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1st person pov

As the young boys body fell I laughed inwardly, a smile etching my face at his naivety.

'He thinks he could catch me and my wife, I'll show him' I placed him in the bed, then went downstairs to see my Lovely little Wife…

'Let's see who he brought us to play with…' I chuckled, quickly morphing my body from my true dog demon state to a fragile old man.

As I carefully walked down the dark hallways I knew something was wrong. My heart beat went out of control and rage overpowered me as I noticed my wife on the floor, out cold.

Sebastian's POV

I felt Ciel call for me through our telepathic bond and knew something had happened to my master. All my instincts told me to run to him, but I forced myself to sit and stay.

"So, what do you do for a living?" The old women asked while pouring me more tea

"I run a toy company with my Wife." I got up quickly, itching to move and see what exactly happened.

"Excuse me, but I need to check on my wife." I said, turning to leave, but a hand grabbed my wrist, pulling me back.

The old women turned and grinned evilly "Now, now; my husband is taking good care of her for you"

Her body started shaking, and before me where a woman once stood was a black and red dog demon with sharp claws and yellow eyes

'So I was right, it seems..' While I was pondering with deep thought, the demon figured I was vulnerable, trying to attack me but instead collapsed into a furry heap when I dodged it.

I dodged her sharp claws left and right with ease, quickly getting tired of this foolish game and wanting to put an end to it.

"What are you?!" She growled after a while, her claws never even getting close to touching me.

"I told you; I'm simply one hell of a butler."

She aimed at me again, missing and ungracefully collapsing to the wooden floor. As her back was turned I hurried and finished her with knives, my hands aiming perfectly at her heart and throat, as not to waste any more time seeing as dinner time was soon.

I heard footsteps and turned to see an old man, his mouth agape with shock and anger.

"What did you do to my wife?!" He demanded, practically shaking with fury. I smirked at his pathetic attempt to hide as a human, such a fool.

"I'm no fool; I can clearly tell you two are the demons who have been killing people for the past two weeks. No one suspected you two because the human eye is easily fooled by what they wish to see but I knew when I first laid eyes on your wife that you two were demons"

"How could you have known!" I smiled sardonically as I approached the man and leaned down to whisper in his ear.

"I am a demon too" He looked completely shocked, his face blank before his eyes flashed red, signaling the beginning of his transformation into his true form. I wasted no time killing him, as he was truly a nuisance.

"Good day my fellow demon and good riddance"

I quickly picked up the pace to follow my 'Wife', sensing another presence lurking in the home as I darted into his room. He was lying on the bed, but was not alone.

"I see you managed to kill my parents. Come any closer and I will kill your pregnant wife"

A demon woman with red hair and black eyes stood over Ciel with a knife. I held back a chuckle when I saw my master was fully awake and was about to strike her, she hissed in pain as his nails scraped across her arm .

"You little bitch!" The demon screamed as her flesh burned from the salt he covered his hands with before.

Ciel took out his gun and pointed it at her, his eyes cold and ruthless.

"The motive was that you couldn't have children and neither could your mother, unless another male mated with your dad but your dad couldn't have children either because your dad is actually a women and when you realized no male dogs existed."

"You snapped and women on the streets everywhere were pregnant and mocking your empty womb, so when women came to spend the night you'd kill them and take their children but you didn't know how to raise the children so they died."

"People like you… Make me sick." He said, his eyes flashing ever so briefly with pain, and I knew he could only be thinking of Madam Red.

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