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In The True Mission, Scam starts out as we know him on the show as a criminal working against Jerry and the spies but it is soon seen that Scam has a reason for being the way he is and that is that he has been cheated into being framed for a crime he never committed. This was done by his best friend Michael who hated him for the fact that the girl he loved, loved Scam and not him. In the course of the plot, Sam and Scam end up on an island and end up falling in love and eventually it is Sam who sheds light on Scam's past and clears his name. At the end of the story, the girl Scam's friend loved (Sheila Vale) who was more or less obsessed with Scam is killed and his friend ends up paying for his crimes by being sent to jail. While Scam and Sam are married and begin their lives together as a happy couple putting their past miseries behind them and thinking it all to be over, in prison Michael vows to take revenge on Scam no matter what. This sequel takes place after 1 year from the end of the original story. Michael returns from jail after being locked up for three years, thirsty for revenge.

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12:13 pm - Underground Building, Unknown Room

Sam watched him standing there uncomfortably bound in chains, handcuffs on his wrists as he twisted and writhed to get free. Tim Scam continuing his never-ending struggles to escape.

But it didn't look like he was winning this time. If he was going to win, he'd have gotten out by now.

Which gave her little hope for her own situation.

"These are some chains," Sam thought, angrily while blowing her hair out of her face and duplicating Tim's struggle in her own place where she stood halfway across the room, heavily chained and desperate to get out.

That criminal was going to PAY for this.

A triumphant laugh filled the room and Sam's head snapped up just in time to see Lacey Delany come down the stairs. The woman who was responsible for their current state and the villain they had been sent to capture for her plot to create an army of brainwashed male WOOHP agents to aid her in her quest to become the richest woman in the world by committing robberies all around the world. A plan they had been close to vanquishing until they had been caught off guard by a mass of agents and bound and tied up in this stinking room at her orders. Sam shot her a hateful glare.

Reaching the end of the stairs, Lacey looked at the agents before her and sneered. "So you got caught," she taunted. "Too bad, so sad," she said, tossing her hair over her shoulder airily and Sam had to work hard not to cringe at how much like a dumb blonde she sounded right now. Who let her be a villain anyway?

Villains standards had definitely gone down from how they were before. Flicking her eyes across the room and seeing Tim look at Lacey with annoyed, irritated eyes, Sam knew he shared her thought. She couldn't help but smile at that despite the situation.

"Now, let's get down to business, shall we?" Lacey said and Sam reluctantly looked back at her with a frown. Grinning, the blonde took out a gun and tossed it in her hand, twisting her fingers around it.

Looking at them both she spoke teasingly. "Since you were dumb enough to think you could stop me, you need to be made to pay for that." Sam bared her teeth and struggled in her binds, displeased at having to hear this idiot insult them just because she had managed to get them tied up thanks to the help of a hundred other men.

It was the only reason she was even standing here now, talking to them because they were in chains. If that weren't the case, Sam knew, then she'd be hiding in her little mouse hole and having her borrowed henchmen doing all the work.

"But you BOTH don't have to die..." the blonde said suddenly, catching Sam's attention. And when she looked at her again she saw how Lacey's eyes had flickered over to Tim's form silently and a smirk was now tugging on her lips. And it looked like a perverted one.

Watching her silently Sam felt her eyes narrow. Was it just her… or was she looking a bit too intently at Tim? Twisting in her binds again Sam kept her gaze on the woman before them. And soon she was speaking angrily to her. "Oh and exactly what do you MEAN by that?" she spat while aiming to get out of the trap endlessly.

Ignoring Sam the blonde sauntered closer to Scam who stood there watching her in confusion, wondering why she was looking at him like that as his hands kept working to try and get free so he could help Sam.

Eyeing him up and down Lacey licked her lips at his obvious strength and at the sight of his handsome face revelling in the beauty of his beautiful, unique eyes and letting her gaze consume his sharp features. She could easily use a man like him to entertain herself. He could be the head of her army. He certainly looked like the cream of WOOHP's crop and she certainly deserved to have the best all to herself.

"As I was saying..." she whispered while her eyes, half-closed were still glued on Scam. "You both don't have to die," she said while placing a hand against his chest before she gave him a seductive smile. "It would be a shame to kill off such a hot guy, I have better uses for you," she purred leaving Sam to let out a loud gasp from halfway across the room.

Looking at the blonde hatefully with eyes filled with disgust Sam tried to keep a hold on her anger. Was she seriously hitting on Tim? Right in front of her eyes?

She sure hoped she knew better. She really hoped she did no better than to do THAT.

Not seeing how the redhead had began to shake in rage, Lacey came closer to Tim. "So what's it gonna be darling?" the blonde said in a sultry drawl with a smirk while draping one arm around Scam's now stiff shoulder. "Join me and I'll only kill your redheaded friend," she whispered while leaning her head on his chest and smiling widely as she moved her free arm up his body to feel up his muscles. "And I'll take good care of you afterwards…"

Hearing the suggestiveness in her tone and watching her wrap herself around him, all of Sam's doubts vanished into thin air. This Lacey…She was doing THAT. This slut WAS trying to steal Tim away.

HER Tim.

Her husband.

That was where she drew the line.

"GET AWAY FROM MY HUSBAND, BITCH!" Sam screamed before she could stop herself, effectively pulling Lacey's attention to her. The blonde looked across the room ready to tell the redhead to shut up and then go back to trying to convince her dreamy partner (husband) to be with her.

But when her eyes landed on her, Lacey was left gasping. She didn't know how it happened but the woman had somehow managed to get out of her chains. And now she was charging over to her in angry, fast steps with the look of an angry tigress on her features.

Snapping out of her shock, Lacey quickly moved to aim the gun at Sam but she never got the chance to use it. "Oh no you don't," Sam hissed before raising a leg and kicking the gun right out of the villainess' hands. The gun fell to the floor and bounced away, skidding to some unseen part of the room. Then before Lacey had a chance to do anything, Sam had attacked her.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH!' Lacey sceamed, flying her hands up to try and protect herself. But nothing seemed to stop the raging redhead who was by now beating her black and blue.

"Stop it! Stop it!" she squeaked, "Get off of me!" she snarled. "What are you? Crazy?" Sam paused in her kicks and punches and glared hatefully. "WHAT DID YOU SAY?" she growled before going right back to attacking the blonde she now loathed.

Watching his wife viciously attacking Lacey, Scam couldn't help but be impressed. She certainly knew how to take charge of a situation. A smirk donned his face as he just stood there and watched her, not bothering to stop her just because Sam looked incredibly beautiful when she was angry. And right now, she was definitely pissed off.

But after some time had passed and Lacey looked just about ready to pass out, Tim finally took mercy on her. Clenching his teeth he focused and now that he had the freedom to focus, a quick moment later his chains had snapped. Drawing out his wallet communicator, the equivalent of Sam's X-powder, he quickly called Jerry and let him know they had the villainess under control.

Soon WOOHP agents flooded into the room, some of them the very ones Lacey had brainwashed but were now back on their side thanks to Jerry administering them antidotes to the mind-control they had suffered.

Within moments the room was cleared of all the money Lacey had had stolen and loaded into the WOOHP choppers and the rest of the agents who were still under her control were cured.

Seeing that everything was in order, Jerry turned and smiled at his agents. "Well done Tim," he said. Smiling back at him, Scam shook his head. "Don't thank me," he said. "It was Sam who-"

Suddenly he stopped, his eyes narrowing when he realized Sam wasn't by his side even though the mission was over. Wondering where she went, Tim was left with his widening when he finally spotted her still towering over Lacey and ferociously attacking her even though Lacey had long surrendered.

"Sam!" he called out, wanting to get her to stop. The mission was over and there was no way that Lacey Delaney would escape now. But much to his alarm Sam didn't hear him and just continued badgering the fallen woman leaving him confused as she always listened to him. But when he heard Sam ask her if she'd ever go after what wasn't hers ever again, he realized what was wrong and raced over to his upset wife.

Reaching out he grabbed Sam by the waist and pulled her back. "It's okay Sam, let her go," he said into her ear but Sam only shook her head madly and struggled to attack the woman again.

"No Tim! Let me go! How dare she?" Sam hissed, thrusting her arms out to rip off more of Lacey's hair.

"Oh…dear," Jerry said, covering his mouth with his hand trying not to laugh. It was obvious to him that this villainess had made a move on Tim. Why else would Sam be displaying her wonderful cat fighting skills? No, she only did that one someone went after her man. Knowing better than to stop her, Jerry waited patiently for Tim to calm her down. Sam usually didn't listen to anyone else when it came to such matters anyway.

"Sam, come on!" Tim said, slightly embarrassed as he could feel the other agents smiling and Jerry trying not to laugh at Sam's over-protectiveness of him, the once famous criminal who could take anything on by himself.

"Please?" He said, still hauling his wife back who was still bent on destroying the blonde villainess. "No! No! No!" Sam shouted, retaliating against him. No one went after her husband and got away with it.

Sitting up brokenly and heaving in a breath, Lacey pointed at Sam with a shaky finger and glared. "You-your wife is a freak! You should divorce her!" she said and Sam who had momentarily weakened in Tim's arms was back to snarling again and going after Lacey full force while screaming curses at her.

Growing tired of Sam struggling against him and of this mission because he honestly wanted to go home, Tim let out a sigh before making his final move and doing what he knew he had to do to calm Sam down.

Quickly picking her up he carried her away a step before setting her down. And when Sam turned around to ask him why he had done that as she was furious at Lacey for touching him and then having the gall to tell him to leave her, he leaned in and kissed her.

Sam's eyes went wide for a moment and she let out a muffled sound of surprise before her eyes closed all on their own and her arms moved up to wrap around his neck. Then she was melting in his arms and soon she was completely relaxed.

A few moments later Tim pulled his lips away from hers and smiled at his wife who was now absolutely still save for taking a few uneven breaths and looking up at him with dazed looking eyes with a rosy blush spread across her cheeks. Raising a hand he stroked her burning cheek with his knuckle and smirked at how well his kissing her had worked.

"Let's get out of here, shall we?" he said nodding his head towards the door. Still red, Sam nodded her head in response and laced her fingers with his. Together they walked out of the room and when they left Jerry and the other agents finally let out the laughter they had been holding. There seriously was no other couple like Mr. and Mrs. Scam at WOOHP or as they suspected, anywhere in the world.

12:35 pm - The Groove, Sam's favourite Smoothie Shop

"They way you were going at her," Tim said, smirking. "I thought you were going to kill her. Taking a long slurp of her favourite smoothie, Sam let her nerves cool which were still pretty hyper from her fight before she glanced up at her husband who sat across from her watching her with amused eyes. She didn't get what was so funny.

"Oh I was!" Sam snapped, reminded of Lacey again, something she had momentarily forgotten about when Tim had pulled that kiss on her. Looking at him seriously, Sam frowned. "If you hadn't stopped me, I would have killed her Tim."

Smirking at her harder, Tim crossed his arms over his well-built chest calmly. "All because she hit on me? You were jealous, weren't ya?" he said and Sam threw him a pout leaving him to chuckle before she looked into her smoothie and frowned again.

And she wasn't frowning because she was mad at him for not getting why she was always so protective of him nor because he had called her jealous. She was actually frowning because she couldn't help but be this way. And she had a good reason for that. A very good reason.

"Sheila Vale…" Sam thought, remembering the woman in her mind and nearly crumpling up her straw and smashing her smoothie glass. After the experience she had had with her and how hard she had tried to steal Tim from her and ruin their relationship, Sam was never able to take any woman showing any kind of interest in him lightly.

Even though it had been three years since she had died she still wasn't fully over the chaos she had caused in their lives. No, any feeling she got that a woman was into her Tim and she automatically went on defence mode. She knew it made her look a little paranoid and possibly silly to him and others, but she'd much rather have that happen than live through the likes of Sheila again.

Sighing to herself Sam knew she would rather die than go through anything that took away from what she had now: A perfect life with Tim Scam, her husband and the one and only love of her life. She wouldn't take chances with that for the world.

Hearing that Tim was still chuckling, Sam rolled her eyes having had enough. She might as well make it clear to him that this protectiveness of hers wasn't going to stop any time soon. He might as well get used to it.

Looking at him with serious eyes, Sam spoke firmly. "If any woman lays a finger on you I will break her finger," she growled before shaking her head. "No, in fact I will smash her arm. Actually…" she muttered. "I will just dismember her."

Stopping laughing, Tim raised an eyebrow as he looked at his wife with awe in his gaze. It seemed he had rubbed some of his ex-evilness on her a little after all as she was more than readily talking about murder and violence calmly. He couldn't help but be proud and impressed at that even though he had long given up crime.

A smirk spreading across his face as his eyes darkened he knew he also couldn't keep from feeling one more thing when Sam was all predatory and possessive like this….

Turned on.

"Jerry is going to say I am a terrible influence on you," he whispered, all the while eyeing her face with increasingly hungry eyes. Sam let out a small "pft" and looked at him with knowing eyes. "And since when do you CARE about what anyone thinks?" she said, understanding him inside out and knowing that kind of thing just wasn't something he gave even half a damn about.

Tim's smirk widened on his lips. "Point taken," he said, leaving her to nod and smirk because she knew she was right.

Glad that, that was the end of that she was about to return to her smoothie but she never got the chance because a quick second later, Tim had reached over and placed his hand over the one that she had resting on the tabletop. Feeling his large hand encompassing hers completely and giving it a slight squeeze, Sam blinked before looking up at her husband only to see him looking at her with those eyes that she by now understood exactly what the meant. Probably because she saw that look every day, and to be honest…sometimes several times a day.

A deep dark blush donned her face instantly as she dropped her straw and gulped. "Tim…." she whispered, slightly twisting her hand under his and nibbling on her lower lip shyly. But he didn't let go and simply tightened his grip.

"You know me so well Sammie…" he said now leaning over and speaking so that his breath was caressing her face, Soon Sam's mouth was watering and her eyes were going droopy. She was never able to resist him especially when he got all close to her like that and said her name in that way. And part of her had a feeling he knew that really, really well.

Liking the effect he was having on her and knowing it was time Scam smirked deeper before intertwining her fingers with his and standing up, taking her with him. "I should reward you for that," he said, putting an arm around her waist and winking at her suggestively leaving her to quietly gasp in response.

A quick moment later they had left the small shop and were on their way straight home with only one thing in mind. Definitely not something they could do in public and certainly not without getting charged for it.

3:00 pm - Tim Scam & Sam's Mansion, Master Bedroom

Bursting into the bedroom with Sam held bridal style in his arms, Tim kicked the door shut behind him before quickly walking over to their bed and throwing her on it.

A squeal left Sam as she hit the soft mattress and she frowned, turning around to tell him to be a little patient. But when she turned she was left speechless with wide eyes as Tim was standing there now with his shirt unbuttoned all the way down and hanging open, giving her a marvellous view of his muscular chest and perfect abs while his classic smirk donned his handsome face.

And slowly he came closer to where she sat up on the bed. His hand shot out when he was close enough and Sam let out a small gasp as he pushed her back into the black, silk covers of their king-sized bed. And before she could even attempt to sit up again he had crawled on top of her and pinned her down.

Sam blushed and stared up at him right into his intentful gaze, her heart beating thunderously in her chest as her eyes grew droopy and her mouth split in desire. He stared at back at her with half-closed, lust-ridden eyes for a brief moment before his hands reached out and grabbed the front of her blouse.

His smirk widened on his lips as he tore it open in a quick tug and before she even had the chance to complain about him running yet another one of her shirts like he had long revealed to have a habit of ruining, his mouth was on hers in a deep, heated, passionate kiss.

He pressed his lips hard against hers, kissing her without mercy before he broke the kiss and whispered huskily against her lips. "So I finally have you alone…." Scam said, slowly opening his eyes and looking at her through a half-lidded gaze as she lay there panting under him.

A smirk slowly tugged at a corner of his lip. "No more Jerry…" he said, running a hand through her long, crimson hair and letting his fingers get lost in it as he smirked harder. "No more missions…" His hand made a fist in her hair and soon her had used it to pull her head back leaving her gasping. "Just you and me," he growled from the pit of his throat before pushing his head into the crook of her neck.

Within moments he had her moaning and twisting in the sheets as he ravaged her body endlessly. Sam's hands ran wild through his hair, her fingers tangling and untangling themselves within his dark strands before moving down the back of his neck then across his powerful shoulder blades. Digging her fingernails into his back from over the fabric of his shirt Sam let out a quiet moan of bliss.

The way he was going at her made it seem like he hadn't had her in months when the truth was they had just done this last night. Not that she was complaining. It made her happy that he had this need for her that never seemed to end because she understood that feeling completely. She was guilty of being exactly the same when it came to him after all. Guilty in a way that she knew she would never mind being.

Smiling at that, Sam joined in and indulged in his latest kiss. Moaning in response, Sam deepened their kiss and slowly ran her hands up and down his back and his chest before moving her hands to the front of his open shirt and starting to push it off his torso right around the same time she felt his right hand slip under her and reach for the zipper of her skirt.

And right around the time the phone rang.

"Ignore it," Sam heard the man on top of her growl demandingly. Deciding to listen to him Sam didn't reach for her cell and let her entire attention remain on her husband. But in the back of her mind she couldn't help but be curious about who was on the other end. A curiosity that only grew more and more when the phone kept ringing continuously even though it had been close to five minutes. Whoever this was, they were not getting the message that she was occupied. That or that they did not care.

Annoyed at the constant ringing near her left ear Sam opened one eye and glanced at her cell phone. Quickly noting that Tim was busy trying to get her skirt off and was keen on continuing what they had been doing before the call, she made a move for the phone.

But her hand had barely brushed it before she heard Tim again this time mumbling in her ear huskily. "I'm more than capable of breaking that thing to bits, darling." Sam couldn't help but roll her eyes at him.

Noticing her eye roll and taking it as a challenge instead of what Sam was really thinking (which was that the person who was calling and furiously trying to reach her possibly had some kind of emergency that he wasn't letting her help them with) Scam raised himself off her body.

Pressing himself up on his left elbow he remained over her as he reached over and grabbed her phone off the bedside table. "Watch," he said smugly, smirking as he moved to hurl her phone at the nearest wall.

But somehow he ended up hitting the "answer" key and soon, much to his displeasure and Sam's surprise Clover McSell's voice came chirpily from the other end.

"Sammie? Hey Sammie! Where are you? Are you ready yet?"

Blinking her eyes Sam wondered what it was that her best friend was asking her she was ready for when Clover reminded her.

"My engagement's tonight Sammie!"

Tim growled loudly when he heard that. Annoyed, he fell back onto the bed next to Sam and ran his hand through his hair in a frustrated manner. "Why does she think I care?" he spit out angrily. Sam bit her lip to try to stop herself from laughing but playfully hit Scam because of his rude comment.

"I wasn't talking to you!" Clover screeched over the phone. Tim rolled his eyes, grumbling something about blondes under his breath, before pushing the covers off his legs and heading into the bathroom.

It was no use sticking around for the phone conversation to end. Once Clover started harping on about her darling "Blainey" there was just no shutting her up. And he knew that his Sam, while he loved her to no end was much to sweet towards Clover to ever ignore her like he sometimes wished she would.

A heavy, aggravated sigh left him. Especially when she interrupted them during moments like this. Shaking his head he finally left the room, making sure to slam the door on the way out loud enough so that Clover on the other end could know just how happy he was with her right now.

Once he was gone, Sam smirked before putting the phone back on her ear, "I think you hurt his feelings", she whispered having heard all the noise Tim had made on his grand exit out of their bedroom.

"HIS feelings?" Clover screeched indignantly and somewhere down the hall Tim slammed the bathroom door shut even louder than before so that Clover could know that by now he wanted to kill her.

Knowing Tim was mad now thanks to him making it more than obvious with how he had practically annihilated both the bedroom and bathroom door, Sam made quick work of her phone call, quickly telling Clover that Tim and her would be there on time before she hung up and went to calm down her peeved husband. She never did like it when he was upset, even if he looked incredibly adorable when he was grumpy.

Smiling to herself Sam tugged on the bedroom door and thankfully got it open before she moved down the hall stealthily to the bathroom. Reaching out she took the handle in her hands and twisted it, not surprised to find this one jammed as she had heard the force of Tim's slamming it just a few moments before and that she knew by now that Tim had a habit of destroying things thanks to his strength. Fortunately for her she had long learned how to work around that.

Pushing her finger against the latch, she loosened the bolt with her nail and soon the door fell open to her. Smirking she walked inside.

Closing the door behind her, Sam set her cell phone on a side mirror mantle before she moved deeper into the spacious bathroom. Her eyes landing on the shower and it's drawn curtain, Sam smirked having located her darling husband. He was taking a shower and she couldn't help but wonder if it was a cold one.

Resisting the urge to giggle when she heard him muttering curses at Clover under his breath Sam moved fast and took off her clothes, letting her skirt, blouse and everything else she had on fall to the floor before she walked right up to the shower and slipped into it with him.

Getting in, she smiled as she watched Tim soaking under the shower head before slowly sneaking upto him and wrapping her arms around him from behind while she pressed her forehead against his smooth, broad back. Tim stiffened in her arms and turned his head over his shoulder looking at her with a small frown. "Not too busy with Clover now?" he said grumpily leaving her to giggle.

"Tim?" she said when she got a hold on her laughter.

"What?" he snapped, making her laugh again at all the pure murder in his tone.

Resting her chin on his strong shoulder, Sam smirked up at him deviously. "Did I ever tell you…" she whispered, pressing her bare body deeper into his. "That you're even sexier when you're glaring like that?"

Tim stared at her for a long, quiet moment before he turned around fully and lunged forward pressing Sam against the wet tiles of the bathroom wall. The warm water from the showerhead was now drenching them completely, and in seconds his lips were hot against hers, tightening their hold on each other and almost losing themselves—

"Those flashing lights come from everywhere. The way they hit her I just stop and stare-"

Tim growled under his breath, "I'm going to break your phone in half,"he mumbled against her lips having recognized her ring tone.

Sam smirked. "But I like my phone." Another growl left him. "That better have been sarcasm."

Sam let out a giggle, moving her arms to wrap around her husband's neck and continue what they had started only to frown when the phone kept ringing. And soon she had unwrapped her arms from around him, reached out and grabbed a towel then walked out of the shower to pick up the phone call.

"What the hell Sam! Get back here!" she heard her husband growl from behind her and she blushed realizing just how peeved he was right now. Tim didn't like being interrupted and this was the second time it had happened.

Knowing better than to stay in the bathroom and attempt to take the call (she had a strong feeling from prior experience that he was about to come out and grab her at any second now), Sam ignored his voice and went to go and change knowing Clover was calling her to get them to leave already. If Tim got to her right now then she'd never get ready on time.

3:47 pm - Tim Scam & Sam's Mansion, Master Bathroom

"Sam has some nerve," Tim hissed as he exited the shower some time later. Picking up a towel he wrapped it around his waist before leaving the bathroom intent on finding his wife and teaching her the valuable lesson never to ignore him. Especially not the way she had.

"It's all the blonde's fault," he muttered as he walked through the hall. She honestly just didn't know when to leave them alone which as he preferred it would be all the time. No he didn't hate her anymore (anyone at WOOHP actually) but as a person he just found her unbelievably twit-like and that annoyed him too much for words. Of course his darling Sam was still best friends with her so he put up with Clover all for her sake.

"And then she has to go ignore me for her…" he muttered, feeling more and more agitated by the moment. Where had his Sammie run off to anyway?

Hearing a muttered whisper that sounded like "stupid zipper," right as he walked past the master bedroom Tim stopped his feet and turned towards the door. Walking back to it he carefully twisted the handle and opened the door a crack. Sure enough he found his wife standing there with her back to him getting ready for Clover's party.

Currently she looked about 90% ready and was just struggling with the zipper of her gown. A smirk donned his face as he realized that in her hurry to get ready (as both of them had entirely forgotten about Clover's engagement being today) Sam had put on the first gown she could find which just so happened to be his favourite one with the low, low back that nearly showed off all her spine. She really should have known better than to make that mistake.

Smirking to himself, he kept his eyes on her figure as he soundlessly crept up behind her. When he reached her, he quickly moved his hand up and grabbed her hair tie, snapping it open and leaving her to gasp and spin around as her hair came tumbling out from her bun in long, crimson waves that stopped at her waist.

Seeing her looking up at him questioningly, he only smirked wider. "I always like it when your hair is loose, Sam," he said leaving her to blush. Sam's blush only grew darker when she realized he was prancing around in just a towel and hadn't even bothered to dry off. Currently he was all soaked, with his hair falling into his eyes which looked no less than if they were two pieces of coal smouldering in a roaring fire as he looked at her hungrily.

Feeling a deep, dark blush coat her cheeks, Sam cleared her throat awkwardly. "You need to get dressed," she whispered shyly, looking down at her feet hopelessly. You'd think she'd be used to seeing him like this by now but sadly it always affected her just the same no matter how many times she saw him.

"Do I?" He said, smirking at the way she was looking away instead of looking at him and knowing full well that she was doing that in order to keep control of herself. Taking advantage of her bashfulness that never ceased around him, Scam reached out and grabbed her by her waist soon pulling her straight in his arms.

Feeling his arms wrap around her tightly, Sam gulped when she felt his powerful muscles as he moved and she felt her stomach flutter around in reaction to him holding her so tightly that she could feel the outline of chiselled torso digging into her chest.

And it didn't take her too long to feel even more when he brought one of his hands up her back and traced her spine with his index finger leaving her knees wobbling.

"T-tim…" Sam whispered, fighting to make it stop sounding like a moan. She knew exactly what he was up to and knew she had to stop him because regardless of how good it felt they had to leave for Clover's party.

But he didn't seem to hear her as he shifted and placed his head in the crook of her neck and began kissing her there in a fiery trail all the while tightening his grip on her harder and harder.

With every kiss he planted on her collarbone, Sam felt her gasps come out louder and her back arch more and more and for one moment she even closed her eyes and almost lost all resistance. That was until she felt his fingers snake down to the zipper of her dress and move to undo it.

"Mmm…Tim!" Sam groaned loudly as she began to pull away. Bringing her hands up she placed them on his chest and with great effort she finally managed in putting some distance between them.

Looking up into his darkened eyes she gave him a warning look. "Stop it," she whispered, taking a step back from him and flicking the water drops that had landed on her gown off his body away. "You're making me all wet," she whined, hoping he'd get why they couldn't do this now but he only gave her a smirk and snatched her in his embrace again.

"Am I now?" he said, his tone suggestive, leaving her blushing like a red tomato as she realized what she'd just said. What he had just made her say.

"I- I meant my gown!" Sam stammered, trying to pull back yet again from her husband who was making it impossible on her.

But he didn't let her go and simply looked at her with an innocent face. "Take it off then," he said, leaving her screaming in embarrassment.


He took no mercy on her and instead let out a small, low, deep chuckle. "You know you want to," he said, invitation clear in his tone when he said it which left her once again pink as a flushed flamingo. Gaining control on her rapid blushing, Sam shook her head no rigorously.

"I don't!"

"You..don't want me?" he said, throwing in a note of hurt in his tone and even though she knew it was fake thanks to the smirk on his lips and the fact that Tim Scam never revealed when he was really hurt to anyone Sam found herself losing her will yet again.

Staring at him in frustration Sam wondered why on earth it had to be her who was stuck married to a man who was just so downright charming and loaded with sex appeal. Not because she didn't enjoy it, God knew she did, but that also just made him the kind of man that could get anything he wanted by simply setting his eyes upon it. The kind of man that no one could resist. Ever. And she was no exception. Heck, she was certain she was no exception because as much as she wanted to be there for Clover's party she could feel how badly she wanted him right now.

Sighing loudly at her inner dilemma, Sam rubbed her arms and muttered his name in a frustrated mewl. Hearing her, Scam chuckled knowing he was winning this battle. "Oh come on Sammie…" he said, putting his arms around her again and looking into her eyes. "We can be a few hours late for Clover's silly engagement, can't we?"

Lowering his head he spoke in a way that made his warm breath brush against her face and made her mouth water as if she was anticipating her favourite meal. "Hmm?" he said smoothly, now tracing her cheek with the knuckle of his index finger. "I mean when is SHE ever on time for anything? And besides…." he said, his eyes now focused straight on her lips, on the lips that started quivering with want the moment he glanced at them.

"We won't miss anything big if we are just an hour late, will we?" he asked, letting his eyes linger on her mouth for another moment before he looked back into her eyes,

"Will we?" he repeated and by now Sam was ready to forget she had ever gotten any phone call and just jump on him right then and there, something she had a pretty deft idea he knew but she couldn't find it in herself to care.

Having made up her mind, Sam moved to kiss him only to stop dead when her phone started ringing again. And she didn't have to look at the caller I.D. to know that it would be Clover.

"Dammit!" Scam hissed and Sam took this moment to escape. Fixing up her dress quickly she picked up the phone to answer. She said hello to Clover as loud as she could to blot out the sounds of her husband's wonderful curses at her best friend as he marched over to the closet and ripped through it, quickly grabbing a suit to wear, swearing all the while with words some of which were not appropriate for human ears.

5:30 pm - Royale , Venue of Clover and Blaine's Engagement Party

"I can think of a million other places I'd rather be than here right now," Tim said, annoyed, whispering in her ear while they danced to the soft tune. Sam's lips quirked up at his statement and felt her toes curl up in excitement.

"Like where?" she asked out of curiosity, tightening her grip around his neck while his hands gripped her waist tighter.

"The empty guestroom upstairs for instance", he said with a smirk. Sam's eyes widened as she realized he was on THAT topic once again and she playfully hit him on the shoulder.

"Our car then?" he said. Sam's narrowed eyes told him that wasn't the answer she was looking for. Rolling his eyes he looked down at her sourly. "Well I don't see you coming up with any suggestions Sammie."

Sam sighed, but at the same time a smile was pulling at her lips. "There's a time and place for everything Tim," she said with dignity.

Tim rolled his eyes again, "Why should I suffer if Clover has bad timing?"

She rolled her eyes back and muttered quietly so that only he could hear her. "Have some self-control."

"Around you, I have none…" Tim said with mock sincerity, smiling at her with half-lidded eyes.

The moment he said that, Sam felt her cheeks grow warm. And like the blushing bride that she was almost one year ago, Sam looked down at her feet, smiling to herself in joy. She was about to look up to face Tim (who she was sure was smirking at this precise moment), when she heard someone call her.


Her attention was pulled away instantly when she heard Clover calling her. The couple looked at the blonde walking towards them in her short (too short) pink dress that only reached mid-thigh and had a drop-neck that left little to the imagination. Sam couldn't help but laugh when she heard Tim growl under his breath about not needing to see such a repulsive show.

"Sammie you came!" Clover said excitedly, raising her arms to give the redhead a hug.

Sam smiled as she moved away from Tim and hugged her best friend, "Of course. I wouldn't miss this for the world!"

"Aw!" Clover said with an even bigger smile as she looked at Sam happily. "I was afraid that he,"Clover said, glaring at Tim because he had a habit of keeping Sam occupied. "Would keep you from coming."

Tim sent Clover a small smile, one that spoke volumes of the disdain they had for each other. Even though they were no longer enemies, Scam had quickly found that he could only barely stand the stereotypical, blond twit and that too only for Sam's sake just as Clover had learned she could only marginally handle him with his dark humour and sarcasm, most of which tended to fly right over her head.

"You know Sam,"he said, turning to his beloved wife, "How would Clover's severed head be as a centre-piece for the banquet table at her wedding? That way…" Tim smirked at Clover's shocked face, her jaw dropping open and her eyes widening, "I can miss the wedding."

Alarmed, Clover turned her gaze towards Sam, "I thought you said he gave up killing!" she screamed, panicked.

Tim gladly interrupted before Sam could say anything, "That I did," he said before speaking smugly. "But for you Clover, I might just start again," he said, completing the sentence with a sweet (and obviously fake) smile.

Clover huffed and then proceeded to ignore him, knowing that he wouldn't actually carry out the threat (Sam would get mad at him if he did and from what she knew he hadn't murdered anyone ever since marrying Sam and turning good again). Clover put her full attention on Sam at prattled on about how long it took for her to find a nice dress until Tim interrupted her rant.

"You know, now I'm angry,"he stated. Sam looked at him, confused.

"Why?" she said slowly.

He tilted his head in Clover's direction, "She had time to harass me and get you here on time, but she didn't have the time to properly dress for her own party?" he said pulling a disgusted look when he glanced at her gown which was very much unfinished in his opinion.

"Tim!" Sam said, laughing while trying to control herself because her friend was glaring daggers at her.

And he had the gall to look innocent still. "What?" he asked, shrugging. "Seriously Sam, there IS such a thing as too short."

Sam rolled her eyes before smacking his shoulder. "Stop," she said firmly.

Tim grumbled to himself before smirking. He tightened his grip around her waist and leaned closer to whisper into her ear. "Now… if you were wearing something like that in a nicer color, in the privacy of our bedroom, I can't say I would complain…"

Sam blushed heavily. "Self-control,"she whispered desperately, hoping that Clover didn't catch wind of his suggestive statement.

"Never heard of it," he said leaving her to glare at him.

Clover, who by now had enough of their private moment, husband-wife/lover moment (and of Scam who couldn't seem to stop insulting her for even one second), picked this time to cut their conversation short.

"I shouldn't have invited you!" she said in an irritated tone.

Tim pulled off an innocent face before answering, "You really think Sam would come without me?"

"Of course she would!" Clover snapped, sureness in her tone but he only smirked at her not looking phased in any way.

"Now I've figured out why you're a blonde," he said rudely.

Clover huffed, "Well, why don't we just ask her then?"

Both of them looked at the redhead who was rolling her eyes and raising her hands in a mock surrender. "Oh no, I am not getting involved," she said.

Tim chose this time to smile at his wife, "That's okay darling. I know you wouldn't want to hurt Clover's feelings." Clover's head whipped up at him and she glared.

Sam, feeling a headache coming on, slapped her forehead. "Give it a break already!" she told them, despite it not seeming to work. (Clover and Tim had competitions often to see who could last the longest in a battle of the wits. Tim usually won. Usually meaning a hundred percent of the time but she couldn't admit that for fear of upsetting Clover).

"How can you STAND to be MARRIED to him? Ugh!" Clover said with a red face as she looked at the infuriating man. Sure, Scam was very, very handsome but his downright meanness had to take away from that a little, didn't it? Unless he was only this way with her…which was more than possible seeing that Sam only ever seemed to sing her husband's praises and never complained about him even once.

Sam looked at Tim with a stern face, "Look, now you've made her angry," she said in an accusing tone, wanting him to apologize though having a feeling he'd never let it get there.

And he proved that with his answer. "Really, what gave it away?" he asked sarcastically.

Sam chose to humour him. "Oh I don't know…" she said, putting her finger on her chin in fake thought. "Maybe the fact that there might as well be steam coming out of her ears?" she muttered but he only scoffed.

"Well good," he said smirking as he pointed at Clover. "She needs the warmth since that dress isn't helping."

Clover might as well have screamed in anger, "Sam! Stop your husband!" she said waving her arms madly and looking just about ready to rip out her hair.

Sam sighed, getting annoyed with having to play peacemaker between the two of them.

"Shut up Tim," Sam said in all seriousness, looking him straight in the eyes.

He responded with the same amount of seriousness. "Make me." But not the same amount of maturity.

Sam smirked. Two could play at that game, "But I don't have any duct tape on me right now," she said with a fake innocent look, the smirk giving her away to him easily.

"That's too bad…" Tim said with the same smirk on his face. Within seconds he wrapped his arms around her waist in a tight grip before leaning his forehead against hers, "Looks like you'll just have to kiss me then…"

"Ugh get a room!" The couple looked at Clover who had momentarily been forgotten between them.

Tim watched her for a second before he smirked again and spoke enthusiastically, "That's what I've been telling her!" Sam just turned beet red, covered her face with her hands, and mumbled something along the lines of "Oh my God" under her breath over and over again.

Clover rolled her eyes in his direction, "You would think that after almost a year you would learn to keep your hands off your wife in public!" she said, looking at him with a chastising glance.

Sam's face shot up from behind her hands, giving him a warning look, as if she knew what he was going to say. Come to think of it, she probably did.

"Well I'm sure Blaine won't have that problem with you." Tim smirked and rolled back his shoulders coolly in his black suit jacket, "Though it might not just apply to just being in public…"

"GAH!" Clover grunted, raising her hands and giving him a hard shove that, to be honest, did nothing to him whatsoever. "Whatever Sam I'll talk to you later, without HIM there." With that, Clover left to go find Alex and let her know Sam was finally here before Tim could say anything in retaliation.

Once she was gone, Tim "tsked" under his breath, "She acts like I want to be there with her later." He turned his attention back to his wife who was looking at him tiredly.

Sam sighed, "Was that really necessary?"

Tim smirked, "Of course. I don't want her getting the impression that I like her," he said leaving Sam to slump her shoulders in defeat. "And now that she's gone…" he said, looking at her with smouldering eyes, making it obvious he had only insulted Clover this much in an effort to get her alone so he could make a move on her again. Just like he had been when Clover had interrupted them the first time.

And it looked like he had succeeded because Clover was no where to be seen. Resisting the urge to kick him for his manipulation, Sam raised her head and looked at him. And any more proof she needed was given when she found him advancing towards her quickly while his eyes drifted up and down her body.

"You have such a one track mind!" she squealed quietly, leaving him smirking.

"You bet I do, but this is your fault too," he said.

"How?" Sam asked, looking at him with lost eyes, not getting how this had anything to do with her.

Smirking harder he grabbed her waist and pulled her to him, not caring who saw. "You need to stop looking so damn tempting," he whispered making her blush as he learned in and finally succeeded in kissing her.

Giving in, Sam let out a deep moan from under his lips as she wrapped her arms around his neck tightly, keeping him close to her as he kissed her passionately.

When the kiss ended, Sam pulled back and looked up at him with dazed, happy looking eyes, a smile on her face. Smiling back at her, Scam brought his hands to the sides of her waist and slowly rocked her from side to a little as he smirked.

"What?" Sam said, after a few moments of him just doing that, just simply holding her and staring at her like that and doing nothing else. It took him a moment but he finally answered her.

"So…" he started slowly, raising an eyebrow in her direction and saying no more.

Confused, Sam blinked her eyes. "So…what?" she said curiously, pressing him to continue where he had curiously stopped.

Bringing his arms to enclose around her waist fully, he looked at her with devious eyes as he finally answered her. "…Empty guestroom or our car?"

Gasping again, Sam smacked his chest before she buried her face into it to hide her blush as she smiled embarrassedly when she heard him laughing at her.

8:00 pm - WOOHP Headquarters, Criminal Holding Facility

The prison door creaked open slowly in the darkness and light flooded the dark cell. The prisoner within let out a sound of discomfort, not used to the light any longer and blinked his eyes. Raising a hand he rubbed his eyelids and slowly pale green eyes looked up at the entrance of the cell.

"You're free to go…" he heard the voice of the guard say, resentment clear in it coupled with reluctance. A grin spread across his lips at that because it could only mean one thing. His time here was done. There was nothing more they could charge him with. No he had served his time for attempted murder and conspiracy and he had served it well. There was no reason they had to keep him caged up now.

Three years later…he was free. It almost made not killing HIM, not killing that son-of-a-bitch worth it. Almost.

Standing up, Michael Denev stretched, rolling back his aching shoulders as he moved to walk out of this hellhole once and for all.

He was almost out of the cell when the guard suddenly spoke, stopping him for a moment. "The boss couldn't be here tonight but Mr. Lewis wanted me to give you a message."

Interested, Michael turned his eyes towards the guard. "Did he now?" he said, his voice rough and callous revealing just how he felt about Jerry Lewis, his ex-boss. For all he cared, he could just drop dead. "What did he want to tell me?"

The guard drew in a breath before speaking tiredly. "He told me to tell you that he hopes you have learned your lesson and he said that if you know what's good for you then…"

"Then what?" Michael nearly barked.

The guard looked at him with warning eyes. "Then you'll stay well away from Tim Scam."

The moment those words left the guard's mouth Michael felt his nostrils flare as his nerves came back alive with a burning force. Just the mention of his name alone was enough to make his blood splurge like the contents of a volcano ready to erupt in his veins.

"Tim Scam…" he whispered, thinking of the man who by now once again the beloved crown jewel of WOOHP and Jerry's all time favourite. Jerry wanted him to leave him alone. Him who was most probably living out a cushy, perfect life with the redheaded slut of his that he had married while he had been decaying in this prison.

The man who had been adored and loved when he never deserved it. The man he had always lost to, lost everything to. Lost his hopes, his dreams…the love of his life to.

He had almost had him once hadn't he? Yes, six years ago he had gotten Tim good. He had ruined his career and turned him into a shadow of his former self and ripped away all the dignity and respect that was his. But it hadn't lasted.

Michael drew in a shaky breath as he felt pain, nothing but raw, blistering pain fill his mind and body. No it hadn't lasted. Despite all his efforts Tim Scam had dug himself out of the trench he had prepared for him and left him in the dust, left him defeated, mocked, scorned and completely alone.

And he'd be feeling like a failure right about now if he didn't know something Tim didn't know, that no one else knew but him.

"It's not over Tim…" Michael thought, raising a hand a tracing the scar on his cheek that extended from under his right eye down to his upper lip, the same Tim had given him when he had last seen him three years ago.

Then a smile, a deep, sinister smile formed on his lips. He would pay. He would make him pay for every bit of suffering he had put him through. He would make him pay for putting him in jail, for destroying his chance at a perfect future and… for stealing Sheila from him.

An image of Sheila's flashed into his mind and he was able to picture her perfectly. She was right there beneath his mind's eye with her long, layered light brown hair and lovely caramel eyes, her lips in a smile the way she should have smiled at him with love, devotion and wanting. The only emotions she never showed him and had always shown to HIM, to Tim Scam. To a man who was never worthy of her but for some invisible reason she was infatuated with him right up until her death at his very, own hands.

But he would avenge her. Yes, he would make Tim sorry for what he had done. For everything he had done. For ALL of it.

He would pay for fucking up his life the way that he had. He would make him wish he had never crossed paths with him again three years back. He would make him long for the days when he was just a criminal and had nothing left to lose.

Michael's eyes glinted with malice and hate. But he didn't get it did he? The tables were turned now. Now he had nothing to lose and he had everything, every damn thing in the world to lose. And he would enjoy taking it. God, he would enjoy taking all of it. It was the one thing that had kept him going, the thought of getting revenge and he wouldn't stop until he got it.

"I won't rest…till I take everything, everything that is dear to you away…" he thought, speaking to his ex-best friend in his mind. "I won't stop until I make you fall off your pedestal once and for all and go straight into the pit of hell you belong in," he said to himself as he moved, ignoring the guard who was still watching him with reprimanding eyes and walking out of his cell.

Stepping into the light, Michael smirked to himself as he eyed the exit of the prison coming closer and closer to him. No it would not be long now.

"And this time Tim, old friend…" he thought maliciously. "It will be YOU who is left empty…." His smirk widened on his lips in a twisted way.

"I guarantee it…."

And that's chapter 1. Michael is back to complicate Scam's life once again only this time Scam…isn't by himself and like Michael said, he's now got a LOT more to lose….That's a hint as to what's coming…


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