Hey everybody, ZoNe13 here. I know that I never described Robert Brady for you, so I'm gonna do that now. Robert Brady is 16 years old, black, and has black hair, brown eyes, and dark skin. He also has a scar on his right arm from a knife fight with a gang member. He is six feet one inch, which is very tall for his age and muscular talent. He always wears a grey hoodie, and almost never takes it off. Anyway, back to the story.

As soon as Robert Brady woke up the next day, he heard another crowd forming in the hallway. He was wondering if it was because he kicked those popular kids' asses, but then he put it out of his mind. He quickly got up and got his school clothes on, along with a grey jacket, and went into the hallway. He saw a tall black kid fighting (and apparently losing) against a medium sized white kid with short blond hair. He quickly sidestepped the crowd and went outside to go to his first class of the day: Biology. He hated science. Especially sciences that had to do with the human body.

When he got there, the door was open and the teacher was in the hallway waiting for the students to show up.

"Hello young man. May I help you?" The teacher said. He was a tall, and very thin person, with thinning hair and a sweater-vest. He also had highwater pants and some pair of shoes that obviously did not fit his style well. He looked nervous when he saw Robert, mostly because of his size.

"This is my class." Robert said, bored.

"What's your name, son?" the teacher said, getting even more nervous.

"Robert Brady."

He checked his roster and found Robert at the top of the list. "Okay, mister Brady. Welcome in. Can I ask you where the other kids are?" The teacher gave the roster to Robert.

"Well, I know this much. If you value your life, you'll agree with me when I say this: they're fighting in the dorms." Robert said with a death stare.

"Okay...Well, my name is Mr. Webster. I'm the Biology teacher." Mr. Webster was obviously very, very scared of him now.

"Good enough, for a pansy. Let's get this class over with, then."

The rest of the class came in five minutes later and settled into their seats. For the rest of class, Robert sat next to the white kid he saw earlier in the dorms, and a depressingly pretty girl called Mandy. The class went fast and he left as soon as the bell rang. Lunch was next, but Robert wasn't hungry. He instead went back to the dorms and did some exercises to keep himself ready in case of a fight. He slowly counted to three hundred, and after that, the school day was over. Saturday was next, so he went to sleep early.