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Dear Hermione,

See, I promised that I'd write to you, didn't I?! And you didn't believe me... Hopefully you can tear yourself away from your studies for a few minutes to read this (please don't tell me you're reading Hogwarts: A History AGAIN). I know its only been a couple of days, but I miss you (bloody hell I sound like a sap). After we dropped you and Gin off at King's Cross, Dad took me and Harry into the ministry to apply for the auror's trainee program, like we talked about. It was weird being back there; strange that we just walked in after running for our lives last time. They destroyed that awful statue, by the way. The fountain is still there, but the platform is empty. I'm not sure what they're gonna do with it.

'Mione, I need to tell you something. Dad got chatting to an auror called Richards, and Harry and I overheard him saying that he doubted that we would need much training after what we did in the war. From the reception we got at the auror office, I think he's right but Harry and I would both rather do the training course. He was going on about not wanting special treatment, but I just reckon I need all the practice I can get. But just as Harry had finished putting his details down, I realised that I was having second thoughts. I mean, you know I never seriously thought about the future. It was school and homework, then it was just surviving the war. Being an auror seemed like the best fit but I know there's something that, at the moment, I want to do more.

I want to help George out at the joke shop. He still hasn't been back there yet, or to the flat, but I want to be there when he feels up to it. He's going to need some help. I know its not permanent or anything, but this is what i want to do...what do you think?

Harry's fine, he's got three weeks before the training program begins and he's at the Burrow with us for now. But he was saying that he wants to check out Grimmauld place, well, to see if it's still standing for one thing. He's hoping we can make it liveable before the training camp, so the late hours and early mornings won't 'be a burden' to us. i told him that was rubbish and Mum got all blubbery when he mentioned it, but he determined. Dad is insisting that we take a couple of aurors with us, which isn't a bad idea, but it'll mean we have to wait a few more days.

Right, so thats basically everything. The package is from Mum (obviously), she's been cooking up a storm and mothering everyone, as usual. Harry and everyone send their love. I know you know it but i want to write it anyway. I love you, Hermione.


PS: tell ginny i said hi.