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7:30 am - Private WOOHP Property, Michael's New Residence

Slamming the door Michael finally entered his home. For a moment he just stood there with his back pressed against the door tightly as he tried to let it all go, tried to shut it all out. He breathed in, letting the air fill his lungs before exhaling deeply, over and over again to calm himself down. But it didn't work because he could still hear them talking just like they had been ever since he'd arrived in their territory.

"I'm really shocked that they let him out after what HE did," a male voice spat, anger dripping from his tone.

"I know, it's unbelievable. He put Tim through hell and back and sold out WOOHP's secrets just for his own, selfish purposes," another said. "If you ask me three years isn't nearly enough, he should rot in jail for the rest of his life."

"Exactly," the first voice said now sounding even more enraged. "People like him give the rest of us a bad name."

"Well at the very least we can be satisfied with the fact that he'll never be one of us again. WOOHP doesn't hire cold-blooded criminals and backstabbers as agents."

A hiss of anger left Michael's mouth as he crumpled his fist and slammed it into the door behind him. Cold-blooded criminal? Backstabber? Why? Just because he had fought to protect his love? Just because he stood up for himself? Followed the unwritten rule of everything being fair in love and war?

Running a hand though his hair in frustration and messing up his dirty locks he sighed heavily. Hearing this…it was too much and as much as he hated it he knew it wasn't going to stop anytime soon. His home was now quarters given to him by WOOHP, more or less as a slap in the face as they had taken away his spacious mansion in order to pay for part of the financial loss they had suffered due to his selling off those weapon schemes he had in order to trap Scam, and this new place was located smack dab in the middle of the suburbs, in the town houses which were rented out to less wealthy WOOHP agents by the agency.

To those agents that were loyal to WOOHP more than the average spy because of the daily aid it provided them and those who because of that loyalty not just hated but loathed with a burning passion, people like him. People who had once been the prize jewels of the agency and had messed it up of their own volition.

Those people they treated like insects, like trash, like they were pollutants and did not deserve to live in their perfect world, their utopia. Which only meant one thing, as long as he stayed here he'd have to hear it over and over again. How much they hated him and how they wished he'd fall off the face of the earth for what he had done to WOOHP but even more so what he had done to their favourite, Tim Scam.

It sickened him, it downright sickened him down to his gut to hear them talk about him like this, like he was the scum of the universe for hurting Scam when just a few years back due to his planning and deception it was Tim they had been talking about like this. It was a total reversal now, a complete 180. The hate he had forced onto him was now spewed onto himself like a dark venom.

He knew they wanted him to be consumed by his guilt and do something about it. WOOHP by law was not allowed to deliver the death sentence and that was why he knew that they had put him here in this place. Under the guise of giving him somewhere to go so he would not be on "the street" they had subjected him to an atmosphere thick with emotional torture so that he would start seeing himself the way they all saw him, as a sinner and do it, finally finish the job and kill himself…

Put an end to his miserable existence.

But he wasn't going to do it. No, it was not going to be that easy to get rid of him because he wasn't going anywhere whether they liked it or not. Raising his head he stepped away from the door and began walking, ignoring the various home-coming messages sprayed onto the windows from his considerate neighbours:


You should be ashamed of yourself for what YOU did.




Until he reached the last one:

You're never going to hurt TIM again.

His eyes reading it, he felt his blood boil at the words. Written by a fanatic of his ex-best friend no doubt and right then he wanted to laugh. Did they really think that was true? Shaking his head to himself in amusement Michael smiled to himself evilly.

He may no longer be an agent, all his prestige and honour may have been stripped from him but that didn't mean he was through with Tim. And they had another thing coming if they thought he really needed to be part of WOOHP to hurt their precious Tim. Reading the words again he felt a thrill rush through his blood. It was like they were challenging him to do it if he dared, to go after Scam if he had any guts left. And that only added more legitimacy to his already burning need for revenge.

"Challenge accepted," he whispered darkly as a low chuckle left him. "Challenge definitely accepted…"

9:05 am - Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills Park

"St-stop it!" Sam breathed out from in between her laughter as her husband kept her pinned to the grass on the side of track where they had had been racing during their daily morning jog and she had automatically lost when she had cheated by attempting to trip him. Of course he had noticed when her foot had tried to sneak under his and take him down and in the next moment he had tackled her to the ground. She really should have known better than to try and sneak one past Tim Scam.

"Let me go!" she whined, twisting under him but he only shook his head and lowered down, looking her in her eyes. "You cheater," he said, accusingly. Looking up at him Sam bat her eyes in an attempt to look innocent. "You're the one who taught me not to play fair Tim…" her innocent look turned into a seductive one as a small smirk grew on her lips and she reached up running her hands down his chest, roaming his muscular abdomen. "Ex-evil super villain hubbie of mine."

Looking down at her, Scam raised an eyebrow. "You really get a kick out of that, don't you?"

Sam smiled up at him. "Out of what?"

Scam smirked lightly. "My past as an evil villain."

Sam let out a small giggle and smirked harder. "Of course I do," she said, lowering her eyelids in a seductive manner as she watched him with her eyes growing hazy. "It's a turn on."

His eyes widening, Scam went speechless. It seemed his darling missus was in the mood which amused him because last night she was the one who had fallen asleep on him after they finally got home from Clover's irritatingly long party. The same party where she had been telling him he had no self-control for making moves on her in public just like she was making on him right now in this crowed park where everyone could see them.

"Who has no self-control now, hmm?" He said giving her a chastising look.

Sam rolled her eyes before looking at him knowingly. "Like you don't want to," she quipped.

Scam watched her with knowing eyes because he understood exactly what she meant. She must still be going on about last night when he had wanted her like crazy and due to her falling asleep he hadn't gotten anywhere. And now she was on the receiving end and didn't like it. Well, it was his turn to lay on the torture now.

"Actually," he said letting out a tired sigh. "Right now I really just want to finish working out."

Sam pouted up at him. "I'm pretty sure if you don't work-out for one day you're not going to lose your wonderful physique," she said eying him and starting to trace his chest with no regard for the people who were watching her public display of affection because she could care less right now. "You'll still have all your perfect muscles tomorrow."

He let out a small chuckle. "Complimenting me isn't going to get me in the mood, Sam," he said firmly leaving her to raise both eyebrows and look at him with mock alarm.

"Oh I wasn't aware you are ever not in the mood, Tim," she retorted.

He smirked down at her teasingly. "I'm saying no right now aren't I?"

"You don't mean it," she said firmly.

Growing amused Tim watched her with questioning eyes. "And uh, how do you know that?"

She gave him a small smirk in response. "Uh hello? Your history!" Her smirk widened. "So far in our marriage there hasn't been one night that I can think of where you didn't want me."

"What about last night?" he said earning a poke in the chest.

"Liar," she said remembering how he couldn't take his hands off if her for a single moment all throughout the party despite her attempts to stop him, something that she was sure everyone who had attended Clover's engagement was a witness to.

"You wanted me," she said with certainty in her tone. "I just fell asleep on you and…wait," she said as her eyes suddenly went wide and she let out a gasp as she realized why he was being this way Why he was playing Mr. Hard to Get. "THAT'S what this is about, isn't it?"

"What?" he said faking cluelessness but she saw right through him as if he were made of glass.

"My falling asleep when you wanted to-" She shot him a small look of disbelief. "You are doing this for REVENGE?" She screeched in outrage.

Realizing she had figured out his motive behind tormenting her, Tim couldn't help but feel pleased because it just showed him how she knew him inside out. She knew that despite him becoming a "good guy" if someone messed with him even in the smallest of ways he'd still want some kind of payback. That was just who he was.

Smirking down at her evilly, showing her a hint of the villain he once used to be Scam spoke in a taunting drawl. "How's it feel to be on the receiving end, Sammie?" His smirk grew a few inches. "Is it fun?"

Feeling her face turn red from humiliation and embarrassment at his teasing her like this Sam looked up at him annoyed. He really was going to do this wasn't he? He really was going to harass her like this just for fun and she knew he wouldn't stop until she downright begged him. "This man and his ego," Sam thought shaking her head before letting out a huff.

"I didn't want you that much anyway," she muttered, trying to maintain at least a shred of her pride and dignity.

Her husband's face grew further amused when she said that. "Oh really?" Sarcasm was clear in his voice. "Well that's great," he said confusing her as he suddenly got off of her and stood up. Looking down at her as she lay there still staring at him in a lost way he smirked. "I guess that means I can get back to my work-out then."

He ran a hand through his thick, chestnut hair and rolled back his shoulders in his tight black t-shirt making it stick to his abdomen and reveal the abs hidden underneath. Sam wondered if he was doing it on purpose to add to her agitation when he made it obvious to her that yes, he was doing it on purpose; rubbing it into her face that she couldn't have him right now when she wanted him badly

"I still have to jog for another hour and maybe one more after that and then hit the gym for a few more hours."

Sam's eyes went wide as she looked at him in frustration. She had been hoping he would quit his "revenge game" soon but now it looked like he was planning on dragging it for hours.

"THE GYM?!" she screamed loudly attracting the attention of a few joggers nearby but Sam only gave them a "just keep running" look before turning her gaze back to Tim. "Why do you have to go to the gym when you have a state-of-the-art gym at HOME?" she asked knowing he spent a lot of time in that part of their home being pretty much a total fitness freak.

"Because Sammie," he started as calm as ever despite her mounting exasperation that could easily be felt rolling off of her in waves. "I don't want you to stare at me while I work out like you always do." A teasing smirk unfolded across his lips. "After all…" he drawled looking at her pointedly. "Who knows what you fantasize about when you watch me."

"Like I haven't seen you half-naked before!" Sam cried indignantly right on cue. He was her husband for crying out loud, she had seen him more than half-naked and more than enough times to even keep track. So why was her seeing him shirtless such a big deal now?

"Well that was when I was willing, right now I'm not," he said firmly before moving to run off. He paused for a moment giving her a charming smile. "I'll see you some time this afternoon Sam, most probably." And with that he was off leaving her standing there gawking at the fact that he had just done that.

"How can he just leave me like that?" Sam mumbled under her breath unable to help but feel jilted. She had thought he had just been joking but he had actually been serious. Sighing deeply Sam shook her head to clear it. It was okay. She had enough self control. Unlike Tim, she could control her urges and desires and wait. She could do it easily.

A moment later she sighed heavily. "Who am I kidding?" she thought blushing furiously because she could still feel how much she wanted him despite him making it clear it wasn't going to happen. And it became obvious to her that she was just as bad at controlling herself when it came to this as he was…if not worse.

Slumping her shoulders Sam drew in a deep breath and let it out as she made up her mind about what to do. Standing here watching him running laps with his shirt gluing itself to his abdomen with his sweat and his hair being ruffled by the wind wasn't going to help her.

She might as well go home, take a shower and get on with her day. Nodding to herself she moved to go but not before grumbling to herself as she walked away. "Just wait until he wants ME," she pouted deeply. "I'm not letting him touch me for at least a month for this!"

She never noticed how he had stopped running and was watching her with a playful smile as she left the park dejectedly.

10:50 am - Tim Scam & Sam's Mansion, Main Entrance

Opening the door to the mansion Sam walked swiftly to the bathroom down the hall intent on talking a cold shower to dispel the feelings that were still tormenting her. Sighing, she mentally scolded herself that this was what she got for being so addicted to a man like Tim Scam who despite being her husband still sometimes got kicks out of toying with her. Just because he could.

"That jerk," she spit out under her breath before opening the door to the master bathroom to take her shower. But her eyes widened and she stopped short when she saw the many candles lighting up the room along with the rose petals floating in the bathtub. She blinked in surprise before slowly lowering her head and looking down at her toes, letting out a small sound of contentment as she smiled to herself joyfully knowing who exactly was responsible for all of this.

And as she stood there feeling bad for ever calling him a jerk, soon she felt a pair of strong arms wrap around her waist tightly while a gentle kiss was placed upon her shoulder. Arms and lips she'd know anywhere.

"When I said I didn't want you…you didn't really believe me, right?" she heard him whisper into her shoulder and her smile lit up her face like the sun shining on the brightest day of summer.

"Deep down…" she whispered, placing her hands over his, holding them while gently stroking his knuckles. "I didn't," she admitted truthfully.

Turning her around to face him Scam looked at her with penetrating eyes. "You still want me?" he asked and Sam watched him for a moment quietly before reaching up and holding his face, tracing over his high cheekbones and looking into the sea foam eyes she loved so much.

"What do YOU think?" she asked, raising an eyebrow at him suggestively while a small smirk upturned the corner of her lip. And in the next moment their lips were joined in a deep, fiery kiss while their hands attacked each others' clothes. Reaching for the band of his sweatpants, Sam suddenly stopped and looked up at her husband deviously.

"I suppose it's okay for me to see you naked now…" she gently held his waist and smirked lightly. "…Or is that still a no?" she said leaving him to smirk to himself in a pleased way because there she was acting like him again just to get him riled up. This woman drove him into absolute madness with desire without even trying.

Bringing his hand up he gripped her hair in a fist, using it to bring her face closer to his. Looking her in the eyes he answered her question in a rough, husky whisper that revealed his complete arousal for her right now which only she was to blame for. And he was willing to bet she wasn't unhappy about that.

"What do you think?"

With that he bent his head down and kissed her passionately and Sam smiled against his lips, kissing him back harder while her hands reached out and clutched his shoulders as she pulled him closer and closer to the waiting tub.

2:17 pm - Tim Scam & Sam's Mansion, Master Bedroom

"Mmm…." Sam moaned, breathing deeply and running her hands up and down her husband's broad back where the water drops left on his skin from their bath had long mixed in with beads of sweat from what they had been doing for the last while. A set of loud pants left her lips as she felt his mouth move up the side of her neck, kissing and biting up to her ear while he simultaneously moved in and out of her under the black, silk sheets making her claw her nails deeper and deeper into his shoulders.

Listening to her erratic breaths and feeling her shuddering against him, Tim smirked, pausing in his movements before brushing his lips against her earlobe and whispering to her.

"Ready to pass out?" he said crudely leaving her to blush hard. Using her hands she pushed his head away from her shoulder before grabbing hold of his face and making him look at her. "I'll have you know I don't run out of energy that easily, mister!" she snapped making him smirk.

"You know…" Scam whispered running his fingers through her damp, tangled locks and looking at her deviously. "You may regret giving me that information Sammie."

Sam's eyes widened and she was about to ask him if he was going where she suspected with that statement when he grabbed her wrists, pressing them into the headboard and returning to ravishing her neck with hot, open-mouthed kisses while at the same time quickening the pace of his thrusts. And she realized instantly that she was right.

"T-Tim! Mmm…Cut it out!" she half moaned and half stuttered, making him chuckle against the hollow of her throat.

"Why?" he said teasingly. "You said you weren't tired yet." His tongue came out tracing her skin in a line until he reached her lips where he began placing soft kisses at the corners of her mouth moving towards its centre.

Twisting her hands in his grip Sam huffed against his lips. "Yea, but that doesn't mean I don't want to get some lunch! I'm starving! Now let-" her eyes rolled back in their sockets as she felt him reach a particular spot deep inside her and she bit her lip hard to keep in the urge to moan loudly before she spoke again. "L-Let me go!"

Looking up at her Tim only smirked harder at her mercilessly. "And why would you need lunch, you just said you have lots of energy." Sam craned her head back and groaned at how he was using her own words against her like the master manipulator that he was and Scam returned his mouth to her body, placing kisses against her chest this time all the while laughing at her current predicament.

After some time he pulled away, but remaining close to her still he raised his head and looked her in the eyes laughing when he saw her giving him a semi-pout.

"You know if you admit you're tired, I'll stop, " he said but Sam shook her head. "And spend the rest of the day hearing you gloat about how your were right? I don't think so!" Scam let out another chuckle. "Suits yourself," he said moving his hands off of hers and gripping her waist, using it to pull her down on the bed's surface, repositioning her body in a more comfortable way so he could continue having his way with her. "Don't expect me to stop on my own though."

"I wouldn't dream of it," Sam mumbled leaving him to chuckle and return to her figure once more. And just as she was about to forget about her hunger fully thanks to his hypnotic minstrations and surrender herself to him the doorbell sounded downstairs.

And she was left stunned when he suddenly stopped ravaging her body and pushed himself off of her. Sitting up in the bed he smiled at her. "You should get that," he said gesturing his head towards the door that led out of the bedroom. Sam stared at him in confusion knowing he was telling her to go get the door but she couldn't understand why.

"…Now?" she asked slowly, lost as to why he was asking her to answer the person at the door right now when he hadn't been letting her go for anything else. And now he was okay with her leaving to see who was there and what they wanted when they could easily come back later? Something told her he was up to something.

"Yea, now," he said locating her robe and handing it to her. "Go on," he said giving her a charming smile and Sam's confusion mounted even more at his odd behaviour. Wanting to get some answers Sam stared at him for a moment before grabbing her robe and putting it on.

Running her fingers though her damp hair she quickly went downstairs and moved towards the door. When she reached it she opened it just a crack and stuck only her head out not really in any condition to present herself to company. Thankfully it was just a delivery man.

"Yes?" she said and the man smiling now, held out a large, floral bouquet to her. "Someone asked these to be sent to this address for Mrs. Samantha Scam," he said handing them to her, figuring she was the woman in question and leaving.

Closing the door Sam stared at the flowers in confusion wondering who sent them when she heard Tim's voice from upstairs. "Who was it?" he asked and Sam walked back to him. "Someone sent us flowers," she said oddly when she reached.

Tim let out a small chuckle. "I'm pretty sure I heard they were for YOU Sam, not US," he said and Sam stared at him in further confusion. Why was he so calm with the idea of someone sending her flowers? Her favourite flowers, she thought as she noticed when she saw the blood-red roses and white lilies in her arms. And these weren't just any flowers, they were very elaborate with small rhinestones studded into their centres and others decorating the leaves. Whoever had sent them was clearly trying to impress her.

"Beautiful, aren't they?" she heard him say and she looked up to find him as calm as ever. "Who are they from?" he asked, perplexing her even more when he didn't look even the slightest bit threatened by what was a very romantic present. Ignoring his strange behaviour as normally he was very protective and territorial Sam looked at the attached card to see if there was some clue there that would explain why he was so blasé about this. And the moment she read the words she got her answer.

"With love, your husband…." she read out loud before looking at him with a small blush on her face because it all made sense now. She let out a small sigh at her own lack of thought before looking at him pointedly. "No wonder you let me leave the bed to answer the door," she said leaving him to let out a small laugh.

"You're a smart, smart woman," he said making her blush even harder at his words. But it really should have been obvious to her even before she read the card that he was behind this. Shaking her head at her own mistake, Sam smiled to herself as she looked at the stunning flowers that sat in her arms.

"Well do you like them?" she heard her husband ask a moment later. Looking up with her blush still plastered on her face, Sam nodded her head. "They're beautiful, thank you so much," she said and a small smile of satisfaction, just a little one formed on his lips.

She could read it like an open message, it meant that he was pleased with himself for making her happy and that knowledge made her smile like a giddy, lovesick puppy. The fact that he liked to make her happy, that he always found ways to show her how he felt about her, how much he loved her each and every day. She stood there just staring at him in awe for a moment and then another until he broke the silence with an impatient whisper.

"Are you going to come back here," he said patting the surface of their bed where he was sitting up bare-chested, the blankets rolled down to his waist hiding the rest of his body. "Or do I have to come get you?" he asked and Sam felt a blush hot enough that it felt like her face was melting off rapidly form across her cheeks.

"I-I need to put the flowers in some water," she said making him laugh but as she was moving to do that he suddenly reached out and grabbed her wrist.

And for a moment she thought he was going to tell her to forget the flowers and just pull her back into bed with him which she was perfectly okay with until he whispered something in her ear. "Before you do that, you might want to give your flowers a little shake."

Confused, Sam looked at him in curiosity but he only looked at her with a small smirk on his lips and said nothing. Her attention now caught once again by the flowers, Sam carefully shook the bouquet half expecting something like a small frog or bug to jump out that would make her squeal in horror and launch herself into his arms at which he would laugh but take full advantage of . But a moment later a small, velvet pouch slipped onto the bed's covers.

Staring at the black pouch for a second Sam looked up at Tim, her curiosity now even stronger. "Open it," he mouthed to her and Sam picked it up. Untying the drawstring she loosened the pouch before peeking inside where the glimmer of diamonds greeted her. Sam reached in and drew out what was inside and was left gasping when she pulled out a teardrop diamond-pendant necklace, the same she had been looking at the other day in one of the boutiques where they had gone to find Clover an engagement gift.

"Oh my God…"she breathed out, staring at the necklace before looking back at Tim who was watching her in amusement. "I take it that…you like it?" he said smugly and in the next moment Sam had let out a squeal of joy and pounced on him.

Throwing her arms around his neck she pecked him on the cheek before half-screaming, half-speaking in excitement. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" she said over and over again making him chuckle at her hyper reaction.

When Sam finally got a hold of herself she shifted in his arms a little and wrapped her arms around his torso before gently resting the tip of her nose against his. "So…want to tell me what's up with the sudden gift-bombing?" she asked leaving him to raise an eyebrow.

Wrapping his arms around her waist her held her tight before answering her. "Don't I always shower you with gifts and treat you like a queen?"

Sam blushed at his words knowing what he was saying was true. She could not count the number of times her friends (especially Clover) had enviously noticed the ridiculous amount of presents (usually jewellery) she got on a almost a daily basis from him before shaking her head because that wasn't what she meant.

"But you've been doing it a lot more ever since this week began, why?" she said, looking at him questioningly and trying to figure him out. It wasn't her birthday or Valentine's day or anything then why was he so keen on giving her so many wonderful presents? Not just three or fours times a day but almost on an hourly basis.

Hearing him let out a "tsk" of disappointment Sam stared at him, lost. "What?" she asked.

Letting out a sigh he mumbled to himself before speaking. "I though women were supposed to be good at remembering these kinds of things…" he said making her even more curious. He waited for a moment and then another but when she didn't seem to be figuring out where he was going with this he solved the mystery for her.

"One more day after today and we will have been married for a year," he said leaving her gasping.

Pulling back from him, Sam looked at Tim with wide, unblinking eyes. "Friday's our anniversary? THIS Friday?" she said and he nodded his head while looking at her in shock.

"You really didn't remember?" he asked and Sam blushed in embarrassment before letting out a sigh and looking at her lap.

"No…" she whispered. She didn't look up at him because she was sure he was staring at her as if she was crazy right now for forgetting such an important date. But that wasn't it…she hadn't forgotten , how could she ever forget marrying him? Marrying the love of her life? She just hadn't realized how time had flown by.

To her it honestly felt like it was just yesterday when they said their vows to each other and became husband and wife. Life had been like a dream after that. A big, beautiful, perfect dream where all her days and nights blended into one continual romantic fantasy with him at the centre. That was why she was so stunned, it didn't feel like their first anniversary was already here. "I guess it's true then,"she thought to herself, smiling now. "Time really does fly when you're having fun."

Seeing her smiling, Scam let out another "tsk." "You'd think you'd be guilty about forgetting and yet you're oddly happy about it," he muttered and Sam blushed deeper before looking back at him with a smile still on her lips. "It just doesn't feel like it's been a year already," she said, defending herself. "It feels like we got married last week or something."

Seeing him staring at her still in a pointed way Sam rolled her eyes. "And it doesn't help that you're still, constantly in the honeymoon phase after one year," she mumbled, attempting to blame him and making him let out a huff. "Says the girl that just this morning threw a hissy fit when I said I wasn't in the mood to have sex with her."

Letting out a gasp of outrage, Sam grabbed a pillow to smack him in the head. "I'll show YOU a hissy fit!" she snarled moving to whack him but he moved fast knocking the pillow out of her hands, letting it fall on the floor as he grabbed her wrists and in one swift motion dumped her on the mattress while pinning her down with his body.

"This pose seem familiar, darling?" he said smirking deeply as one of his hands travelled down her body to the tie of her robe and moved to undo it. Remembering the morning after their wedding night Sam found herself blushing profusely. "You know I almost caught a cold that day, remember?" she said, reminding him how he had refused to let her dry her hair after he had grabbed her for a round two after her morning shower and kept her in his bed for the rest of the day.

Smiling lightly, Scam moved his hand back up to her face and gently stroked her cheek with the back of his index finger. "Almost," he uttered huskily, looking at her with teasing eyes. "If I recall correctly the reason you actually didn't get sick had something to do with body-heat which you were kinda getting a lot of that day….." He quirked an eyebrow at her and drawled, "If you know what I mean."

Sam blushed hard at his words. "Well…well," she fumbled with her sentence. "I'm nice and dry now so I don't need your body heat, thank you!" she snapped.

The smile on his lips turned into a full-out smirk. "Nice and dry…" he whispered eyeing her. "…Are you sure about that?" he said, leaning his body against hers in a way that made her shudder and understand the suggestive angle he was putting on her words instantly.

"You pervert!" She squeaked thrashing under him as her face burned from the extent of her blush. "Don't touch me!"

"Sure about that?" he said looking her in her eyes teasingly. "Positive you're not going to beg me for it afterwards?"

Sam let out a huff and turned her head to the side not looking at him. Scam let out a small chuckle amused with his wife's antics before he reached out and gently grasped her chin making her look him back in his eyes. "You really want me to stop?" he whispered softly, looking at her with sincere eyes. "Say the word and you know I will."

When Sam didn't say anything he smirked to himself wondering how long it would take her to change her mind as he started to get off of her and sure enough just as soon as he went to get off the bed, Sam had grabbed his wrist tightly from behind.

When he turned to look at her Sam gave him an innocent look trying to mask her intentions. "I think I'm starting to feel a cold coming on…" she batted her eyelashes at him slowly. "Save me?" she said, a small smirk now blooming on her lips and soon she sat up fully and wrapped her arms around his neck.

Playing with his hair she smirked harder. "You don't want your lovely wife to get sick do you? I mean…" she ran her index finger down his chest, tracing the rise and fall of his muscular planes. "If I catch a cold you're definitely going to get my germs because…" Pushing him back she sat over him and looked down at him lovingly. "I just can't stay away from you."

He said nothing for a moment just watching her sitting there straddling him contently before he raised an eyebrow in her direction. "You know…." he started slowly. "I'm pretty sure seduction is part of being a pervert so who's the pervert now?"

Sam let out an outraged and clearly fake, dramatic gasp. "I'm not seducing you!" she struggled to sound honest. "I'm simply asking for help with my cold."

Seeing right through her Scam only smirked. "Go take some decongestants and antihistamines, or if you're not that far along try some hot tea or spicy foods." His smirk widened. "Should fix you right up," he said pushing her off him and getting up to leave.

"Tim?" Sam said from behind him quietly and he turned to face her.

"Yes?" he said pretending to have no idea what she wanted from him even though it was obvious.

Sam leaned back in their bed posing herself elegantly. "Are you going to come back here…" she said patting the surface of the bed just like he had not too long ago and smirking in a predatorial way. "Or do I have to come get you?"

A small smirk couldn't help but form on his lips as he watched her, impressed with her approach. But he wouldn't be himself if he didn't tease her to her limits so he only looked at her with a challenging stare before whispering smoothly, "Come get me."

Watching her frown in defeat he smirked in triumph and turned back around to look for his clothes. But a little less than a moment later he was left grunting in surprise when he was tackled back onto the bed by none other than his wife. And when he looked at her with wide eyes as she lay on top of him she gave him a triumphant smirk just as he had when he had turned away from her.

"You may be a top notch ex-villain Tim…" she purred, slowly tracing his jaw line with her index finger. "But I'm a top notch super spy too which means I'll always capture you in the end."

"Capture me, huh?" he said watching her with his eyes in narrow slits of annoyance.

Sam kept smirking and nodded her head towards him mischievously. "Uh huh."

Scam rolled his eyes. "The hell you will," he said turning her over and trapping her under him before he kissed her deeply. Ending the kiss he looked down at her with clear arrogance on his face. "Now who's captured whom, hmm?"

"Oh shut up!" Sam retorted childishly.

"Make me," he said, acting just as immature. Having had enough of his nonsense by now Sam moved her hands up and grabbed his head, bringing it down and kissing him and he finally decided to let their banter end. He was about to return her kiss when he pulled back. "What about lunch?" he asked remembering how she had been complaining about it earlier on and knowing if they continued she wouldn't be eating anytime soon.

Sam looked up at him for a brief moment before shrugging her shoulders. "I'll just have a large dinner instead," she whispered before pushing her lips against his again and smiling when she felt him finally kiss her back.

2:00 am - WOOHP Headquarters, Meeting Hall

"Is everyone here?" Jerry's voice flooded into the room full of murmuring agents. .

"Yea, we're all here," Clover's voice soon said annoyed. It was easy to hear just how sleepy was right now. "Now can you at least turn on the lights?"

Light filled the room and Clover's shielded her eyes to adjust to it before turning to Alex to ask her if she had any clue what this was about, why they were in the rarely used meeting hall and why they had been brought here at this hour now that they could see each other but her eyes widened when she noticed that it wasn't just her , Alex, Blaine, Alex's boyfriend Daren, Brittany and Dean that Jerry had forced to come to WOOHP at 2 am in the morning…

"What going on here?" Alex asked quietly, lost as to why Jerry had made sure that what appeared to be every, single WOOHP agent was here right now for this secret, impromptu meeting. Her eyes narrowed when she suddenly realized something out of place and soon she was nudging Clover in the elbow. "Hey, how come Sammie and Tim aren't here?"

Hearing Alex, Clover's eyes scanned the room and she soon realized her friend was right. If they were here they would be sitting with them not wedged somewhere in between the mass hoard of faceless agents. Just to make sure though, she carefully looked at all the people in the other seats as well only to find them nowhere.

And as she wondered how Jerry could possibly forget about them of all people and thought about if maybe it was time for him to go to some memory rebuilding classes for senior citizens as he was clearly losing it, she suddenly found herself wondering if he had really forgotten them. Wasn't their anniversary in two days?

Alex and her had gone gift-shopping just yesterday and had been talking about it for weeks. In fact the whole of WOOHP had been abuzz with the upcoming occasion, the likes of which the agency had never celebrated before. The anniversary of the marriage of the top two agents in WOOHP history, the couple everyone had a bit of a soft spot for that basically had celebrity status with their now famous love story of how they defied all odds and ended up together.

Maybe that was why Jerry had summoned them here. Looking up and seeing the ridiculously excited grin on Jerry's face Clover was almost sure now that, that was what this meeting was about.

"All right everyone settle down!" Jerry called out and soon silence fell across the room as everyone waited for him to speak. Grinning from ear to ear Jerry cleared his throat and began talking. "As I'm sure you all know this Friday is a very special day for all of us as it's Tim Scam and Sam's first wedding anniversary."

A ripple of excitement went through the room and Jerry raised his hand, quieting them all down before continuing. "I already know how much you all love and support them and that is why I," he said smiling now and looking very proud of himself. "Have taken the liberty of making a few plans for the big day."

He sent a nod to G.L.A.D.I.S. and soon the screen behind him turned on and soon a very detailed timetable schedule for the day of Friday, August 22nd, 2010 was revealed. Seeing it Clover and Alex's eyes went wide and they immediately turned to each other in alarm.

According to Jerry's "party layout" he was going to have the party start at 10:00 am and end well past midnight. They only had to think back to the long history of tedious WOOHP parties where everyone was bored to tears to know this was not a really good idea. And seeing this was going to be Sam's first wedding anniversary they wanted her to have fun and get at least some privacy with her husband instead of being stuck in the middle of a crowd with the spotlight on her while Jerry made the rest of them take part in what he would sadly believe were incredibly ingenious and fun activities to celebrate an anniversary.

They had to do something to save her and themselves now before it was too late.

"Uh…Jerry," Alex started, raising her hand to get his attention. Seeing him turn to her she nervously spoke her mind. "Don't you think that Tim and Sam should be in on this plan? I mean it is THEIR wedding anniversary…shouldn't they get to decide how they want to spend it?"

Clover nodded her head rigorously and joined in to help Alex out. "Also we all know that Tim isn't the type of guy to leave things last minute. He probably has plans and I wouldn't want to be the person who interrupts those plans," she said warningly.

For a moment Jerry looked a bit worried and they thought they had made their point but soon Jerry shook his head in disagreement. "Nonsense," he said firmly. "An anniversary is one of the special times that the friends and family of a couple get to show them how much they love and adore them and we are not passing that up!" A small sly smirk formed on his lips. "Especially not for a couple that will one day, hopefully soon give us our first, authentic double spy gene baby!"

Alex and Clover gasped in unison. "JERRY!" they screamed in shock not believing he had just said that in front of everyone. Was that seriously what he sat around in his ten second breaks and thought about? His current agents having babies to fill WOOHP with future agents who would be genetically superior due to their parents combined spy genes?

Glancing at their significant others, Clover and Alex couldn't help but blush furiously because if they ended up marrying them then soon then they'd be having their private lives discussed just like Sam and Tim's was right now. Talk about embarrassing.

"What?" Jerry said a moment later having the gall to sound innocent. "We must think of the future and plan ahead now…" picking up a pointer stick he directed their attention back to the plan. "Back to business."

Hearing him resume explaining things regardless of everything they had said Clover and Alex knew Jerry's stubborn, old mind was made up on doing this. There was no way they could stop him know. Sighing they decided that all they could do was try and amend some things to happen at the party to try and get brownie points in Scam's book so that when he came to wreak havoc on them for ruining his first anniversary with Sam (which they knew he definitely would) they'd at least get off easier than the rest of WOOHP.

They both gulped nervously at the same time.

They hoped.

2:46 am - Tim Scam & Sam's Mansion, TV Room

"You know what I find odd?" Scam said as he sat with his arms stretched out along the edge of the couch with Sam whose eyes were glued to the TV as her favourite movie came to an end.

"That you didn't make fun of every character, scene and dialogue in the completely mushy, romantic movie I just made you sit through?" Sam said, looking at him from the corner of her eye.

He let out a small chuckle at the fact that she had noticed that he had given her a break today. Normally, whenever she did make him watch one of "her girly movies" (which often resulted from him losing a bet she had cleverly crafted or giving in after she pouted at him endlessly) he did that because it was the only way to make the movie entertaining for him. And he never ran out of insults so he always had enough to last the entire movie regardless of which she watched. Much to her delight of course.

"That too," he said smirking. "But even more so the fact that we haven't heard from Jerry, Alex or Clover today."

Switching off the TV and narrowing her eyes Sam turned towards him on the couch. "That is odd," she said knowing it was highly unusual for that to happen. For them to both not have any missions and to not be interrupted (as Tim usually put it) by her friends on the same day.

"I wonder if they're up to something…" Tim said and Sam considered it for a moment before coming up with a different explanation.

"Or maybe they are just respecting the fact that we are married and are giving us some alone time," she said as she crawled closer to him and leaned her head on his broad shoulder, relaxing against it.

"Maybe…" Scam said, taking a deep breath as if it was very hard for him to accept the idea of their silence being innocent. "But I wouldn't count on it," he mumbled as he wrapped his left arm around her shoulders and held her close, resting his chin on top of her head.

"You have to remember the last time they were this quiet, the next day Clover came in with invites to that couples resort for that ridiculous romance contest she wanted to enter Blaine and herself in and needed to bring in more couples to qualify." His voice turned into a deep growl of rage. "And I was stuck wearing a tacky Hawaiian shirt for a week."

Sam burst out laughing at the memory of the look of horror on his face when he saw it, the shirt he was talking about. Bright yellow with green palm trees and red flowers. She had had to stop him with great effort from going after Clover with a hammer for that one.

Getting a hold on her laughter, Sam looked up at him still giggling from time to time. "Like you kept it on at all, you mostly pranced around shirtless remember? " she said reminding him of how he had taken the shirt off immediately and ripped it to shreds and burned it in their room's fireplace when she asked about it just so that he wouldn't have to wear it again.

Scam rolled his eyes. "Like you didn't enjoy that," he muttered leaving her to laugh again and snuggle into his chest, letting him know that she had enjoyed it. He fell silent for a while and just sat there enjoying the feeling of her body nestled into his before suddenly speaking again in a clearly dark, dangerous and threatening roar.

"If they're planning something like THAT again I swear I'll-"

Sam laughed and put her index finger against his lips to cut him off. "Stop being so paranoid, would ya?" She looked at him sincerely. "They are probably just busy today."

"Yea, but with what?" he said not willing to let this go for a moment.

Deciding to change the subject Sam sighed. "Forget about them! Let's talk about our anniversary," she smiled. "What should we do for it?" she said eagerly.

He gave her a half-smirk. "I have plans."

Sam's eyes went wide and she let out a gasp, looking at him curiously. "You do?" she squealed in excitement. "Tell me!"

He shook his head no. "You'll just have to wait and see."

Sam's face grew annoyed and she poked him in the chest. "I want to know now!" she said demandingly but he just shook his head again.

"Nope. Not now."

"Tell me!" she said now stamping her feet on the carpet but he only looked as amused as ever before shaking his head for a third time. "Nah."

"Tim!" She whined loudly now fisting the material of his shirt in irritation but a short "Uh-uh," was all she got out of him, letting her know that he wasn't giving in and would not be anytime soon.

Pouting, Sam fell back on the couch watching him with annoyed eyes for a moment and then another before she slowly moved herself onto his lap and started kissing his jaw. She couldn't help but smirk internally when she felt him tense but soon after he pulled back and looked up at her with knowing eyes. "You're not going to be able to seduce it out of me sweetie, just saying," he said leaving her to shoot him a semi-glare at him being onto her plan already.

But a moment later she smirked and stood up from the couch. "Wanna bet?" she held out her hand towards him and winked. He stared at her outstretched palm and then the confident look plastered on her face before reaching out and taking her hand as he stood up. "You're on," he whispered boastfully and Sam turned and led him to their bedroom intent on winning this one.

3:39 am - Private WOOHP Property, Michael's Home, Bedroom

Laying awake in his bed Michael stared up at the ceiling of his room unable to sleep regardless of the fact that the agents had left him alone at last and regardless of how tired he was because his mind had only one thought on repeat in his head. One painful memory of one person that came back to haunt him over and over again. It would not let him rest. Not now, not ever,

"Sheila…" he whispered, his voice throbbing with pain as he saw her in his mind again and sealed his eyes as unbearable agony tore him up inside. If things hadn't crashed and burned they way that they had, then right now he would be married. Opening his eyes and glancing at the empty spot next to him on the mattress his face fell as emptiness consumed him. And she'd be right here right next to him right now where he would have been watching her sleeping peacefully after spending the night making love to her and holding her close to him.

Just like he had always wanted to.

His eyes flashed with hate. Just like that son-of-a-bitch probably was with that irritating Samantha right at this moment while he lay here all lonely, miserable and alone. His mind focused on the girl Tim had married and he found himself snarling at the thought of her. As much as he loathed Tim, she was equally if not more to blame for how his life had ended up. Tim had given up and accepted being the scandalous offender that he had shown him to be to the world…

A frown crossed his face. Until she came in, fell for his charm or good looks or whatever she saw in him and started unravelling his past like a complicated knot which with her efforts soon came undone.

"That bitch," he spat. "That insignificant, cheap, little slut," he hissed, spewing out any and all insults he could think to call the woman he hated with a burning passion. The thought of her happy, the thought of Tim and her happy like Sheila and him should have been bothered him to no end. Why should they get a perfect life and love and happiness when it was all so brutally ripped away from him?

"They shouldn't," he thought angrily. "They shouldn't!"

He found himself wondering if they were still married after one year or had Tim messed it up already and she had left him? Glaring in the darkness Michael knew there was a fad chance that was ever going to happen.

Unfortunately for him Tim was the kind of man that when a woman got involved with him she never seemed to be able to get enough. His Sheila was a painful reminder of that fact and Tim, he no doubt loved his little whore who had gone so far to clear his name and restore his honour. So there was no way he would have left her either. Which only meant one thing…

They were happy. Wherever they were, they were happily married. Feeling his blood rattle in his veins, Michael wanted to scream at that thought. Not just scream, he wanted to set the whole world on fire and watch it burn to ash. They were happy, HAPPY while he was tormented and his Sheila was lying dead in a cemetery somewhere below the ground and that was if anyone had even bothered to bury her.

Clenching his fists and breathing deeply as anger and hate filled him Michael wondered what he should do. He had to do something. He could not just move on and forget everything and let Tim win. That simply was not an option, not after everything he had done to ruin his life. No, he had to repay the favour and take from Tim what he had stolen away from him: his life, his happiness, his one, true love.

And as he was laying there racking his mind to find an answer, trying to find out just what would make Tim Scam feel the same horrendous, torturous grief and loss he was, and had been facing for the last three years now suddenly an idea struck him. Michael froze in his place, his eyes growing wide and his mouth dropping open as he thought about it and he found himself soon asking why hadn't he thought of this before? It was the perfect plan, the PERFECT revenge.

Raising his hand and tracing the scar Tim had given him when he'd seen him last Michael knew that as much as he wanted to he couldn't take him on in a fight. Tim's physical strength was far greater than his and even more the fact that he had lived years on the run fighting against top trained WOOHP agents to survive had granted him even more strength. But…

What he was thinking now…if he pulled it off he wouldn't have to fight Tim. He would not have to fight him at all. He would not have to lift a finger. He would not have to twist a knife in his heart and carve out his life the way he had been dying to for so long now….

A slow grin began to pull at his lips and it kept getting wider with every passing second.

Because this new plan would have the same effect on his dear best friend but it was, dare he say it, even better. It would be a slow pain, the type that didn't come all at once but started slow and crawled forward, building up until it delivered it's final agonizing blow. He would never see it coming, why would he when he had so much love, so much trust, so much blind faith in her?

The image of a woman flashed in his mind and for the first time he put his revulsion aside and saw her through different eyes, through loving eyes…through Tim's eyes.

She was a pretty, young woman. Her long, red hair was long and flowed down her back in lovely waves. Her bright, emerald eyes were filled with light and happiness while her full, pink lips showed a smile and her slender form was clad in a green spy suit. Her image shifted a little and now she was wearing an ivory wedding gown, a bridal bouquet in her hands and her hair in an elaborate style.

Then it changed again and then he saw her a short, lacy nightgown, her hair loose and tangled while smiled seductively as she lay back on a bed's surface.

She was waiting for him…

Running a hand through his hair Michael took a deep breath in, holding it in his lungs before letting it go as he tried to control the feelings that were now rising inside him like an uncontrollable storm.

But he couldn't stop them.

Opening his eyes he sought a distraction, scared at how he had just thought of a woman in that way, that wasn't his Sheila only to find that everywhere he looked he saw her and only her. Her lips, her eyes, her delicate form.

Her breaths came faster and faster and his eyes clouded over as more thoughts came to him, thoughts that were dark, sinful and scandalous.

What would it be like to kiss her? To touch her?

To lay beside her?

To watch her sleep?….

A lustful pant left his lips.

To be inside her?…

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