"Hey!" I called out chasing him. He kept walking though, towards her towards Alex. When he reached her, he turned to me and the laughed and kissed in front of me.

"Vincent" I cried waking up with a gasp, another nightmare. I sat up and rubbed my eyes then flopped back onto the pillows. I looked to the fire escape, hoping, wishing that he would make his decision and tell me. Waiting, it was too hard. I know he will pick her, Alex Soulty I thought to myself. I picked my laptop off the floor and the DVD that Vincent had gotten me for my birthday. I looked at the cover and zoned out, I was wearing the pyjamas that he had bought along with the DVD.

I woke to Heather shaking me.

"Cat! Cat!" she yelled and I opened my eyes, my throat and eyes were sore from crying and yelling.

"Are you OK? You were screaming out for someone" Heather asked clearly concerned. I wiped the tears and nodded.

"Yeah just a nightmare, sorry I woke you" I sighed. I looked towards the clock. 3:42am.

"You sure?" Heather asked and I nodded.

"Yeah, unless you wanna go out to the couch and watch a movie and go back to sleep there" I offered and Heather offered her hand. I accepted with a forced smile and Heather picked 'The Notebook' while I brought out a few blankets.


My alarm clock buzzed. I sat up and stretched.

"Cat?" Heather whispered half-asleep.

"Shh, it's just my alarm for work" I told her quietly then slumped to my room and turned my alarm off. I got ready pretty quick and was eager to get back to work even though the last time I was at work I had to bail out Vincent after he and Alex were caught together on the ice rink.

"Bye Heather" I waved to my little sister who was drinking her coffee and watching the news on TV.

"Bye, have a good first day back" she smiled back. I nodded and left.

I got to the precinct and was greeted by a big bear hug from Tess.

"CAT!" she squealed and I smiled. I missed by partner and best friend.

"So...do we have any cases?" I asked, eager to get busy and keep my mind off Vincent.

"Nope, but we do have time. Time to talk about the nightmare guy...Heather told me you've been having nightmares and that you've been yelling two names; Alex and Vincent. Who are they?" Tess asked. Damn! I don't want to think about them but Tess will not let something like this go I thought to myself.

"Just two people I don't want to talk about OK? There's a reason it's called a nightmare" I huffed and Tess sighed frustrated.

"Please? It'll be good to get it off your chest" Tess begged and I hesitated, because she's right; this is a big burden and I would love to be able to talk about Vincent to the world but I can't because I will be putting anyone I tell in danger.

I was glad when we were interrupted.

"Cat! You're back?" Evan smiled flanked by Joe.

"Yeah, doctor said I'm good to come back and I'm keen to get back to work" I smiled.

"I'm guessing nightmare guy has something to do with it?" Joe asked and I looked to Tess.

"How'd..." I started, glaring at Tess.

"Your sister told Tess and I and I accidently told Joe" Evan told me hesitantly. I forced a smile.

"I was just..." Evan started to try and explain but I cut him off.

"It's none of your business Evan! I told Heather in confidence and I would've told Joe if necessary but that's it!" I yelled at him before storming off into the women's toilets and went to the last stall and locked it so I could have my breakdown.

"Cat? Cat, I'm sorry I blabbed to Tess and Evan..." Heather whispered on the other side of the stall door.

"Heather, Tess is OK to blab to but Evan...Evan is...Evan is Evan and I don't want him knowing anything personal about me" I sniffled and Heather knocked on the stall door.

"Can I come in?" she asked. I unlocked it and slouched down again while Heather locked the door.

"What happened after I left? Did they call you?" I asked and Heather hugged me.

"Joe sent Evan down to his lab and told Tess to call me and sort you out. He told me to tell you that he's hiring a shrink to ensure that you are fit for duty" she informed me and I bit my lip feeling uneasy. A shrink? I can't exactly tell a shrink about Vincent! I stood up.

"I think I just need a day to cool off and spend the day at a day spa, I'll drive you home and then go there to wind down" I smiled. No way was I going to wind down with a massage and facial! I was going to kick Vincent's rear end! Or at least talk to JT.