. Need you inside me fucking yesterday."

Dean pulled his sweats off and had Sam out of his in seconds.

"Yeah?" Dean slid his hands up Sam's strong thighs, spreading them apart. "You need your big brother's cock in your ass?"

Sam was practically crying, shaking under Dean's touch. "Seriously, man, I'm gonna come any fucking second. C'mon."

Dean didn't really need to lube himself up since Sam was still nice and slick from Dean fucking him into the mattress no more than an hour before, but he did anyway, just to watch Sam's eyes get wider as he jacked his cock nice and slow.

"Christ. You can't get enough, can you."

"Dean. Please. Fuck me. Please."

Sam knew how much Dean loved it when he got this desperate and needy. Loved to hear Sammy beg for it.

"Shhh, little brother. Getting there."

Sam was shaking, literally shaking. Dean had never seen him like this.

He pressed himself to Sam's entrance and pushed inside, slowly.

Sam grabbed his hips, tried to make him move deeper, faster, but Dean stilled him. "Shhh... hey. Easy."

Sam swore, but tried to comply.

Dean slid inside him nice and slow, driving out all sorts of little breathy cries and groans from Sam. When he finally got all the way in, he leaned over Sam, kissed him slow and deep, and then started moving. Slow.

"Remember how Dad used to tell me to keep you in line when he was gone if you were bad?"

Sam trembled. Remembering.

"And Jesus. You were always doing things you weren't supposed to. I had to give you a spanking nearly every day sometimes."

Sam's hands roamed all over Dean's back, pleading for more. But Dean just fucked into Sam nice and slow.

"Bend you over my knee, light up your ass real good."

Sam's breath came in short, sharp snorts through his nose, in a riot of pleasure and memory.

Dean's mouth was warm against Sam's neck. "I got so fucking hard doing that to you, Sammy. So hard spanking my baby brother."

Sam was writhing now, pleading with his body.

"Once? Shit, once I even came in my jeans. The first time I pulled your pants down and you weren't wearing underwear. And I spanked you anyway."

Shivering, sweating, arching, spreading his legs wider, taking Dean so good.

Dean licked the sweat from the hollow of Sam's throat. "I wanted to fuck you so bad back then, Sammy."

And with that, Sam broke. He grabbed face with both hands, and begged. "Please, Dee, let me come, wanna come so hard on my big brother's dick, I'll let you spank me if you want, spank me and fuck me, just, oh god, please, let me come, Dee..."

And that was it. Little Sammy's nickname for Dean. Dean broke, raising up and slamming into Sam, fucking him hard and deep, a stream of sweet/filthy profanity flowing from his lips, Sam's upturned face drinking it in like rain. "Yeah, baby boy, taking your big brother's dick so good, come on, come for me, come for your fucking brother..."

Sam thrashed and cried out, coming with only the friction from Dean's hard belly on his cock, spilling slippery and wet between them, coming so hard he spattered against Dean's chin. Dean came at almost exactly the same moment, just a beat behind, feeling Sam's heat surrounding him, so tight, still so tight, so perfect for him, choking out Sam's name, nothing existing but his Sammy, coming inside him, becoming a part of him.

Before Sam even had a chance to formulate words, Dean's fingers were on his lips, softly hushing him. "Don't you dare."

Sam blinked rapidly.

"What we have? It's a thing of fucking beauty. You and me? We're right. This is right. Not a damn thing to be ashamed of." Dean pulled out reluctantly and lay beside Sam, pulling him into his arms. "It's the greatest love story never told."

Sam smiled.

"And so what if we both kinda like that we also happen to be brothers?" Dean ran his hand over Sam's chest, tracing the pattern of the tattoo. "Hell. We've saved the world how many times now? That means we have to be Boy Scouts?"

Sam made that gesture with his head that meant "You have a point."

"Dude. Suburban housewives get to get their freak on with their husbands. Strap one on and fuck them, get tied up. Swinger parties. You and me? We've and me. Nothing wrong with us getting a little kinky too."

"We deserve it."

"Yeah we do." Dean kissed Sam, astonished as he always was at how perfect Sam's mouth felt. "So don't you obsess over this for a second. Got me?"

"Ok." Sam's face softened with relief.

They lay together, sweat cooling on their skin.

"Did you mean it?" Dean murmured.

"What?" Sam replied, voice slow with sleepiness.

"Letting me spank you and fuck you."

Sam snuggled closer. "Yup."

Dean stared up at the ceiling. "My life is awesome."

"But, like, tomorrow or something?"

"You a little sore, baby?"

Sam used to smack Dean for calling him pet names. But now he just snuggled closer. He loved it, and Dean knew it, and he couldn't front anymore.

"Little bit. But maybe I'll do something I shouldn't tomorrow. And you can keep me in line."

"You really do love me."

"Night, big brother."

"Night, baby boy."