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23rd of September

Dear Ron

Maybe if you read the new Hogwarts: A History, I might even get on a broom with you... but definitely not the Firebolt. The kiddie brooms don't sound half bad!

I'm very glad to hear George is getting better, and though seeing the shop and the flat will be very hard on him, I know your presence will be a great comfort. Will you let me know how your visit goes? And please be careful; I know you are more than capable, but a little caution never goes astray. If you get yourself hurt, I will be very cross with you. Are the aurors from Grimmauld place going to be the ones accompanying you to Wheezes, or will it be someone different?

I wish I could be there for the grand opening! I can't wait to see some photos, I'm sure the Prophet will send some of their employees to cover the story. Speaking of newspapers, how is the Quibbler going, is Luna managing on her own? Being an editor of a newspaper is hard enough, let alone being the sole worker as well. She should hire some help, though it might be a little difficult finding someone as unique as Luna.

The three separate levels sounds perfect and I'd love to contribute some ideas, maybe during the Christmas break? I'm not sure how my parents will feel about my moving in, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. I won't pretend I wasn't glad to hear about the portrait and Ginny wasn't disappointed either. And yes, the rules stipulate that all Hogwarts students must remain within the boundaries of Hogsmeade village at all times, but I'm sure we can find something fun to do...

My classes are going well. I don't find the practical side of Charms and DADA as challenging I once did, though learning new spells is always a thrill. After a year of very little study in Arithmancy or Ancient Runes, it was an adjustment to settle back into routine, though I'm doing fine now. Slughorn asks after Harry constantly, of course, and asks after you nearly as much: he even remembers your name now. He's as lighthearted and harmless as ever, and teaching us well in Potions. Transfiguration is fascinating, as usual and its much the same in Herbology. If you thought we had large amounts of homework for our OWLs, multiply that by three and you'll get the workload for NEWTS, it's quite exhausting.

Ginny likes Ryan, and so does Neville; then again, Ryan gets along with just about everyone. No, he doesn't play Quidditch for Ravenclaw, he says he prefers to play for fun rather than the competition. The house teams are still around, of course, but Ryan has established a friendly match every Sunday is invited and the teams are sorted without any acknowledgement of house, age or gender. I'm under the impression it was his idea, though maybe tweaked a little by McGonagall and its a great success (I supervise rather than play, of course). There are different students every week from all the houses - there were even some Slytherin first years last Saturday; Ryan made sure they weren't victims of anything nasty. There's still a lot of prejudice here, but I think the measures we've taken are helping. Ryan and I are hoping that Alec and Briella (the Slytherins) come back this week.

The dormitory has been great, private and quiet. Ryan and I both have our study tables in the common room, so sometimes we end up studying together, which is quite helpful. I often do the same with Ginny and Neville, normally in the library though. At the beginning of the semester, the headmistress asked us to only have a select few in our dorm, and to be mindful of our co-Head. So far, I've only had Ginny and Neville over for study sessions or some rare free time. We were encouraged to visit our own houses, so when I'm not studying or in classes, I'm usually in the Gryffindor common room.

Your progress on the house sounds great but where are you buying the furniture? I don't recall ever seeing any wizarding furniture stores. What are we going to do about Kreacher? And he isn't still living in that tiny hole, is he? At least try and make him move somewhere larger for now, but we should definitely put a room for him in the blueprints. How have your cooking lessons gone? Have either of you blown anything up yet? What have you learnt to cook so far?

Glad to hear Charlie's fine; how did your mum take it when he left? That's great news about Bill! The negotiations were a bit touch and go there for a moment, weren't they? If it was anyone else, I doubt the goblins would have agreed. I hope Fleur is successful, I'm sure Kingsley will put her to good use. Good to hear about Percy, and I assume he's at the Burrow every night for dinner? Is he still living there, or did he make a decision to go back to his flat? I'm glad that the overhaul of the ministry is going well: it's a monumental task but Kingsley is the man for the job.

I can't say I'm a huge fan of your aunt either, but at least you only had to spend a few hours with her. What did you, Harry and George get up to that night? Chess?And are there wizarding board games?

I'm very curious to know where you have learnt this french from...

Tu me manques

Love Hermione.

PS: Only 25 days until I see you again, it's not even a month!


As you know from previous chapters, Luna didn't return to Hogwarts, and in this story, she has taken over the running of the Quibbler - her father resigned. Most of you know that while I am trying to stick to canon, the details I don't know I am creating. Another example is I don't know which classes Hermione took in her seventh year, so i tried to make an educated guess.

I hadn't realised how much I rely on emoticons in writing: I am constantly thinking "smiley face" or "winky face" at the end of a sentence, only to remember that that could never work.

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