As Robert Brady sat in the car with his deficit-enraged mom driving, he wondered what went wrong in his life. He suddenly remembered being expelled from twenty-seven different schools. All of them for the same reasons: tagging, destruction of property, bullying, and worst of all: selling drugs as a gang member inside of school. He was called many things while in school: Doombringer, Lighter, Sprayman, all just names.

As their car reached Bullworth Academy, Robert knew that this day was going to get much worse. The car stopped, and and he was told to get out of the car. Robert got out, closed the door, and his mother drove off. Robert glanced at the gate of the school, and remembered that his brother went to this school. After about two weeks in there, he never came out the same.

"Excuse me, are you Mr. Brady?" He heard someone say.

"Yeah, who are you?" He said.

"Come with me, please."

So as he walked inside the school, he had a sour taste in his mouth and a single thought in his mind: get me out of here.

As Robert walked to the principal's office, he was confronted by two people, both of which had on white school shirts.

"Hey, it's a new kid. Hey, new kid, ready to get beat?" One of them said.

Robert sighed and said,"Here we go."

So Robert walked up to the kids and grabbed one of them by the shirt.

"Do you really want to face hell, kid?" Robert said.

"Try it, boy."

So Robert grabbed the kid by his hair, pulled him to a trash can, and threw him in. Then he went over to the other kid. Robert threw a right uppercut, and the kid fell on his ass. Then the kid ran away, never to be seen again.

Robert then got inside the main building, and walked up the stairs to the principal's office. He knocked on the door, and someone let him in.

"Welcome to Bullworth Academy, young Brady. I am the principal. Please, have a seat. I'm going to look at your record." The principal said.

Robert took a seat and thought to himself: Man, this is going to be a long day.

The principal finished looking at his record, and stared into Robert's eyes.

"Okay, here's your record: 35 counts of vandalism, 29 counts of theft and armed robbery, 27 counts of bullying, and worst of all, 270 counts of drug trafficking. How do you explain all this?" The principal said.

"I blame my mom."

"Of course, the old "I blame my mother" gag. Well, it won't work this time, nor any time for that matter.
In this school you will learn the error of your ways, and you will clean up your act, starting from top to bottom. You will become successful, like every ill and depraved child in this school."

"Okay...can I leave now, sir?"

"You are dismissed. Go to the boys dormitory and get some proper clothes on, please."