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Dear Hermione,

I do not think you were expecting a letter from me because it has been a long time since we were writing to each other. I have heard many things about you in the last months since May, and I wished to find out how you are.

There was very little certain information about England for nearly a year and most of it was about your friend Harry Potter but I think what I read was not true. The boy they did wrote about was not the Harry Potter that I met. I was very glad to hear real news in May and to find out what had happened but even gladder to know you are alive.

War is a terrible thing, and I have hope you did not lose anybody you love, but if you have, I give you my sincerest condolences.

I also hear you are back at Hogwarts, and this is how I knew to send a letter there. I hope you are enjoying it. I think you know I was finished school three years ago but am still playing Seeker for Bulgaria. We are in Germany for a game at the moment and I am excited very to play - they have a good team so it is a challenge all the time.

I hope you will write back to me, even if it is just so I know you are well. If you do, my address has changed since I last wrote you. but it is written on the back side of this envelope.

Hermione, I wish for you to know that you will always have a friend in Bulgaria.


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