Okay first I want to say this is my first Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler story and I'm nervous it won't turn out quite right. I also want to say if you have read any of my earlier works then just know I'm eventually updating them, I was frankly too lazy to do it and I had school and some things going on at home which I cleared so I'm on a lot more than I used to.

I am going to make sure everyone enjoys this story, as I promised myself I'd do better about how long the chapters are and I'm going to watch my grammar and punctuation very carefully seeing as I have a bad habit of getting ahead of myself and thinking you understand what goes on in my brain, sorry again for all the waiting you have to endure for me, I really love you guys and miss you tons so I'm going all out and lastly I want to say I think the characters will be highly OCC.

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~3rd Person POV~

The sun had just risen as Ciel Phantomhive woke to his loyal demon butler, Sebastian, handing him an envelope from the queen herself.

As he was getting ready in his room for the day the boy had a frown on his face the whole time he was reading the letter which made his butler look at his master in concern

"Master? What's wrong?" His butler asked, concern bleeding into his voice. The boy in question merely shook his head, as if to rid his head of something unpleasant and looked to his butler.

"Sebastian, I order you to find out all you can about the murders that have taken place recently!" He commanded as the contract in his eye began to glow an even brighter and unnatural purple.

Sebastian bowed with his hand to his chest, a creepy grin spreading from cheek to cheek. "Yes, my lord" He said in his deep voice, the words he had said so very often spewing from his mouth like instinct. His eyes glowed reddish pink and before Ciel could blink, he was gone, vanishing into thin air.

~Ciel's POV~

I waited impatiently in my study, doing paperwork to distract myself from thinking of who murdered the young women. I hadn't even made much of a dent into it, as there was too much to do. I got so caught up in my pondering, absentmindedly working as my mind was constantly slipping away to focus on the brutal murders, that a cough and touch to my shoulder scared the hell out of me.

I blinked and saw Sebastian looking at me, concern etched into his face. I could only imagine why; I rarely got so caught up in my work that I didn't even notice him. His eyes were no longer glowing a bright red, and the usual fake smile he had plastered on his face was gone.

"My lord, what are you so focused on?"

Cursing under my breath I looked at him and snapped. What? Could you blame me?

"What did you find out?!" I snapped, my voice harsh. I knew I would regret it later, but right now, I could care less.

"It seems all the deaths were connected; they were all women who were pregnant so its most likely a female demon killing them because, as you know, female demons are infertile" I nodded and stood, my cloak billowing slightly around my legs.

"Sebastian! Get Mey-Rin in here immediately"

"Yes, my lord" He said with a bow, then vanished from my sight. Show-off.

As much as I dreaded what I was about to do, a Phantomhive has to do whatever is necessary to please and protect the queen.

When Mey-Rin entered, I ordered Sebastian out and asked Mey-Rin to dress me as a pregnant lady. She gave me a weird look, but didn't ask. Oh, how I hated having to dress up like a woman, but it was to be done by the orders of the Queen.

Somehow, we managed to get done quickly, despite the constant breaks for Mey-Rin's nose bleeds and constant squeals. I swear, that woman must always have her mind in the gutter.

I called Sebastian back in and told him to put on a normal noble attire. As soon as he came in, his eyes flickered with humor. I could tell he was suppressing a laugh at my most-likely tomato red face. He took my hand, leading me out the door.

We walked for quite a while, hoping to lure out the attention of the murdering demon that seemed to have a fetish for killing. The sky began to darken with a brewing storm,/

"Nigel, please go get me something to drink or find me a place to rest seeing as it's about to pour down" I said with a grin. I loved making up names for Sebastian. I had two dogs before, and one of them was named Nigel, the other Sebastian. I wanted to die laughing.

"Yes, Madam Lizzy" I cringed at the name, rage flicking in my eyes as he gave me a humorous grin.

"Excuse me; I have a room available for the night, if you'd like!" I looked over at the elderly woman. She walked up, a smile on her face as she patted my belly.

"Thank you! I don't want to bother you though!" I said, giving her a smile of my own. Something about her sent chills down my spine, like death was upon me. Or her; she surely was old enough for it.

"Come this way, dears." She said with a polite, grandma-like smile.

Sebastian and I followed and I kept a close eye on her and whenever she turned to smile I'd plaster a fake smile on

'I don't believe this woman is so nice; looks can be deceiving and this old women is no exception. Keep a close eye on her.' I thought to Sebastian, using the telekinesis we had from our Faustian contract. It came in quite handy, especially when I needed him for things when he wasn't near me.

'I'll keep my eyes on her and see if she's the murderer. Watch out though, young master.'

I nodded as we stepped into an old motel, then snapped to attention. The motel itself looked rather… off. It was no wonder I got such a cold vibe; even Sebastian stiffened.

The walls were painted a dreary color, the rain and lightning flashing outside doing nothing to help the atmosphere.

The dark sky flashed with lightning as soon as we stepped inside, causing me to jump in fright. I was on edge here, my skin crawling as we stepped inside.

"Welcome to my house; why don't you take a bath Mrs…?" The elderly woman said, trailing off. I suddenly realized that I had not given her a name.

" Everfrost" I blushed , smiling at her as she nodded and pointed to the steps.

~Sebby-chan's POV~

I turned to walk up the stairs with my "wife", but the elderly woman grasped my arm tightly, her claws digging into my arm. I was sure to make note of that as she began to speak.

"Hold on, ; she already has one child and needs not another" I smiled at her, making sure to give her no idea that I knew what she was.

"I wanted to make sure she was okay going up all those steps alone" I said with a warm, enchanting voice. She nodded warily, her eyes narrowing ever so slightly.

"I'll make some tea, then. Please make yourself at home" She said, walking away.

I nodded and when she went into the kitchen I did a mental assessment of the house to see if anyone else was in the house and if any demons were lurking under any beds.

I came up with nothing, but I still didn't let my guard down, for I will not let anything happen to my master. The women came back holding a tea cup that was still steaming. I smelled it cautiously, making sure nothing had been put in it, but I wrinkled my nose and put it down. It reeked of poison; one that was made to kill a human quickly. Luckily, I'm not human.

'She thought she could kill me with this?' I sent the thought to my 'wife' upstairs, hearing him laugh while I tried to hold in my smirk. I drank the tea, the old women drinking hers silently. She almost looked shocked for a second that I didn't drop dead, her eyes then turning to slits as she glared fiercely at me

"Sowhat is it that you do for a living?" She practically snarled, her face still composed even though her voice sounded like a wild lion that learned English.

"I'm simply one HELL of a butler"

~~Ciel's POV~

As I walked up the steps I looked around everywhere, scouring the entire house, leaving no corner untouched. When I was completely satisfied, I took a shower to pass the time.

The beads of water felt nice rolling down my skin, but I got out as I felt a pang of… something hit me. It felt a little like hunger; as if I was starving, but I passed it over, believing it was a mere hunger for a soul.

When I got out Sebastian sent me a really funny thought that, before I knew it, had me snorting and rolling over myself in laughter.

I almost didn't realize the darkness that knocked me into unconsciousness.

Btw I didn't mention this but Ciel is 20 years old.

He and Elizabeth didn't marry because they didn't love each other that way a lot it seemed like they did. They're still close but Elizabeth is single and Ciel is wearing the same dress he did in the anime. Sebastian is dressed as he was when they went undercover and he was the tutor.